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Earth Allie: The most difficult part of ascension

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is understanding it's easy!



For it's not ascension that is difficult at all, it's the letting go that seems challenging! Take a computer... if you want to get rid of a program that is running on it, you just don't wait for it to disappear, nor can you simply drag it to the bin... you need to disinstall it completely, and often you find that there are other programs (hidden ones) that still run even if you did disinstall the main one. Also, you cannot ask some beings to do the disintallation from their computer to help you save time, you have to do it on the one where the program is actually running. It's the only way. 
And how many times did it happen that you tried to install a new program as the old one did not work for you anymore... and the new one created a conflict that crashed the whole system? That's why it's often required to disinstall the old before a new one can be installed. You can't have two that work in conflict, you can't walk two path at the same time. You're either walking on one path or on the other one. Trying to walk them both... creates conflict, and conflict creates the assumption that the ascension process is difficult.
The mind program works in a similar way. You feel that your old way is not working anymore and often try to simply drag it into the bin (deeper unconscious) but from there it will still work and make you act in those unwanted ways you were trying to cancel, thus as it's hidden so you cannot realize what's not working. Letting go does not mean hiding the old program mind, it means the opposite. Finding out what it is, digging deep into yourself to find out what's running yourself instead of the Love you are, and uninstall it. As long as a program is not acknowledged it cannot be "found" and thus cannot be erased.

A Message from US~Twin Flames Unite 2012 and The Year of Miracles~

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Dear Mother and Father God,

May I ask you some questions? It's about twin flames... I did not meet mine -although each and every story has so much teaching in it- and I truly do not know what to think about it. I think i know what is meant by it, the two part of a whole right? Two parts of One being? Right?


But, are those two parts incarnated and manifest on the same plane at the same time? Is there something I can do to get in contact with my Twin Flame? I cannot think of having a relationship with someone who is not likeminded. I would never give up what I AM for any kind of relation, that's why I always step back. I simply couldn't find, so far, someone with whom I can share/be/evolve and not only teach... teaching is ok, it's the greatest learning, but it is not about teaching I suppose... I imagine it as someone with whom you evolve together and share and ARE what you ARE... no?


AS I said, I don't know. I'd just like it to be easy... sitting somewhere and simply recognizing each other... shouldn't be too hard is it? I'm no more keen on difficulties when they can be avoided.

The Ascended Masters on the ‘Truth or Event’ that is to Cascade into Full-On Disclosure

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Aug 19, 2012
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This update from the Ascended Masters was given as a part of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly paid Newsletter. Option to subscribe ($11.11 a month) will be given below.

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The realms and states of consciousness that you are all reaching are to see an uninhibited sense of freedom arise within you, and this freedom will be expressed on a collective level by all of humanity as you find much better and cleaner ways of travel and of sharing your world together, as a united and sentient species.

~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ Peaceful Prayer for a Smooth Transition~

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Today, We wish to state a moment of peaceful prayer to all corrupt systems and send them loving energies for they have played there roles and are no longer needed as we each begin to live our spiritual lives of Peace, Equality, Onness, True Family, Joy, Laughter, Magical Synchronostic Events and Un~conditional love, Heaven On Earth...


The current  system's are corrupt and do not support Life....{I} We require at this time that with Love they dissolve immediatly... 


We Now ask that these systems dissolve peacefully with grace and integrity...and make way for a peaceful and smooth transition into a New Earth=Heart, in Support of God's Love for all of US and according to this next level of our evolution. This will end all suffering and pain, and be replaced with what is Real. Love and Only Love, Love is the Only Law On this Planet..We ask and give permission that the illusion completely dissolves Now, So The Transitionary Government can Be Announced To Humanity to Bring In the Necessary Events and Change's for Humanity's Freedom.


A Special Message From Mother and Father God To Humanity~

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~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Incoming Activating Energies

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The New Earth is in Manifestation, with A Foundation of Unconditional Love, the Only Law that Exists, can exist, Will exist, and has Ever Existed.


