A Lieing Dragon vision

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Dad, I just had a crazy thing happen to me...............

Ok how to describe it....

Nighttime of April 30, 2018 woke up 11:52pm after trying to fall asleep

I would describe it as a HEAVY DAZE.

I laid in bed a little after 9:30pm and rolled on my right side. With my eyes

closed, I saw a very faint eye looking at me. Then, I had a vision and saw a

black dragon with red eyes. He gnarled his teeth and flapped his wings at me.

He didn't seem like a friendly.

I kept struggling to fall asleep, and have done a lot of tossing and turning.

Not sure when, but I fell into a HEAVY DAZE and struggled to understand where

I was.


My eye lids were about half way open and I could not understand where I was

fully. Part of me was thinking I was back home at Mom and Dad's in Nebraska.

But it was DIFFERENT.

The vision I was having with my room was different.


Do you come in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ? YES
Do I know you? YES
Are you a friend? NO
Are you a companion? YES
Can I know your name? YES
Your name is Smith? YES
Why do you want me to go with you? YES
Can I know why you want me to go with you? NO
Umm okay.

Back to my report on the HEAVY DAZE.

I felt like I was in trouble or something so I said in my head twice "In the

name of the LORD Jesus Christ let all those who have ears to hear, go

homeeeee. AMEN."

In the daze, lying in my bed in Mom & Dad's house, I looked out the window and

saw a few birds creating a commotion.

They were fighting over a dead animal that was killed.

Suddenly, a bigger animal which seemed to be like a "panda bear bird", came

APRIL 29th 2018 – FULL MOON IN SCORPIO – the Magical and Mysterious depths of our Soul

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   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Scorpio Full Moon is a powerful and emotionally charged one…making things feel a bit uncomfortable at times!   Scorpio pulls us into the Magical and Mysterious depths of our Soul.  Scorpio’s energy is about deep psychological transformation…..through the unconscious (dreams, imagination, emotions), as we then acknowledge this, we begin to communicate with our consciousness.  Through our deep desires….we learn to let some of those intense desires go and begin to create the unknown through trust.  With this Scorpio Full Moon, desires peak through emotional intensity and experiences…..even if they are hidden (Scorpio).  

There is a Sexiness with this Scorpio Full Moon as Scorpio also rules sex.  There is almost a haunting……simmering desire to express one’s emotions on all levels… sure to keep the desire’s on the high Spiritual side of Scorpio and trust in the transformations.   Take the Power of this Full Scorpio Moon and face who and what you are ……only then can you make changes. 

Message from the Intergalactic Ascended Forces

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Message from the Intergalactic Ascended




The Intergalactic Ascended Forces are about to enter the planetary life system to assist with the ascension of all life throughout the planet, and to enable the planetary/universal destiny to begin to be included in the planetary and universal affairs of the New Earth and its inhabitants.


This impending augmentation is a contribution to the Planetary/Universal Destiny by several intergalactic agencies that are supportive of theNew Earth Destiny and its immediate implementation.



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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey


This Libra Full Moon is also referred to as a Blue Moon.  A Blue Moon is when we have 2 Full Moons in one month.  What makes this Blue Moon a little unusual is that it is the second Blue Moon of the year (one in January and again in March)…..a Blue Moon usually only occurs once every 2-3 years.  Other than having 2 Full Moons in one month; there is no Astrological significance to this.  However….this Full Libra Moon is a powerful one!   It is very energized…intense and revolutionary!

This Libra Full Moon is also often referred to as the “Pink” Full Moon. It is called that not because it is “Pink”, but because it is named after pink flowers that are called “Wild Ground Phlox”, which bloom rapidly in early Spring.  However the name…“Pink” Moon”… is actually perfect because the color “Pink” symbolizes Love and Peace, and this Libra Full Moon is ruled by Venus the planet of Love!    This emphasis on Love….. is actually perfect for these chaotic and revolutionary times that we are currently living in.  It is a wonderful time to release all things that are not of Love and Peace……then meditate and manifest on Love and Peace…. for yourself and also for all Humanity around the World!!

Because this Libra Full Moon is ruled by Venus… also means that it is about relationships of all kinds especially romantic love relationships!  This can also be a very disruptive time in many relationships. There is a lot of emphases on integrity and respect in all relationships.  Are you handling your relationships with integrity and respect?   The Universe seems to be saying that during these turbulent times we are currently in……the focus internationally and individually needs to be on…  Love and Peace! 


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