HS Message - The Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, and Love During This Most Crucial Time

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by April Bender

I wish to discuss with you today, the importance of Self-Care, Compassion and Love. As these are the crucial qualities or energies that you should be abundantly expressing to Self at this time. Because in order for you to fully Reclaim your empowered Divine center, or seat/throne of Divine Empowerment (solar plexus), you must first believe yourself worthy of it. And this feeling of worthiness is something you need to work into your overall day, not just when things are quiet and/or you are alone.You must learn to truly BELIEVE and have FAITH in who and what YOU ARE, in every way, shape and form - even during the intensity of such expansive and therefore extremely challenging, clearing/transmutation waves. If, in your heart, you believe yourself unworthy in some way, then your inner sun cannot fully shine!

This is why you and others may be experiencing a rather dramatic ping-pong effect between states of feeling uncomfortably full, agitated, and constricted (physically, emotionally, spiritually) - and states of lightness, joy, and optimistic expectation. You are reconciling the two energies together, inducing them into a "higher" form/expression - therefore, you need to learn to stay in your "center" while these two energy streams come together. It is where you are most effective - it is the seat of your power and the point of least oscillation/motion.

HS Message - The Higher Collective Mind Begins Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process

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by April Bender

Last we spoke, we discussed the Genesis of a New Creation - the birth of the fully infused Collective Higher Mind or 5D-7D Web of Life, as birthed through YOU, Gaia, and all other Warriors of Light/Love, aiding in these efforts across space/time. While this birth presented you with a glorious new "baby," or higher capacity neural network, the birth itself wasn't without complication. Due to pathway connections or nodal points of dissonance/disharmony, that stymied the full activation or awakening of the overall Mind/Web, this "baby" has yet to wake-up, open it's eyes, and take a conscious breath on its own. While stirring in slumber, this entity is slowly dreaming itself awake, and in doing so, is dreaming of BEING ALIVE and WHOLE, and is therefore initiating or calling forth its own healing, or Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process.

As a side note, before going any further, it's important to remember that awakening the Collective Higher Mind is the same as experiencing ascension or so-called "travel" to another world/realm (5D-7D or beyond). For in truth, Mind is the Builder, and Thought Creates, especially at the Higher Collective Co-Creative level. This is how realities/worlds are established in the first place!

A Message From Archangel Michael Channeled by Jeff Fasano

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Channeled by Jeff Faso


Open Your Heart


From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael.  As you are now moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space and moving into the grandness of self, the greatness of self, the wonderment of self, you are opening up to a greater sense of self.  And now each and every one of you are moving closer towards a greater love of self because you are opening your heart to yourself.


So We ask you to open your heart.  In this very moment in time, open your heart and allow your essence to flow out into the world freely.  Open your hearts to transparency.  Open your heart to authenticity.  Open your heart to show the world the essence of you.  How does this make you feel?  What are the feelings coming up in this moment?  As you open your heart and present yourself to the world, how does that make you feel, dear ones?


This is where you are headed and what will be transpiring as you move forward into We Consciousness.  Opening up the depth and breadth of you, in full revelation of you, revealing yourself to the world.


We have spoken to you many times about judgment and shame and as We speak this to you right now, does judgment and shame arise within you?  You see, it is about moving into the full being-ness of self, the uniqueness of you and allowing yourself the recognition of your uniqueness and yourself.  Do you recognize yourselves?


Learning to Communicate/Commune with Higher Self

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by April Bender

Fellow Warriors of Light have written in recently expressing an interest in learning how to better communicate with their own Higher Selves. I highly applaud these inquiries, as learning to commune with your Higher Self (HS) is the most important thing you can do for personal soul growth and development.

While I can't give anyone a "sure-fire" technique or way to connect with their HS, I can easily share with those who are interested, what has worked well for me over the years. But first, a little background information. . .


What/Who is my Higher Self?

First, know that you do already hear from your HS on a daily basis but probably don't realize or consciously register it as such.

In the most basic (awareness/mindfulness) sense, Higher Self is the fair-witnessing or objective mind, that space of stillness and non-judgement that SEES the entire picture/landscape of any given situation without attachment - as it simply IS. It is the YOU that can step "outside" of all earthly roles, masks, and dramas - who simply watches, observes, SEES or acknowledges without judgement of - what IS. Therefore, it is also the YOU that exists outside of time/space that SEES and UNDERSTANDS the larger patterns of Life - the many cycles and seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides, etc...

HS Message: A New Genesis of Creation

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by April Bender

Congratulations on a truly fantastic "exhalation" and therefore, "full breath" of equinox portal energies! The striking results of which, will continue to manifest for you and for All, over the coming days and weeks ahead. It is because of this glorious "movement" into Collective Communion and Co-Creative Expression that you and the collective Web of Life, shall now in reality embark upon A New Genesis of Creation.

While the "exhalation" or co-creative efforts of All did not find enough overall resonance and harmony in order to fully "activate" or "awaken" the 5D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life (this time), what DID/IS taking place was/is beyond a doubt, truly REMARKABLE and has initiated a larger, more potent "movement" into this New Genesis of Creation.

Let me explain...

