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Illusion, Addiction, and Alchemy

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 by Steve Beckow


I had a very interesting discussion with Sue Lie a few days ago in which three notions came up and I almost … for a male … got out of my logical brain for a moment and had a glimpse of a new realm.

They almost had me see that this world we live in as an illusion, a game, a trick of the mind. And by the way almost everything they said about it I could have said about a vasana, which they said had many of the same characteristics.

We’ve become addicted to the illusion.

But I have to add one more dimension that also almost became clear to me. I understood that everything is an illusion – not just this dimension but all dimensions – and that we’re just living in one illusion among many.

Perhaps imagine yourself turning the radio dial, hitting one radio station after another. Imagine the sound of them coming in, being there for a moment as you continue to turn the dial, and then trailing off.

Steve Beckow: Buildup and Release

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Steve Beckow

AwfulPhoto: Awful? I thought you said an owl-ful.

It’s my private belief that some of us, or perhaps many of us, I don’t know, are being drawn through the eye of the needle at this time.

I’m at this moment going through a process that feels as if I’m like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed and everything at the end of the tube is blackness.

It’s as if everything black, everything bad, everything evil inside me from whenever it hails is gathering at the end of the toothpaste tube and spilling out.

I believe this is a time when all the things that went wrong in our lives, all the misbegotten patterns of behavior, everything we’ve been complaining about, every perpetration we ever did, every foul thing we said or thought is coming up to be re-experienced and released. Or maybe just released. Don’t know yet.

I don’t say this to alarm others. Quite the contrary. I say it to reassure them. If I can go through this, and go through it publicly, woodenhead that I am, anyone can.

The Impact of the New Energies on Us ~ Part 2/2

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 by Steve Beckow

Ascension Energies 3450

(Continued from Part 1.)

Some of these 3D difficulties we labor under are vasanas[  mindprogramming] and the Angels speaking through Tazjima tell us that they’re helping us to let go of them as well.

“Your bodies, ..... are being washed by a river of light. This river gently extricates and removes trauma long-stored in your cellular structures, even traumas emanating from other lifetimes. Let these memories and pictures move through you, washed by the light working upon your cells, feel the emotions as they release from the electromagnetic field and dissipate into the ethers around you.

The Impact of the New Energies on Us ~ Part 1/2

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Ascension 4938

The basic spiritual movement is described as turning from the world to God. That could also be put in the form of turning from the outside to the inside.[ Actually its from the inside to the outer is the transformation now occurring] Or it could be put in a form that is familiar to most of us as letting go of the old and embracing the new.

Nowhere is that way of seeing things more relevant than in our posture toward the new energies that are flooding the planet and which cause our gradual Ascension. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the old that we’re letting go of. Perhaps here we can discuss the new that is occurring energetically.

News of Our Death is Highly Overrated

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By Steve Beckow

Spirits 325

Trying to get the message across

Listen. You’re not going to die. Not to worry about it.

News of our death is highly overrated.

When you take off your clothes at night and get into your jammies (if you wear them), do you die?

Of course not.

Same thing here. When you step out of your body, or whoosh out of your body, or pop out of your body, you don’t die. Not you. Not the real you.

Yes, you leave your body behind, just as it is. Perhaps not pleasant for others. But that’s life. Nothing we can do about it. When it’s time, it’s time.

But you forget about your body within 21 seconds. Maybe 22.

Changes ~ by Steve Beckow

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Love 321

Yesterday I asked if anyone had noticed any physical changes. I did so after I looked in the mirror. I have to acknowledge that I don’t often look in the mirror except in the cursory way men do when they shave.

But this time, I noticed something different about me. My skin was tighter and fuller. The only word that occurred to me was “younger.”

And I don’t say that for any reason. I’m not motivated by a desire to “play up” or “puff” anything.  It was a simple observation – and a startling one for me when I looked.

Yesterday as well I noticed an emotional change.  I was grocery shopping, walking through a large store where a fair number of shoppers were also passing me by, all of us wheeling our carts and bumping into each other, so to speak. And I became aware of my internal state. But before I describe it, I need to digress for a moment.

More Ascension Experiences

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Posted by Steve Beckow


I’m actually receiving a fair number of accounts from people of Ascensions. Here are three that I found most informative or encouraging.

From a Pillar

Dear Steve:

I’m responding to your request to hear from Gatekeepers and Pillars, with the intent to bring inspiration to those who are feeling “duped” in some way since Dec. 21st.

It was on October 12, 2012 that I wrote in my journal about my “graduation” the night before. I felt it was a grand accomplishment, though when the ceremony happened, I didn’t know exactly what that accomplishment was. It took some integrating (a huge shift with outbursts of seeming insanity – joy, laughter, celebration and tears of relief and letting go) before I realized that this graduation was Ascension.

The Clock is Ticking

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Commentary by Wes Annac

Written by Steve Beckow

Note from Wes: It is great to see Steve beginning to feel some of the monumental effects accompanying what was a very powerful alignment and beginning-point. I am still feeling the wonderful recalibration taking place and I as well am feeling the continual want to write, write write it out and today, I’ve experienced another very wonderful and blissful meditation that was truly unlike any I have ever experienced. These energies are heightening in intensity with each day and I can only say to hold on to your hats!


I think I have my feet on the ground enough to give you a description of what has been transpiring in the last … nine hours.

It seems like nine days.

Interview with the Galactic Federation

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 by Steve Beckow

I’ve been taking quotes from SaLuSa’s Dec. 14, 2012 message today and putting them in the First Contact database, (1) as I usually do, and keeping track of how many excerpts I take out. One or two means a rather routine message. Three or four and I begin to perk up a bit. Five or up and I’m wondering what’s up?

I excerpted almost every passage of his message today and so I know it’s a keeper. What’s SaLuSa saying today?  We’re seven days (in North America, six in England, according to the countdown clock) away from the date he said (in October 2012) that Ascension will take place:

“The Light as ever continues to grow exponentially, and is carrying you forward faster than ever. It will meet its optimum level on the 21st. December 2012 and will trigger the Ascension of Mother Earth and all those souls that are ready to go with her.” (2)

Obama 44 Wins with 44 Days to Go!

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By Steve Beckow

Updated with SaLuSa’s current message.

It’s 10:00 p.m. Pacific time, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 and Mitt Romney has conceded defeat in the U.S. Presidential election. He reports that he called President Obama and congratulated him on his victory.

At this time, the popular vote is 49% to 49%, numerically 51,341,990 votes for Obama to 51,092,409 votes for Romney. However, the electoral seats stand at 303 for President Obama and 203 for Mitt Romney. A candidate needs 270 electoral college seats to win.

The results were virtually a repeat of 2008.

It’s impossible for me to give a standard political analysis, discussing what may happen in the next four years, etc., because we know that matters will change irreversibly and for the better in only six more weeks. The 44th President of the United States has been re-elected only 44 days away from Ascension.


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