GFP Newsletter - 6/13/2017

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The ordinary person is the most beautiful phenomenon in the world - just living moment to moment, not expecting, not asking. Whatsoever comes, accepting. Whatsoever comes, not only accepting, but accepting with a deep thankfulness, a gratitude.

When you are ordinary, whatsoever comes is more than you ever expected. When you are extraordinary, when you think extraordinarily, something very great: a Napoleon, a Hitler, then everything is always something unfulfilling. Everything is lower than your expectations. You are such a great man; whatsoever happens is always below you. When you are ordinary, everything is more than you ever expected, and when this feeling comes, that it is more than you ever expected, you feel a gratitude. That gratitude is the inner shrine. In that gratitude, for the first time, the light from the Beyond descends.

Create this shrine of gratitude inside and soon you will find a light has come into it. The shrine is not dark, and this light doesn't belong to this world. It comes from the Eternal.



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