Archangel Michael 2014 Outlook

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Archangel Michael 2014 Outlook

Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you at this wonderful and most glorious time. You are now opening to the wonderful aspects of yourself as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space. You are now opening a new doorway as you move into your year of 2014.
It is now about moving to the fruition of your soul’s divine plan and your purpose and mission in this lifetime.

Many of you are continuing to tie up lose ends from your year of 2013 and crossing over into 2014. In 2013 many of you had come to a threshold. If you have tied up loose ends in your life, both in the physical third dimensional realm, within yourself and in your relationships, you have moved to a basis of truth within yourself, the being-ness of you. If you have done this you have moved to a threshold at the end of 2013 to move into 2014.

Your year of 2013 was a jumping off point into the opening of a new doorway. What will transpire in 2014 is the opening of a brand new doorway. In the first three months of 2014 for most of you, a new doorway will open. This will be a new doorway into the unknown. When this doorway opens there will be a question asked of you: Are you ready to fully step into your divine purpose and mission in this lifetime? Moving to another level of this and expanding it. Are you ready to move to another level of the life you are living? This will transpire in the first three months in 2014.

Your year of 2014 will be a year of moving “up the ladder”, where you will be taking gradual steps up that ladder. Many of you in 2013 were still weeding out the old and why we had asked you to tie up loose ends. It is important to tie up these loose ends so you can step into the new doorways that will be opening in 2014.

Pope's New Year Angelus: build a world where enemies recognize themselves as brothers

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Vatican Radio - 1/01/14

Recalling that on January first, the Church celebrates the feast of Mary, the Holy Mother of God as well as World Day of Peace, Pope Francis referred to his Message of Peace for the Day: ‘Fraternity: the Foundation and Pathway to Peace’ saying it stems from the conviction that we are “all children of one God and are part of the same human family,” sharing a common destiny.

Here, Pope Francis departed from his prepared remarks to say he was moved by a letter he recently received from a man touched by personal tragedy and who asked him why so many terrible things are happening in today’s world: ‘What has happened to the hearts of men?’ the man wrote. The Pope repeated the question, asking the faithful: “what has happened in the hearts of men, in the heart of humanity? It is time to stop!! It is time to stop!”

More: en.radiovaticana.va


Open Letter to Whistleblower Bradley Manning

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Source: karinllightworker.com - 12/01/13, Karin Lacy


Dear Bradley Manning;

My name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America.

As part of my work I write Open Letters in which I document my life experience as a Lightworker. Each letter has a theme. I post my Open Letters on my website and also put them as chapters in my books.

Even though I don’t follow the mainstream media I did read the Reuters article on 8-21-13 with the headline: “U.S. Soldier Bradley Manning was sentenced on Wednesday to 35 years in a military prison for turning over more than 700,000 classified files to WikiLeaks in the biggest breach of secret data in the nation’s history.”

I had heard your story before but I didn’t know that you are already held in prison for three years.

Journey of the Awakened Heart: Receiving Love

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Journey of the Awakened Heart: Receiving Love
Journey of the Awakened Heart

Jeff Fasano is a Trance Channel, Photographer and Author

Receiving Love

Begin to walk through your life with joy.

You have walked through the shadow and through the doorway into the unknown. The door has closed and is now locked behind you. For a period of time, your deepest fears of safety and security surfaced. “Will I be safe in the unknown?” “Will I be safe with myself and trust myself in the unknown?” As you now walk gingerly into the unknown, you’re not sure what is going to happen and this will bring up the aspect of control. You are now out of control and living in your natural state of being for out of control is a natural state of being. Now that you are being guided to live with “what is” and in the moment, where are you?

Where you are might not be anywhere. You are where you are and quite possibly have no explanation for it. You have found yourself in situations with wonderful and glorious souls where you could explain where you were and who you were. But now you find this is no longer a viable option. It is more important to remain in the process of moving towards the place where you connect with your soul’s divine plan. For after you reach this place, you will be presented with a new choice of whether or not to continue on the path to entirely be who you know you are.

There will no longer be a thought process involved if you stay on the path. You will simply be who you are. And, in being you, you will be the messenger for the messages that come to you. You will utilize your talents and gifts to express the messages and who you are. Where you are now is in a process of releasing whatever you still need to release to continue on the pathway towards this intersection.


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