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Matthew's Message: July 27, 2017

Message from Matthew
July 27,  2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many of you have expressed much the same as this reader: “With so much craziness and corruption in governments all over the world, it is difficult to see how we can transform our planet and its people into the New Age we envision.” We can relate to that feeling because many of us have lived in those circumstances in one civilization or another, and we also have lived in those kinds of civilizations after they had transformed their worlds into magnificence beyond your imagining. Someday it will be so on Earth.

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Prav and Simona Monsoon Yoga Retreat at Kairali

Want to release stress and have a blissful experience. Come join us for a Monsoon Yoga Retreat by Prav and Simona Satthi from Denmark for a week to balance your body, mind and soul. Land straight into the nature’s lap at Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala finely placed amidst tranquillity. Experience the beautiful amalgamation of modernity and traditionalism of Ayurveda and Yoga at the health retreat, a perfect gateway from a chaotic and a frenetic life. Be a part of exhilarating yoga, guided meditations, detoxifying food and tender care at the retreat. Our yoga teachers will lead you into a deeply restorative zone, encouraging you to unwind and reinvigorate with ease. Master the skills of adopting a stress free and a healthier lifestyle to enhance your immunity and fight away diseases.

Yoga Retreat


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Special Offer on all Card Readings!


To help me with a little extra money for my impending move to new accommodation in two weeks time (Yay!!!), I'm offering a SPECIAL PRICE for my card readings over the next 2 weeks :

Receive a detailed ONE card reading for $5, TWO card reading for $10 and a THREE card reading for $15.

I can do a reading for you from the Archangels OR from the Devas of the Flower Realm. Both are very accurate Please specify when you do the payment which reading you would prefer, or you may simply leave it up to the Angels and Flower Realm to decide!

If you would like to order a reading, please PayPal the money to

Once the reading has been completed, you will receive an email with the reading in PDF format.
NB: Please remember to send me your email address when you do the payment!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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Approach Reality from a Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Frequencies

Approach Reality from a Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Frequencies

Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett

Yes, war is an old paradigm and one should definitely approach reality by rising above negative thoughts and consciousness.

Approaching reality from a Cosmic consciousness which is higher than the Universal consciousness is the place to stay and live out from.

All of our music at

is Cosmic Future Holographic Healing Music is the Magical element that will assist in preparing the listener's body to become a 4D Immortal Person and then also be able to manifest the reality that makes one happy and joyful.

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Harmonious Attraction

Harmonious Attraction

Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett

Crystal Magic Orchestra's Immortal Music

The law of harmonics allows likes to attract. 
Crystal Magic Orchestra's 
immortal music was created in a manner where all
modes are harmonious. The music is layered in
dozens of harmonic layers over the top of each other
until there were enough harmonics of an agreeing
nature to become magnets for the harmonizing of
the stars, the spheres, the suns and the moon. This
universal harmonization reaches out into the infinity
of harmony - it attracts the infinite vibration of white
light to encompass the entire harmonious
relationship of harmonics to cause strengthening to
occur through the lining up of similar vibrations.

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Open the door to Love and Abundance Consciousness!


Opening the Door to Love and Abundance!

We had a wonderful and successful Fellowship Ring this past Saturday on the subject of Abundance. The call lasted almost 2 hours and I’m sure we could have spoken for much longer on this subject.

The message on Abundance is a simple one, and one that we are all familiar with at this stage of the game. It’s simply a matter of putting what we know into practice.

Our main point of focus must now be IN our HEART and BE’ing in that space, because we are now embodying more of our True Nature than ever before. So if you think about it, then it makes perfect sense why the old ways of manifesting are no longer working. We now have to be CONGRUENT and in total alignment with our True Nature, which is Love!

Love is all there is!  And our Higher Self, whom we are becoming and embodying more and more of each day, IS DIVINE PERFECT LOVE. And, it is INFINITE and all powerful in its Divine Nature. And it is perfectly ABUNDANT!

So what does this mean for you and I? It means that we have to BE PRESENT and in the space of ALLOWING Love to be made manifest within us at all times.

And how do we do this? Well, the easiest way to explain it is that when we allow Love to be made manifest, we are allowing our Hearts to rule. We basically give free reign to our Higher Self / True Self / God Self / Greater Self etc., whatever label you wish to give your Higher Consciousness.

And then once we have given our Greater Self free reign, we are to LET GO and ALLOW our lives to unfold by staying IN THE VIBES of Love or above.

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Asumara - Soul Mission

Hello Every Being out There. We wish to take part in this particular disclosure, concerning Our Soul Mission (Objective-/Count/Assimilation) - From prepositional Map Drive / Accentuation's beyond disproportionate links. Your Guides have the rest of the Assemblies, Connect on In (Center your Focus) Energies - Multiply With help of Extra Terrestrials. What we learn, to come to find about in time, Where areas of our greater needs - Have BEEN MET, -/On occasions* Spark (Smile) This is how we assimilate from accentuation's of disproportionate links. We want to tell you today, about a story, in particular this story takes place in the stages of Life (Here on Earth) Where many folks are having Dreams, and Interpretations from Realizations (An Augmentation) from a Previous Reality. The sub-Structured Cores are Accessible by Compartmentalization's (Downloading) A Numeric Structure for your brains to accentuate partials of a Totality (A Disclosure / Picture) Concerning the effects of your "Programming" for/With abilities. What we portend to find in accentuation's of higher disproportionate links, which would be the intelligence utilized from the global or universal MIND. The allocations found in your parts of this Galaxy (Galactic Command Center G.C.C), has Partials in how we disclose Information to Individuals whom have greater Reputability with galactic Being. Being the Levels of Comprehension they may have from an Aboriginal Synapses.

The core conceptualized Commands, given from off-settled grid dispersion's - can hold (Be held for) greater accountability in future "Transferals" States in Emissions (That we Utilize for our Conduit - Connectivity to higher states of being).

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Today's Fellowship Ring is ALL about MANIFESTING!


Today's Fellowship Ring is ALL about MANIFESTING!

Some people, myself included, have been feeling the pinch as far as manifesting money goes. I keep arguing with my Higher Self and telling him that he doesn’t understand how difficult it’s been lately to manifest money in order to have the basics, but he does understand. He knows only too well because he is basically walking in my shoes with me these days.

So today Archangel Michael will share with us everything to do with abundance consciousness and how to go about manifesting, not just money, but EVERYTHING!

Join us today, Saturday the 15th, at 10am EST for approximately 1 hour on Skype. The cost is $25 to join the group, and greatly appreciated at this time! But if you can’t afford the payment then please join us anyway. Don't let the lack of money stand in your way!

If you would like to make your payment, please visit the link below:

Have a BE-YOU-tiful day! We Love You!



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Our New song that helps you, your family and the Earth

Our New song that helps you, your family and the Earth

Angela Barnett (the Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett

Our New song that helps you, your family and the Earth

This new song is us, but sounds in a way like Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Yellow Magic Orchestra

These are some rocky times, so here is something to do to help yourself, your family and the entire Earth.

Get the Unconditional Love frequencies song, listen to it and while listening to it you can breathe the Unconditional Love frequencies from the music to help yourself, your family and the Earth.



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