During this latest "ascension test run," the communication, exchange and communion of all individual pathways/streams contained within the 5D Web of Life/Higher Collective Mind, sourcing back to individual souls and their in-breaths, literally "lit-up." Therefore, the entire neural network of this Web became fully aglow, awash in the collective radiance (higher energies) of all who participated or were/are "linked in."

This allowed those troubled areas or "nodes" of the Web/Collective Higher Mind that were not resonate with or harmoniously linked to each other, to "stand out" or be identified and mapped. And at the same time, allowed those nodes that DID find resonance and/or balanced exchange, to deepen their experience of relationship, communion, and/or exchange of information - the effects of which will only serve to deepen your own overall experience of ascension.

HS Message - The Gloriously Radiant Exhalation of Portal Energies

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by April Bender

I am pleased to share that you've been brilliantly successful in both your "inhalation" and "integration" phases of this Colossal Equinox Portal!

You've successfully "inhaled" from that inner seat/throne of empowerment (solar plexus chakra), all that IS, in totality, YOU - the information, codes, memory, or quantum data of your multidimensional Selves, your Soul/Star Families, those worlds/realms in which they reside, and a fair amount of the "local" Akashic, to completely fill your newly refined/expanded vessel or "soul/spirit body."

You've also just recently finished sufficient integration/coalescence of such energetic informational pathways/streams within your vessel, to now launch the Co-Creative/Expression phase or "synchronized collective exhalation." Already you and all other Warriors of Light, to one degree or another, are releasing into the ethers/elements, Gaia's ley-grid, and/or overall Web of Life, the beautifully blended energies/information now contained within Self (vessel) from your dramatic in-breath.

This will begin as a "slow" almost "oozing" release out of YOUR field but will gain momentum and a quality of magnetization the more it finds OTHER streams/nodes of resonance with/to it. An exchange and/or melding of information then takes place once these streams or pathways connect/intersect and a "node" or new point of linkage is then created.

This process further replicates throughout the Web of Life/Collective Mind until ALL NEWLY EXHALED streams/nodes have been connected or are in COMMUNION. At which point, the Web or Collective Mind blinks open its Eye, becoming conscious or fully AWARE of it-SELF. I've spoken of this previously as the "ignition/activation" phase and it is upon reaching this final phase of collective "activation" and/or "self-awareness," that there is an opportunity for Contact or The Event to take place.

HS Brief - Equinox Portal Induction or "In-Breath" Now Completes, Brief Integrational Pause Ensues

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by April Bender

As you correctly intuited this morning, the "in-breath" or energetic induction phase of this colossal equinox portal is now complete/completing. Your vessel stands tall, FULL, literally filled to the brim with high frequency, full spectrum bandwidth energetics of a highly charged, transformative nature. These energies contain vast quantities of higher information, light codes, and ancestral (Star/Soul Family) memory as internally accessed, magnetized, and pulled-through by you during this most colossal portal opening.

You've done extremely well in utilizing your "inner nexus point" between worlds (chakra/spiritual centers), while staying "centered" within your solar plexus or seat/throne of divine empowerment, as you successfully "breathed in a vastness," not yet experienced or contained, into your Being.

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DIVINE FLOW by Jeff Fasano

Divine Flow
by Jeff Fasano
Spiritual awareness and divine flow are one in the same.
Divine flow is essential for your well being.  It is like the ebb and flow of the ocean. The tide rises to great expansion and flows powerfully to create and generate energy that lifts and separates. It then recedes into contraction, into silence to gather to expand. This is divine flow in action.
Divine flow lifts and separates you from you. Separates you from your mental thoughts and conditioning, from control.
Divine flow is a natural way of being. It allows you to be in the moment and give and receive love in balance. To accept the current moment that is.
Once living in divine flow you separate yourself from the conditional third dimensional realm of control and the need for safety and security externally to a state of being-ness that is pre-ordained in your divine plan.
It is love, it is joy, it is your well being, it is abundance.
Take note of your gentle surroundings and you shall prosper. 

HS Briefing - The Bursting Open of this Colossal Equinox Portal

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by April Bender

I would like to take a moment today, to speak with you about how you've been feeling and to assure you that it does indeed directly relate to the opening of the Spring Equinox Portal.

This magnificently robust "opening" actually began in earnest yesterday. That is why in such a short time you've gone from feeling completely emptied/clear and utterly expansive (vessel) - to feeling uncomfortably full, bloated, and squeezed tight (energetically). Seemingly, like there is very little inner "wiggle" room. You are feeling tired, restless, irritable, rebellious, angry and/or sad, along with the typical ascension or "inner expansion" aches and pains within the body.

I wanted to assure you by clarifying for you, that with this Spring Equinox Portal comes GREAT potential for CONTACT or The Event. Because this IS such a COLOSSAL portal opening, you are naturally following your usual rhythm of energy/light INDUCTION, but this time filling your newly expanded vessel/vehicle in preparation for a MIGHTY CO-CREATIVE EXHALATION or movement, which will be a synchronized "test" or "firing up" of the grid or Web of Life and/or the Radicalization of the Collective Mind sometime on/around March 20-21.

This is THE Breath I've been attempting to prepare you for, in my previous messages up to this point, the "breath-work" that will indeed re-establish the link/awareness of your Soul/Star families and lineages back into the experience of Gaia - at a certain level of experience.

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