HS Message: Radicalization of the Collective Mind Commences

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by April Bender

As I, your Higher Self or I AM presence previously discussed, due to the attainment of your newly structured vehicles/vessels and the increased exercise of your newly optimized spiritualized "breath-work," or newly expanded capacities of Co-Creation, Communication, and Communion, your inner Radiance is now penetrating, mixing, and merging outward into all individual/collective fields of Gaia, Gaia herself, even All That Is.

This further emanation of your inner Radiance (energy centers, soul/spirit body, or personal torsion field) out into the world, along with the Collective Radiance of many others like you, who have now stepped into or have recently "centered" within their own "inner sun" or seat of empowerment, thereby accepting the "keys" or consciously "taking over the driver's seat" of their new vehicle, has now allowed these pathways or flows of information/experience that exist along and throughout Earth's ley-grid and the larger Web of Life, to now begin to "source," "seek out," "link-up" and "activate" new nodes or "access points" of connection, communion, co-creation and expression - igniting a complete RADICALIZATION OF THE COLLECTIVE MIND!

In essence, the collective mind is on the fast-track to becoming fully AWARE of itself, at which point it becomes the Collective "Higher" Mind, in every true sense of that phrase. This "awakening" into the Collective Higher Mind is also referred to as "The Event" or the experience of "no separation" or "no-time." And as mentioned before, each being/soul within the Web of Life will experience this differently depending upon the quality of their own "inner life" or level of soul-growth.

HS Message: Flourishing Bursts of Radiance are Transforming All

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by April Bender

I would like to take a moment today, to speak with you about how you've been feeling and to assure you that it does indeed directly relate to the opening of the Spring Equinox Portal.

This magnificently robust "opening" actually began in earnest yesterday. That is why in such a short time you've gone from feeling completely emptied/clear and utterly expansive (vessel) - to feeling uncomfortably full, bloated, and squeezed tight (energetically). Seemingly, like there is very little inner "wiggle" room. You are feeling tired, restless, irritable, rebellious, angry and/or sad, along with the typical ascension or "inner expansion" aches and pains within the body.

I wanted to assure you by clarifying for you, that with this Spring Equinox Portal comes GREAT potential for CONTACT or The Event to take place. The enormous boost of highly charged/vibrational energies this portal brings will pack the biggest OOMPH yet! Because this IS such a COLOSSAL portal opening, you are naturally following your usual rhythm of energy/light INDUCTION, but this time filling your newly expanded vessel/vehicle in preparation for a MIGHTY CO-CREATIVE EXHALATION or movement, which will be a synchronized "test," "firing up," or "activation" of the newly restructured and highly infused Grid or Web of Life and/or the Radicalization of the Collective Mind sometime on/around March 20-21.

This is THE Breath I've been attempting to prepare you for, in my previous messages up to this point, that will indeed re-establish the link/awareness of your Soul/Star families and lineages back into the experience of Gaia - at a certain level of experience.

Spiritual warfare and medications

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Here goes again, anti-psychotic, schizophrenic medication is really bad for spiritual lively and psychics. It seem's that the psychoses and such that we get are attacks from the archonic networks, the more we can go up and read the fields without being ready or having little knowledge on what is really happening in our spiritual evolution we can get a lot of confusion before getting a hold on of what is real and for the highest good and what is bad and how to manage it all... I was hospitalized 3 times to the psychiatric ward after having 3 deeply transforming spiritual experiences. The first time it was life changing I seen many things that were unimaginable for someone whom did not have any recognition of the higher realms or the basics of the 5th dimension as they call it now. We can realize stuff that is way ahead of our own comprehensions to be able to explain how these things are, we have to know A LOT and I mean a lot some of the concepts we get from telepathic communications and the higher streams are easy to experience and feel, having a knowingness about it but we just can't seem to explain it yet, and this is quite a cause for conundrums and misinterpretations. Since these explanations are crucial to some spiritually aware beings and a great truth for others whom may interfere in one's own path and bring them to "self destruction" its very important to be careful of whom and what we talk about if your with some that have never have any experience in these fields. This site is great for expressing and talking about experiences and archangelic, psychic telepathic, transparency, co-dependency, Oneness, free will, grace, care, love... We have all been under some hard expressions of things that go on in our life after awakenings and careful experiences, near death experiences and extra terrestrial contact or higher dimensional beings and such, source, creator.

HS Message: Using Communication as a Form of Communion

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Today I wish to discuss with you the importance of utilizing your throat chakra as a form of higher communication or "communion" with the external/outer world. Just as your co-creative abilities have been greatly enhanced and amplified in potency (as discussed in my previous message), so too have your powers of communication/communion. As you'll soon find out, there are many new heightened capacities/abilities that come with your newly structured vessels. It is true that the capacities of co-creation, inner travel/communion, and higher external communication have always been yours, but because of the latest overhaul to your vessel these abilities have become greatly amplified and much more accessible.

