Full Moon of Sagittarius

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Full Moon of Sagittarius



This Full Moon of Sagittarius period will continue through Tuesday.


Saturday evening Neptune goes direct. Sunday Sun is exactly conjunct Jupiter. Tuesday Mars is sextile Saturn, and Mercury is conjunct Sun and Jupiter.


This enormous opening and expansion is the inauguration of the Ascended New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Organism.



Taking Advantage of the Sagittarius Opening to Achieve the Maximum Ascension


The Big Bang in Relation to the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

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By: Sean McCleary
I do work in metaphysics and evolutionary cosmology and I have incorporated the element of consciousness into the development of the Cosmos, to formulate conclusions about how planet Earth and the human race relate to the activity contained within the universe. Everything has an integral relationship which is incorporated into the design of the evolution of space and time. I have recently discovered how powerful and important Earth and its inhabitants are in relation to what happened with the introduction of the universe. Einstein proposed that time is an illusion which is correct and is a construct for consciousness to interpret reality through evolutionary development. Because of this fact the activity of the big bang is represented in different ways within the universe and planet Earth is the most powerful example of the activity which occurred with the consciousness and energy of the big bang.
The universe has a very powerful consciousness that is continuously driving evolutionary development. Consciousness is the will contained within energy that is responsible for maintaining the integrity of life and the element of infinity. This universe is contained within another embodiment of consciousness and energy that it is continuously evolving into and drawing more consciousness and energy from; distributing that out everywhere for the purpose of expansion and acceleration through space and time. Before the universe was introduced into existence; Infinite Consciousness and energy where everywhere. Infinite Consciousness contains pure dark energy and pure light energy. Pure dark energy is consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Pure light energy is consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. There was no subatomic activity at this time.

My New Book; Metaphysical Revelations.

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My book #MetaphysicalRevalations will be launching in 2 days. It will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble's and other retailers. It details certain very important information pertaining to the Cosmos, Earth and the human race that deals with the shift in consciousness and new developments in the truth pertaining to a very powerful incorporation of science and divinity where I have extracted new wonderful insights with my work in metaphysics. It is a very refreshing and eye opening literary experience for the reader to enjoy, and will facinate and stimulate the consciousness with the evolution of information itself which is associated with the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. This is why my book has this title is because I am participating in the activity of the preliminary stages of the apocalypse and my book is a reflection of this exciting element of consciousness and energy emerging within planet Earth's evolutionary development. Sean McCleary.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

It’s a Scorpio New Moon….one of the most intense, transformative, mystical Moon’s….and perhaps one of the most important moons of the entire Year! With this New Scorpio Moon, we have major planetary shifts happening. Within about a 3 day period we have 2 major aspects happening within 24 hours of this New Moon. We have Uranus (constant of change, future thinker, community, humanity etc) retrograding back into Aries…forming again, the powerful, transformative, birthing of New with some Urgency…. Cardinal Square/Grand Cross! We also have the Nodal Axis switching signs from Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node….to a Cancer North Node and Capricorn South Node! Then the day after this New Scorpio Moon we have Jupiter moving into Sagittarius! This is a lot of movement of energy for everyone to try and incorporate into their bodies and consciences! There can be a feeling of chaos, anxiety, being overwhelmed and just plan exhausted....among other things and feelings. There are also some aspects happening that can help us through this intense period. There are chapters in your life that could be ending and there are also some exciting chapters in your life that are just beginning. Remember…we are on the path of Radical Evolution!

Subatomic Particles and the Evolution of Consciousness.

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By: Sean McCleary
I have been doing very important work lately on the evolution of consciousness; and what my primary focus is on is the Paradigm Shift. This is an event that the Cosmos, Earth and the inhabitants here will engage in due to the evolution of planet Earth itself. Earth is a living organism with a consciousness because Earth supports life and consciousness here. We are all in the very powerful preliminary stages of this event. What will occur is a fundamental change completely in the dynamics of the operational procedures that dictate the drive of a lot of different ideologies contained within the human race. Another term for this event is the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. In order for Earth to transition into a heavenly state knowledge will have to be revealed; especially concerning scientific areas of study. My focus has been transitioning consciousness into the activity of physics in a very dynamic way.


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