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Special Message from Archangel Michael:

Dear One, all of Life is God’s creation. All are borne of Innocence and have in Essence, the Spirit of Innocence within. Always see everything and everyone around you, including yourself, as Innocence. Innocence may become lost a little along the way, or disguise itself within its chosen outer shell, but it can never be truly ever be covered or disguised completely, because it is always there in the very core, the very center of your Being, waiting to be rediscovered. Always strive to see through the outward appearances of others, including yourself, so you can see Innocence. Look at others, and yourself, through the eyes of the Soul and your Diamond Heart, and you will see Innocence. Stay focused in your Diamond Heart, and the rest, as they say, is history [their story, their human fable], for Innocence shall reveal itself, and when it does, you shall weep tears of joy!

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

From our ONE Heart to yours!

~Deborah Faith
Archangels and Devas

FULL MOON IN TAURUS – November 4, 2017

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                AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey


I know everyone is feeling a bit uneasy right now regarding the world's political turmoil.  Since August we have been in an accelerated growth phase…Cardinal Squares, T-Squares, Grand Cross’s, we have had Eclipse’s, the Fall Equinox and many major Astrological configurations, and with many affecting the Ancient Star Systems…wow!!  Growth isn’t always easy… and during this growth period we are currently in….it can feel as if we are experiencing radical  transformation on a daily bases…with a lot of urgency and chaos!  At this Full Taurus Moon we are being given a good luck charm of sorts.  At this Full Moon we have Venus (which rules Taurus) sitting with Jupiter!  Venus is the planet of Love, attraction, creativity, and prosperity!   Jupiter is the planet of higher wisdoms and knowledge, optimism and joy, expansion and good luck.  Having Venus ruling this Full Moon and Jupiter sitting next to the Scorpio Sun (in this New Moon) we have  the ability to not only manifest our own reality, our own future….but it is also bringing us a little luck in the areas of Love and Prosperity! 

This Full Moon in Taurus is quit an amazing Full Moon…as with all Full Moon’s, it involves the Sun (the Moon opposite the Sun is what makes up the Full Moon).  The Sun, during a Full Taurus Moon is in Scorpio….and the Scorpio sun is sitting with Jupiter! 

Ascension Update - Trinity Months

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Higher Consciousness had been kindly nudging me of the importance of letting others feel through all that we do, the warmness Flame of Empowerment. Angels also pointed out that for the upcoming months of November-December-January, will act as a catalyzer, months of Trinity Power Initiation, Transmuting and Clearing.


All misleading wishes or ideas made through projection onto others will completely dissolve, which might act as a `cold` moment of emotions for the souls that haven’t yet started their inner work. This energy will shake the very foundation of your belief as change is freely welcomed, pushing each and every one of us further down the road of earning our Mastery through lessons. The rules of the old will not apply anymore; things will be renewed as you will gain brand new clarity. We will see suddenly more clearly than we ever had, as we will recognized the divine in another just like we do recognized the divine within us. We will journey into our Multidimensional Consciousness and there wouldn’t be any school of teaching that would be able to explain what had happened within each of us as we are Unique in our own ways and our paths are all different.


Crystal Magic Orchestra's new type of Jazz is called Cosmic Jazz - Jazz that helps the listener in many ways

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Crystal Magic Orchestra's new type of Jazz is called Cosmic Jazz - Jazz that helps the listener in many ways

Joe Barnett
Dr. Angela Barnett
Jazz Musicians
Cosmic Jazz
Crystal Magic Orchestra

Crystal Magic Orchestra is making a new type of music.

It is a New type of Jazz.  It is called Cosmic Jazz.

It is called Cosmic because we take our consciousness out to the infinite unknown and inhale Pre-Light and Pre-Sound and we exhale it into our Neumann Microphone in our music studio.

This Pre-Light and Pre-Sound we record makes Cosmic Pink White Light and that is what is recorded when we exhale into our Neumann Microphone in our music studio.

We then mix this Cosmic Pink White Light recordings into our Cosmic Jazz - it makes it truly Cosmic Jazz.


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There are a group of my clients who are spiritually teamed together, who have been trained in NOW time as well as on the SPIRITUAL side, to literally MEND THE WAY for Multiplicity Space souls. Then there are additional team members who are doing soul repair work for all the souls in Multiplicity Space. With a conclusion on Oct. 21st of 611 Trillion souls being granted ETERNAL FORGIVENESS, like those in Linear Space received through Jesus. This event on Oct. 21st is a God and Jesus authorized event. THEDARK are at a loss with what has started to unfold and team members have been singled out and attacked, but the opponent has been rebuked, removed and forgiven [which is a death knell for THEDARK.] Just a FYI, the 'target', THEDARK, is NOT Satan and his kronies. For they are NOT present in Multiplicity Space. Just Linear Space.


Speak this 2 times a day for valuable assisting.


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