Energy Reading from the Archangels for this Week 28th August to 3rd September 2017

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Energy Reading from the Archangels for this Week 28th August to 3rd September 2017

You are a luminary, a sage, a wise one, a high priestess/high priest, a wizard, and a supreme co-creator! You are a powerful, loving and creative child of God. You are very loved!

Your material needs are taken care of as you step into your power and begin to utilize the energy of Source of ALL Creation. Plug into the Source of All creation, the Source that feeds you and your material needs. It is LOVE Dear Ones! The Source of All is LOVE. Just use the power of IMAGINATION to bring this energy into your energy field daily, hourly if necessary! This infinite Source of energy exists all around you and also within you. You are walking within this energy field daily! This is the power that animates you.

As your spiritual sight awakens you are beginning to ‘see’ through new eyes, the eyes of your Creator. You are gifted with further understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ and the Power that exists behind it, back-stage so to speak.

Now is the time to utilize your power and the power of Source, to start realizing that whatever changes you wish to occur in your life, in your reality, and upon this great Earth, starts with you. All change starts within you. Therefore take stock of your life and notice where you are. Are you happy with your creation? Are you happy with your World? If not then it may be time to take back control of your life and the situation at hand, and begin to co-create with your higher Power, for your own good and the greater good of All.

Listening to Cosmic Relaxation Jazz is a relaxing activity

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Listening to Cosmic Relaxation Jazz is a relaxing activity

Cosmic Relaxation Jazz by Crystal Magic Orchestra

Dr. Angela Barnett
Dr. Joe Barnett

Crystal Magic Orchestra creates and records Cosmic Relaxation Jazz 

Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Relaxation Jazz 
seriously helps the listener to
Become "In Tune" with the Universe

Listen and Become "In Tune" with the Universe

Listening and Becoming "In Tune" with the Universe is a relaxing activity

Eclipse in Leo August 21 2017

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Said the new moon to the sun,

“Shine truth on the hidden until you don’t.

What deep secrets do you hold?”


Roots run deep under the moon’s shadow

of collective unconscious.

Trust is fleeting and dodges darkness in our world.

We forget that to harm another is to

harm oneself.


The storm awakens many

with dusty reprieves and foggy promises.

In the midst of life decisions of

true value, must I wait again on the rocky shore

vaguely connected?

For my heart is truly a lonely hunter.

Hiding and ready to pounce, it

preys on any quiet love to soothe it.


I still myself.

Between breaths, balance deep inside

begs patience.

For intentions to ripen

and maturity to take hold, it may take time.

There is risk in

harvesting too soon

because the intoxication of duality is too great.


Transformation comes

when everyone is talking

and I can’t hear myself think.  

Thoughts written down fly from my grip.

The wind throws caution and laughs as it blows open

 secret tales of right and wrong.  Stories best left

uncovered.  I am exposed and wear

my heart on my sleeve.


Humility is forced to flee.

Strong and centered for action,

I am invincible until I am not.

Somehow my expanding heart lets go.

I breathe, drink water, ground and

follow my graceful intentions

 by living with connection.


Age is a culmination of my beauty. It is all

my paths woven into a rich diversity of experience.

Either I am a creator or I am not. Although,

my heart whispers that I must be a patient creator.

So I allow this life to flow through me.

As shadow disappears and the circular sun shines,

I breathe out and start again.




The Trinity of Blessings ~ What the World needs now is your Love!

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Archangel Michael Trinity of Blessings

T h e  T r i n i t y  o f  B l e s s i n g s™  A t t u n e m e n t

f r o m  A r c h a n g e l  M i c h a e l

What the World needs now is your love! When you practice being love, and expressing love, you are automatically also attracting the same back to yourself, enhancing your own life and the lives of others which has a reverberating effect, what I call the Boomerang Effect which starts as a ripple, then becomes a wave as it gains in momentum, eventually becoming a giant Tsunami! You see, Love is pure magic! Through its magical vibration, you magnetically attract the vibrations of peace and joy to your life also, by default. This is why I LOVE the Trinity of Blessings! It worked for me, and I know it will work for you! It will transform your life. And the bonus part is, that once you take a step forward in the direction of love - of becoming MORE LOVE - Spirit takes several steps towards you! Read on for more information:

The Trinity of Blessings™ is an attunement which was originally received from Archangel Michael through its patron Theresa Helton in 2010.  This attunement will help you become aligned with the energy of Divine Love which will also brings the energy of Peace and Joy into your life. This higher vibrational energy will help you to transform your life as you allow more Divine Love to fill you, you are also becoming once more your True Self, a Being of Divine Love.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

The Great American Eclipse is here!   It is all over the news….how to view it and with what.  Where to go to see it etc. etc.    How to avoid traffic jams as it is predicted to become the most watched cosmic event in human history.  But at the same time, the energies leading up to this Eclipse have been quit chaotic and in some instances almost/most volatile.  We can see this in our own lives and also around the World.  All you have to do is turn on the news for a few minutes.  The energies have been quit intense and are not easy for the body to handle.  A feeling of low energy, no motivation, and no direction…..are almost common at this time.  There is also a sense of emotional detachment…a feeling of being removed from reality.  Just remember that the body is trying to embody lots of intense, chaotic, and powerful energies. 

This Great American Eclipse is a total Eclipse that travels clear Across the United States, from coast to coast in a narrow band of totality! Solar Eclipse’s over very populated areas are relatively rare….which is another reason this Eclipse is headline news.   The more total the eclipse is the more intense the astrological effect is.  The location, from which an eclipse is visible, shows us areas where the world needs changes…. in society, cultures or leadership.

This  will be the first total Solar Eclipse to be visible coast-to-coast in the U.S. in nearly 100 years…the last time was in June 1918.  The August 21st Solar Eclipse is also the first total Solar Eclipse to be visible in totality….only from the U.S., since the nation was founded in 1776.  The next total Solar Eclipse to overshadow the U.S. is in 2024.  Solar Eclipses can create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

Jesus said Get Protection Music

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Jesus said Get Protection Music




Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett


We are being Invaded now. They can only reach those who are not protected by raising their frequencies. Jesus said he wished everyone had this music, and then they would be protected as I am.

The Draconians invaded us, raped our women and created a Demonized Race line millions of years ago. The race is a combination of human and Draconian. Those on Earth who are distant relatives are now being used as puppets and the race line created by the Draconians has come to Earth.

The Great Flood was created by God to remove the Draconian Race line from the Earth. Most of the world's population was removed in order to prevent these creatures from staying here. They swore that they would create a new race line made of our bloodline and then return to Earth.


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by April Bender via integrated Overself

I wish to speak with you today, regarding the increasing sense of darkness currently pervading your world. Many light-workers and way-showers, especially those who are empaths, are struggling to remain centered during this energetically intense time. I understand that by outward appearances the world seems to be falling apart . . .degrading into chaos, violence, hatred, and hopelessness. However, what you are witnessing are merely the symptoms of a larger movement happening deep down below the surface, . . .the rise of the collective unconscious.


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