No matter what is unfolding in illusion, the Reality is, is that all Atoms On Planet Earth are moving into perfect Balanced Harmonics, and All of Humanity including all life on Planet Earth are moving into this Frequency, 5d reality.This is why we Say A Family Reunion~


What is unfolding right before you, within you, and all around you, is Love is Here to transform all discordant Energies into Love Everywhere Present. There will be those who attempt to run and hide from this process, but this will no longer work as We are now in The Final moments of duality and all must be cleared. Duality ego based thinking must now be Transformed for the Next Events to unfold~


~The Incoming Activating Energies~


An Important Message from The Earth Allies Ascension Process 2012

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Mt. Shasta's Ascension Waves


Humanity is In Some Very Exiting and for some, Uncomfortable Moments of the Ascension Process of 2012, as we are in the final Process's, of Releasing all density within the Body Holograms and this includes Mother Earth, to prepare for the 2012 Galactic Core Alignment. This event is Multi~ Dimensional, as this will also result in all the so called dark ones, non~ existance.


These releasing events, are now Occurring through the Chakra System, associated with Your Entire Gland system. As this occurs, it is also activating some Chakras that have been dormant up until Now and Are Just Now Opening. The Total will be 13 major Chakras opened, so that the Body Hologram can embrace the Entire Love~High Frequencies that are coming in to achieve Balanced Harmonics.


 Memories and emotions are dense thoughts, which act on the being as dead weight such as an anchor tying down a boat.These emotions and memories must be released within all of the Chakras. This will also adjust Mother Earth's Chakras as Well, as She Feel's Better, So Will Humanity!~


~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Opening of the Heart=Stargate=Starship

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~Love is the First Stargate, Doorway, and the Only Stargate. This stargate is located Within all of Humanity and is the Being Called the Soul, connected to ALL Love IS. The Soul is actually the Real Dream Machine and is Like an Energy Translator. The Soul is actually the Screen of the Sub~Consciousness, Source. But, if it goes through a filter or unconsciousness, it gets distorted, which is what happened that brought humanity into illusion.


So, for 13,000 years for Humanity it has been like a sleepy dream, fantasy land, or as we refer to as as never never land, because it cannot go anywhere. Since Humanity is Source, the process everyone is in is in burning through the unconsciousness, Unifying your Soul to your Being, Reconnection to Source=Creation= ALL Love is=ONE=INEVITABLITY.




~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ What has Happened? and What is Next?

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The Galactic Alignment Accomplishment!


~Spirit Consciousness has Awakened on Planet Earth=Heart and Therefore, Love is Everywhere, Within and Everywhere, this includes Humanity. This has occurred with Awareness or without it, either way its a done deal!


This was an inevitable event, which was Originally Called forth from Mother Earth=Heart, and Her Ascension Home into the Light. All of Humanity is just here for the JOY RIDE!! The Level of Your Consciousness is what You will be Experincing. For those who have done the work, You are expereincing the Joy of True Acsension and this Grand New Experience will Continue for You. If you are hanging onto any aspects of the old paradigm, Love is pushing these all up to the surface. Embrace Accept and if you hold on, watch out as its going to get tougher and tougher.


Peggy Black: You Are the Bridge

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The 2012 Scenario
Posted by Vina, August 8, 2012

You Are the Bridge

By Peggy Black and the “team”
August 8, 2012

We are here, honored to be available in service as well as to acknowledge you for your service to this incredible shift in vibrations and dimensions.

We acknowledge your courage always, and your willingness to experience this intense, dense, dysfunctional dimension of polarities. It is you who are bringing the changes to the collective consciousness. We observe your expressions of joy at the beauty of this dimension; we also observe the constriction and the physical, mental and emotional pain you experience while in this dense form and slow vibration. We acknowledge the dualistic nature of your experience.


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