The Keepers of Creation

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Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins


We are The Keepers of Creation and we come to you at this very special time upon your planet. It is time for you to connect with we and other higher realms beyond your world, solar system, galaxy and into the Universe.

good with the bad...

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Well, we have a solution for homelessness(possibly ) out of Portland via Huffpost..



Then we have a TUSCON Mayor(Global Illumination Council via FB) signing away our rights to our country to the US GOVT. THIS IS NO JOKE. THIS HAPPENED TODAY. THERE were documents proven.



The site may be 'out there', but the truth, THIS TRUTH, is NOT FAKE.



The weather just plain sucks. Im freezing. Some are getting HAILED. Some are getting visited...


[where is a starship when you need one?]


We arent done here by a longshot. US GOVT needs to collapse it seems, nevermind the banks, nevermind whats happening in CYPRUS(CUZ were next..) and I dont know about you, but Im not about to get SOLD OUT by my OWN GOVT.



If this is how people are running shit, HELLO, ROSA!


FRIENDICA from france, is one possibility if you dont like FB and twitter OWNing you. [join]DIASPORIA is another. Im on both. I may even serve a node soon.







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My partner at the Angel News Network, Phillip Collins, is becoming quite a channeler. Last week we filmed an interview in which Phillip channeled Adama, high priest of Lemuria and Telos, The Council of Twelve and the Archangelic Realm of Uriel. They came in with an introductory teaching before my questioning began.



Here is an excerpt from their introduction in which they explain that during this period of Ascension, mankind was being given an opportunity to restore five chakras that had been disempowered from us as part of our dumbing down in the past. They give us an exercise for "rebooting", so to speak, our chakras eight through twelve.



"Your planet is an amalgamation of twelve diverse star systems that bring all of their diversity and all of their intentions into one planet which you call mother Earth. And it has been an arduous, divine evolution where you have gone through six previous golden ages, which have lost themselves due to their disconnection from source, which had maintained and sustained them. Now, at this time, your final golden age will allow you to be permanently connected to source, the forces that maintain and sustain you, and allow you to go into full service to this source, to God, to this all that there is.


So what are the tools? What are the teachings? What are the mechanics, the science that is exactly taking place? Many of you know about the seven chakras that you have, which have to do with survival all the way to your highest self, within your formatting.



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