GFP Newsletter - 3/14/2017

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You say, "I am certain that I am going to die one day." How can you be certain? You have not seen death yet, you have seen only symptoms, outward symptoms. You have never seen any life dying.

You have seen only a dead body stop functioning; it was always dead, it is nothing new for it. It was a mechanism functioning for a certain period, programmed to function for a certain period. When the period is over the mechanism stops.

You wind your watch, and for twenty-four hours it goes on ticking; after twenty-four hours it stops.

That does not mean that something has died. But if you believe that there was a life inside the watch which has died, because now the hands are no longer moving, then you are believing in a fallacy.

So the first thing I would like to say to you is, don't be so certain. Never be certain about anything that you have not experienced. You have not seen anybody really dying. And even if you can see somebody dying then too you cannot be certain - unless you see yourself dying - because these things are so intimate.



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