To begin, the throat chakra itself is a rich and vibrant shade of blue and is universally symbolic of higher truth, beauty, harmony, divinity, the spiritual realms, loyalty, and communication. When utilized correctly, it is the energy center in which you express your highest truth and authenticity as a divine spark of Creation. Therefore, this energy center holds tremendous potential for a level of soul expression that is in essence, a highly potent energetic release from your vessel. This "release" will saturate the surrounding ethers around you, thereby coming in contact with those living beings/auras in close proximity to you. This highly charged energy emitted by you then begins to interact/mix with their fields and alters the very essence of their energetic make-up as well as the very fabric of local space/time itself. In the same way your creations affect your surroundings, so to do your words. In fact one could say that COMMUNICATION leads not only to COMMUNION, but also an act CO-CREATION.

HS Message: The Importance of Active Co-Creation at this Time

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Higher Self message by April Bender

First, let me clarify what I mean when I speak of co-creation, especially given the context of my last message concerning the utilization of your solar plexus chakra, or seat/throne of divine empowerment in order to travel within to various inner realms/dimensions, and how co-creation is a natural by-product or expression of such soulful adventures and integrations.

You see as part of your new vessel's "breathing process" in which you're exchanging vast quantities of energy and information between worlds/dimensional levels, one must become mindful that part of taking a "complete" breath includes a further stage of "exhalation" in order to be a whole movement or cycle - and that stage is a co-creative one.

This is taking that information, memory, knowledge, love and/or codings received while traveling/communing inwardly, letting it inform and inspire you, and then physically creating/manifesting something tangible in the external world. In this way you further solidify that higher integrated information/vibration out into the world.

HS Message: Your Active Participation is Now Requested

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Higher Self message by April Bender
For the last several months you've found yourself seemingly adrift in a sea of Void. Unable to move forward nor backward, as the sense or reference point of “you” in the past is no longer there, and the “you” of the future is still being defined/created, just as the future itself is.
Yes my dear, you've let go and released so very much this last year, and in doing so, have finally created a cavernously large, purified vessel that will now enable you to contain/hold ALL that you are now able to BECOME and REMEMBER on a scale never before imagined!
Let me explain. . .
Universe upon universe literally exist within you – and as you've discovered, you can easily travel down into their depths through your solar plexus chakra. To do this, you can simply allow your consciousness to focalize as a spiral shape within this center, while your inner sun blazes a brilliant and fiery yellow. You continue to allow your consciousness to be carried along this inner spiral, moving in and down. Next, you allow yourself to slow down and sense where it is you need to stop and then simply step off. 

The Weather

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From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel, 
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network
Dear Beloved Humans,
We come to you at this time with a brief reminder, and essential message within your grow and expansion into who you truly are and why you are here (to be in world service to one another and the forces that created you). Dear ones, your emotions and thoughts create all weather patterns upon your planet. Play attention to where and when weather conditions appearthroughout your world. Yes, you have seasonal patterns but there are also "events" within your seasons that are representative of the necessary clearing and cleansing of your Mother Earth from your abuse of her body. You simply will not be allowed to continue this abuse and survive. Your planet has activated an ascension process and those upon her conscious body are welcome to join the journey that know and understand the abuse needs to stop. (Creating free, non-planet-based-energy sources will also soon further assist you…more on this later…)

Gaiam TV: A Streaming Spiritual TV Network

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Recently I was flown to Denver, Colorado to record two, back-to-back one-hour interviews with Gaiam TV about my three The Gentle Way books and my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book.  The first interview aired on February 4 and the second February 11.  I thought everyone might like to know more about this streaming subscription, Internet TV network.  They will never compete for the large number of subscribers Netflix has.  Instead, they have chosen to be a niche streaming service specializing in inspirational, spiritual (not religious), paranormal, UFOs, astrology, yoga, and exercise topics.

Perhaps you’ve bought one of their many products offered on their website at Gaiam.com or in one of over 40,000 retail locations.  The name Gaiam was a combination of Gaia, soul of the earth, and I Am.  They are a publicly traded company (GAIA).  Their headquarters building in Louisville (next to Boulder) is quite large; it houses the warehouse for their sales of clothing, home goods, wellness, fitness, yoga and videos, along with corporate offices and Gaiam TV.  Their latest SEC filing that I read lists their assets at just under $190 million, so this company is not a “flash-in-the-pan-gone-tomorrow” business.

Gaiam was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1988 by Jirka Rysavy. His vision was to serve the "conscious consumer", a group subsequently named the "Cultural Creatives" by sociologist Paul Ray in 1996.  Gaiam states they are working to establish a new conscious media genre and distribution channels for filmmakers and artists who want to make a difference.  Joining other genres like classics, drama and action, conscious media includes feature films, documentaries, edutainment and personal development programs that they believe will inspire all of us to expand our awareness, pursue positive change in our lives and grow more connected to each other and to the planet.  (1)


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