Internalizing Suspects (Internal Cords of Active Modules) - Non-Localities

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External Cords* Advancing throughout Disproportionate Links (The Intelligence Modulates) FOR the EXACT CORE GROUPS - ACCESSING THESE DOCUMENTS (Writings).

Coherent Designation Points have been assimulated (Contested - Retrospected) By beings whom allocates at different Peripherals (In Time) - Exchanging Numerous Structures for a Hyper Accountable Structuralization (Enumeration) of what creates THESE* Conclusions (In Times) - By Remembering the Accentual Compartments which derives off of Cellular Modulations (Grid Tracks) - Of Oppositional Forces - FOR ACCOUNTABILITY (Greater Accountability)... Numerising / Memorising the Contextual Mappings - Acquitted for Beings of Higher Transparencies.

These Beings (Of Higher Transparencies) Are the Equivalent formulas of what we find (In on out - Throughout) These Internal Components (Grids of the Earth’s Expositional Advances) - In the Making of, and without concords to assimilations casted upon a delocalized retrospection from Internal Analysis… These Beings are working around on this Earth (The Golden Race) As has been said from on within “Wisdom Teachings” with David Wilcock.

Working around In convoluted Processional Remixing(S)

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Working on Convoluted Processes of Being - In the Here and Now, as Exposed on Galactic Free Press - Living in the Moment (Momentary Choices - To make) - Capabilities in what we conclude by Temporal Emissions. The Sub-Sonic Frequencies, which are adjusting in a “Surplex” - /Complex, Nor Less to say ABOUT. What Concludes in Dispersions of These Words (In Subatomic Particle Managements)... The Multiverses has a Structural Code (Implementation) for Higher Adaptations -> Made Towards Beings of Greater Telekinetic Map Drive (Accentuations) Upon - Delocalized Prospections (Interior Prospections). CHANGED in the Etheric Cords of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon. And with that said, we come to a conclusion, in the Etheric Cords (Formulations for Higher Octaves) - “Frequency Emissions” which is held Liable (Reliable Structures of what we IMPLEMENT - In a Ground CORE STRUCTURALIZED EMISSION) Coming in from star systems (Outer Star Systems) - In ALIGNMENTS - TOWARDS YOUR GREATER EXPOSITIONS - AS FOUND ON THIS WEB SITE.

Namaste - More to Come, If you wish to Help me sustain the Grids (In any Particular way - Or Within “Movements”) We can accomplish this by structuring Internal Codes from what is disposed as a Higher Transparency - For “Localizations” which would be the Subdued Tracks of Informational Downloads… Acquitted for Beings Within Higher Mappings (Of Higher Transparency)..


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by Dr. Angela Barnett

You are welcome to check out our new ETHERIC SUBSTANCE MUSIC PAGE and discover a few true JEWELS of Frequency of Etheric Substance within the music, such as the Spiritual Carrier Wave of electromagnetic substance that was known as the magical substance that was found floating on the surface of the bodies of high ascended masters in Egypt.

This etheric spiritual substance forms itself from the pre light substance of plasma in the forms of hydrogelaisic, liquid light and pre radiation gold waves. All of this magical transformational substance is what has always been used to raise the body into such high spiritual waves that the body would become a plasma body and then disappear into light.
There have been many masters living on Earth who have been able to levitate their bodies into the level of light that allows bi-location, and there are many who travel with their etheral body that the Soul becomes at night, called the Astral body.

Rederick, Are you There?

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Rederick, Are you There?

Rhetoric: Yess Mario, I am Here, what is your Question?

Me: Well it is about, the Structure of the Channelings… The Information Coming In… What does it do, or simply what is it for?


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Full Aries Moon … is a powerful one! This Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon although it is a little late in the season this year….it also is known as the Equinox Moon….leaving the Full Moon lasting a little longer than normal.  Aires/Harvest Moon/Equinox Moon is a Super charged Full Moon…and it can ignite a lot of growth,  or a lot of compulsive and destructive behavior… deep feelings are brought to the surface. Since this Moon started…we have seen many major storms and hurricanes (and the aftermath), earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and around 7 Solar Flares!   That is a lot of the Universe letting the Earth tell us…. that she is also receiving these energies and she is a little upset about how she has been treated!  We have also seen the shootings (Mars ruling this Aries Full Moon) in Las Vegas! Again…it has been a volatile period in many areas….especially since the Eclipse’s in August.  This Aries Moon has a reputation of inspiring the brave and strong….along with being hot headed and angry!  Because of the Sun being in Libra… will notice this Full Aries Moon energy….in all of your relationships and also in the relationships throughout the world.  Libra is about Love and balance…..lets concentrate on that energy and bring it in all around you…..give it forward… give it out to the world. Think Peace……

This ship is of the New Earth Ascended SpaceLife Forces

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This ship is of the New Earth Ascended SpaceLife Forces which are beginning to function in some areas of the planet. It is making a public display to announce the increasing Ascended SpaceLife Forces which are active to create the New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization.

This New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization is the destined Planetary/Universal Ascended​ SpaceLife Creation and Civilization which is beginning to be created as the planetary destiny is continuing.

Published on Sep 29, 2017

This video was shot this morning at 9am by Ryan Wehner on his iPhone at ECETI Ranch in Washington state. He was shooting a panoramic scene at the ranch and after reviewing the footage caught this amazing, saucer-shaped, UFO that flew over the ranch and made a left-hand turn behind the trees at the north side of ECETI.
This is the actual raw footage that was sent to FADE to BLACK right from his iPhone.

Asking For Help, but Not Expecting Any...

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I am asking for donations to help my 81 year-old father get his well fixed. He has been living without running water since January of 2016, and he's not getting any younger, but I don't know of anybody who is. Any help, even if it's a share on facebook or wherever, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you take the time to look...


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