GFP Newsletter - 7/14/2017

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Societies can forgive criminals, but they cannot forgive Jesus and Socrates - that's impossible. And these people are almost impossible. You cannot do anything about them because they are not wrong. And if you try to understand then, they will convert you - you cannot convert them. So it is better to kill them immediately. The moment the society becomes aware, it kills them immediately because if you listen to them there is danger. If you listen to them, you will be converted. And there is no possibility of converting them, so it is better to be completely finished, to have no relationship with them. You cannot put them in prisons, because there also they will remain in relationship with the society. They will exist. Just their existence is too much - they have to be murdered. And then, when priests take over, then there is no problem. The Pope of the Vatican is part of the society; Jesus never was.



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