We Are Never Abandoned

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Source: Just Wondering by Zen Gardner, 12/24/13



by Zen Gardner

We will never be left alone. We are always embraced by Universe. The prime example is Gaia, our living earth. Even she will never let us go.

Something to think about.

Not only are we never alone, we are amongst an energetic Universe of continually renewing, all embracing life. While we look out at incredible assaults on our planet and personal lives, we need to maintain a firm connection to this truth – deep within our hearts where this knowledge already lies.

This is not some philosophical, etheric concept, but a real knowing to be tapped into.


Another Christmas Story & Mysteries Revealed

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Phillip Elton Collins, Conscious Channel, Teacher and author
Chapter XXXIV
When mankind, becoming kind,
Has fully awakened and gained further wisdom,
We may join in perfect cooperation
With the magnificent force of Mother Earth,
Creating heaven on Earth,
Being one again.
Greetings, beloved children on the surface of my body. We come to you this night with many messages to God-empower you in your process, in your journey, in the choice you have made to be here once again upon this planet we call Earth, upon our body to continue your incarnational cycles.

Solstice – A Spiritual Responsibility

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Source: ZenGardner.com



December 19-22nd 2013.
A Spiritual Responsibility.

by Elva Thompson

Occult science teaches that the Earth is a sentient, living being that breathes once a year. The in-breath takes place over the four days of the Winter Solstice, and the out-breath takes place at the Summer Solstice June 19-22.

Whatever the Earth breathes in, in terms of frequency at the winter solstice, she will breathe out at midsummer.

The Satanic control grid.

Saint Germain, Lady Nada and The Masters of Wisdom: Awaken Your Passion, Your Wisdom, and Your Hearts!

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Source: Lightworkers.org - 12/22/13, raydawn


Channeler: Ray Dawn

Hello to you Dear Ones, it is I Saint Germain, here to speak to you!

Now as we are moving beyond the year of one, 2013, we are all coming home to the heart space. We are all coming together in unison to awaken our hearts upon the great sphere on which you reside, Mother Earth.

The heart song is calling you home to remembrance of your innate gifts and wisdom. To bring forth here the occurrence of Love!

Love holds no bounds and yet the bounty of love, is so fruitful!
Each of you is here upon the Earth to awaken to your innate knowledge and to sing your soul song into form!

Embracing Uncertainty: Spiritual Lessons from Anxiety Disorders

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Source: Waking Times - 12/20/13, Barry John Johnson



In the field of mental health, there is a concept relating to tolerance for uncertainty, most specifically relating to treatment of anxiety disorders; People with high anxiety have a low tolerance for uncertainty, whereas people with low anxiety have a high tolerance for uncertainty.

An extreme example is someone who suffers with agoraphobia, an anxiety-based panic disorder whereby they may remain “shut-ins,” refusing to leave their homes. They do not want to leave their homes because of the uncertainty that something bad, no matter how slight the chance, might happen to them should they venture outside.


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