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~ Important Message from The Earth Allies~ The Return of the Bird Tribe!~

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 They Have Called us Many Names, and Our Message should Be Clear to Everyone By NOW. We are Love, We Stand By Love, We are Love In Action and We Know Clearly Love is all Which Exists~ We Have Returned to Planet Earth=Heart As the Bird Tribe, The Winged Ones from Heaven. We are Here to ReHeart Humanity, that They Were All Created Equally In Love and they Have the Kingdom of Heaven Stamped On their Butts. ~Look Closely~


~We Are Here By Divine Intervention~

Love The Earth Allies We Are The Bird Tribe



~The Return of the Bird Tribe~ Notes and Excerpts By  Love Reporter Ken Carey


~Massive Clearing Underway~ Here are Some Tools to Assist~

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Artwork by Father God



The Following are recommendations as the release of all the old programming is coming up to the surface. All programming now must be released.


Make sure you breathe, Be Patient with yourself and with others and stay focused in the Present Moment. This is going to be uncomfortable for Many as this clearing takes place. Let us Love Each Other and Support One Another




With Great UNDERSTANDING=OVERFLOWING= Grander Responsibility

IN THE FIELD OF NOW =FOREVER  WE will meet you there


~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Truth about Joy and More..

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MAGIC CLOUD - Luas*** -


You can only experience True Joy, By Being Present, and connecting in from within. True Joy is Being the Love you are. This Energy of Love supports the Whole, The ALL, and contributes to Grander and Grander Experiences within Creation. Unless you are Present in the Moment of Now, you never have experienced what it Feels like to be in a Constant state of Happiness. The Experience of The Present Moment of Now is one of Constant Euphoria, Joy, Laughter, A Constant High, A Constant Smile, and Wholeness of Being. This is the Experience of Being Fully Conscious, True Reality, and “The Kingdom of Heaven”. Every Moment is a Constant Awareness of Love Everywhere Present, because this Is the Truth once out of illusion.


To get to the Expereince of The Present Moment Of Now, all the programming has to be released!


Why you cannot fail

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Because in truth, if you so choose, you can only evolve.

No matter if out of 10 steps 8 seem to be leading you on the wrong path.

You learned how to avoid 8 path on your journey.

Well done!

Cause finally all 10 of them bring you closer to your goal.

If you so choose.


Or of yourse, when you feel your choices are not serving you, you can stop and feel lost, wrong, mistaken, and that you'll "never get it". 

It's your choice how to see and live your path.


It's yours.

~Earth Ally Will Harader~ Eventually a Person has a Moment of Clarity~

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~Earth Ally Will Harader~

~ Brilliant Repost ~





Eventually a person has a moment of clarity. In this moment, they see the inherent emptiness of all the things they thought were so important. This causes a person to reevaluate their whole existence and look for a deeper meaning in Life. This is the beginning of spiritual Awakening, when a person realizes the life they’ve been assigned by society isn’t who they really are and decides to recreate himself to reflect his expanded understandings. At this point there’s an enormous pitfall that most do not notice which causes spiritual growth to halt almost as fast as it began. This is spiritual ego, when a person recreates herself but then gets attached to their new “spiritual” identity.



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The Liberation and Freedom of the Soul. It's a quantum leap forward a paradigm shift and a vertical learning curve from out of illusion and into True Reality. We are those who have walked before you and are in Full Consciousness. We are living inside out in Freedom and we come to you to share some very grand understandings. So you too, may free yourselves.


Fully Conscious beings can see Truth from fiction=illusion. When you choose the lie (all illusion and ignorance is a lie, because it promotes ignorance and isolation), the choice stems from choosing illusion. Illusion+=fear also equal to unconsciousness. As this choice is made the more isolated and separated you feel.


 In Reality=Full consciousness, All is Love, all
is of One Polarity. Neither positive nor negative. It is all One and in True Reality there is only one way of existing, living and Being. The only way is being Present within One's Self.


Being Present within One's Self is not ego and is impossible, for the Being is always Love and when you're Present in the NOW, you recognize the God Within, that is Love Everywhere Present. It is Being and experiencing yourself.

Where are we going and Why?

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Where are we going and Why?


These days of the Olimpics Opening I watched our fb walls and our posts. Many show massonic symbols that seem to have shown up during the Opening. I feel the need to say something about this.

HUmanity's awakening has started at a mental level, as we were used to use our mind and we only trusted our mind to get any new information. With our mind we first found out we were not free as we thought. We used logic. 

With our mind and logic we started to find proves about who and how kept us slaves, and to find ways to change this state, how to rebel, fight, run free.

In that awakening stage many came to the surface that did all they could, even by risking their lives, to share with us the truth tey found. Many did loose their earth lives. They did an enourmous job for all, and we must be deeply gratefull for their Service.


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When you are Babies, you are in a Brainwave of Delta Consciousness, which is the same or equal to, God Consciousness. This is where you return to in your sleeping state. Currently, when you go to sleep at night, you are back into and Immersed in Love, which is who you are. Where there is no more separation, and where you have not isolated yourself from the Truth of your Being, which is connected into the One. You are just immersed in Atoms, of Pure Love Energy, the Oneness Energy. This state is what you are returning too, in a Waking state [Your Awakening into True Reality], which is the same as FULL CONSCIOUSNESS.


Gamma brainwaves are at 32-64 cycles per second, this is the maximum stress the being can handle and eventually results in death. It’s like a being attempting to work 3 jobs a day, 36 hours in a day, and fries the brain, IN THIS STATE WITHIN YOUR ILLUSION, YOU MOVED SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH OF YOUR BEING, YOU STRESS OUT AND DIE.


~Message from The Earth Allies~ Revealing Love and Truth Fulfills the Prophecies~

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~Re~Educating Humanity into THE TRUTH~



We are in the Moments where all of the Real Prophecies of Love and Truth are Being fulfilled.


This is being accomplished by a vast Light Network of Pure Truth Energy arriving via the Internet, that is contagiously spreading across the Planet. This energy is assisting in the Complete Unification of Humanity with Mother Earth=Heart. This is Required as Mother Earth Moves into the Galactic Center.


Humanity is in the Midst of the Transformation into Spirit, and this is Inevitable.


When it was stated that The world would be destroyed by fire, this was actually true. What this means from a Higher Perspective, is that the world, which is an illusion, in the Light of Humanity Awakening into Love, would dissolve, cease to exist. The darkness is being removed~dissolved by the Light of TRUTH. Through the sharing of True Information and Being Love in action, dissolves the illusion. This is the event that is in Process of unfolding right now.


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