Solara's State of the Planet for July 2018 via Talyaa Liera -- New Global Soul Agreements

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New Global Soul Agreements

Hold onto your hats, dear ones! You are about to enter a new dimension of reality, a new way of experiencing life on Earth, and a new way of experiencing yourself in your own body.

In short, this month begins a New World. A whirlwind of activity starts this month that brings global humanity much closer to its Destiny of harmony and understanding. And this month, you get to feel a glimpse of what this ultimate Destiny is like. You get to help co-create the burgeoning fields of love and hope by radiating your own desires and heart-whispers out into the universe. They are more powerful than you can imagine.

All of this is because humanity is entering into new global soul agreements and accords. On a soul level, every person helps co-create the reality we share that we call Earth. We do this in harmony with every other be-ing on the planet: animals, birds, insects, fishes, cetaceans, bacteria, plants, fungi, rocks, rivers, oceans — every single be-ing.

Universal Healing and Ascension Grand Trine in Water thru the New Moon

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Universal Healing and Ascension             

Grand Trine in Water thru the New Moon

Sun is now conjunct the Sirian system and making a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune in water signs, and making a kite with Pluto in Capricorn on the New Moon eclipse.

This is empowering Universal Healing and Ascension for the entire planet.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

We have been through a lot over these last several months…..both within our own lives and also throughout the World.  The energies have been strong and a bit chaotic….and at times a little frightening (stay out of the Fear!).   The World seems to be in a bit of a mess right now…..and it can be a challenge to see the light at the end of the tunnel…….but we know it is there.  With this extremely powerful Capricorn Full Moon… feels (Cancer Sun…part of the full Moon) like we are at a point where the Universe is asking….do you want to Evolve?  Or do you want to give up and re-do it next incarnation?  

New Creation Event

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I use muscle testing to gain access to information of all categories, including spiritual categories.

This past Tuesday, 6/26/2018, I tried to say the phrase, "Today is Tuesday." But for some reason, I could not let those words pass between my lips. It was a strange sensation ... to not be able to say what I considered to be a true sentence. So, I tested the following:
"Today is Monday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Tuesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Wednesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Thursday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Friday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Saturday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Sunday." Answer: NO.

Okay. That is very very curious. Muscle testing identifies the truth of any precise sentence... enabling a decision maker to tie-in to the precise guidance from God on the subject in question.

This applies to normal everyday life situations, as well as spiritual situations.

So, I ended up, asking God...

"Is there any such thing as OLD Earth?" NO.
"Is there any such thing as NEW Earth?" NO.

hmmmmmmmmmmm... I knew they were there on Monday the 25th... so what the heck is going on here?

I am not good at drawing out the answers to situations... it just is not in my soul to malinger in my soul.

So, here is what I did....

"Hey Jesus, this place that I am standing upon... is it called Earth? NO. IT IS NOT. IT IS CALLED A NEW CREATION. said Jesus to me telepathically.

I tested energetically if what he said was "So." and I got a YES.

Did God change the name? I asked. "NO." said God.

Did Jesus change the name? I asked again. "YES." said Jesus.


I first observed this problem / situation on Tuesday.
When Wednesday came around (or at least what I thought was Wednesday...) all my questions about the days of the week were "NO."

SUPER Full Moon Workshop 28th June

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Dear Readers,

Our Solstice Energy Transmission was a joy-filled event and we had a great time with the Angels! Archangel Michael led us in a guided meditation to cut us free from our fears using his blue flamed sword of Truth, which serves to sever from our energy fields all fear based programming.

We are still integrating and stabilizing the powerful Solstice energy and now we’re looking forward to a super powerful and bright Full Moon this coming Thursday the 28th June, which promises to uncover even more of that which we have stowed away in a file marked “to deal with later……”.

Beloveds, I’m afraid that later is NOW, and it can no longer be delayed. It is imperative that this dissonant energy be uncovered and dusted off so to speak, so that you can sparkle and shine again! Remember this 2018 year is marked as the year of LUMINOSITY! And shine we will!

DisclosureFest LA Saturday June 23, 2018

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2018 Event Info

A mindful yoga, music, healing arts and vegan festival in the central hub of downtown Los Angeles that brings our global community together via a live stream group meditation


Los Angeles State Historic Park




Trailer - Above Majestic - The Implications of a Secret Space Program

Announcement ~ Solstice Energy Transmission 21st June 2018

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I invite you to join us – myself and my Higher Counsel who call themselves simply ‘One Voice’ – for a special Solstice Energy Transmission this Thursday 21st June 2018 at 6 PM SAST (South African time). Please check the time in your time zone:

A Solstice Energy Transmission for the 21st June 2018

“Greetings, greetings, greetings! It is with much joy and jubilation that we come forward to assist you with our Light on this Solstice celebration.  The goal of the energy transmission is to help you reach into a higher octave or level of frequency that is comfortable for you at this time. We are aware that at this time many are struggling with the intense energies and we wish to assist in any way we can.The stabilization and integration work is also going to assist in the balancing of the masculine and feminine aspects of your being. The integration of the Twin Flame energy so to speak.”

Will be we doing any healing work?

“Yes, we will be working with your higher-self aspect to move energy blocks that cause you to feel ‘stuck’ in lower frequency patterns of behavior that are non-serving and thus in effect produce feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. We will also be helping you to integrate and stabilize the higher frequency energy codes now being received so that it benefits you with almost immediate effect. This stabilization comes more easily as a result of our support. Once your energy field is stabilized you will feel more harmonious and settled within your body.”

Solstice Energy Update 21st June 2018 and Beyond

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A short energy update follows to help make sense of all the changes happening. Firstly we stress again the importance of eating light foods, as live as possible. Meaning containing as much life force as possible. If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden, harvesting foods and them eating them the same day is the way to go. If not, then purchase fresh foods daily and eat them well before they ‘expire’. The physical body is going through enormous cellular restructuring at this juncture and could use all the support it can get. Your body elemental will thank you!

The energy is mostly being felt again in the cranial and base of skull as the brain structure and spinal column receives the New Codes of Life, as one may call them. It is an appropriate enough description. The new codes enter the brain and spinal fluid flowing through the nadis and meridians into cellular tissue and structure, finally making contact with the atoms and electrons where they are engaged in their upgrading work.

Water is an important component for your physical body, as always. Before ingesting anything it would behoove you to send your life force energy into it. You can do this simply by intention and focusing your energy, infusing the water and food with the purity of your Light.

The lower 3 chakras are upgrading, merging, as they become ‘on-line’ or more in alignment with the rest of the energy centers, so that they can carry and transmit higher frequencies and codes of Light and ground them into the Earth, becoming anchored there into the 5d energy matrix.


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