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by April Bender via integrated Overself

I wish to speak with you today, regarding the increasing sense of darkness currently pervading your world. Many light-workers and way-showers, especially those who are empaths, are struggling to remain centered during this energetically intense time. I understand that by outward appearances the world seems to be falling apart . . .degrading into chaos, violence, hatred, and hopelessness. However, what you are witnessing are merely the symptoms of a larger movement happening deep down below the surface, . . .the rise of the collective unconscious.

COSMIC JAZZ a new type of American Jazz that heals and Makes one a Better Life

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COSMIC JAZZ  a new type of American Jazz that heals and Makes one a Better Life

Joe Barnett
Cosmic Jazz

Crystal Magic Orchestra's COSMIC JAZZ  - a new type of American Jazz that heals and Makes one a Better Life and that mostly comes through the Cosmic Pre-Light, Pre-Sound and Pink White Light frequencies in our Cosmic Jazz.

This is why we call it Cosmic Jazz.

Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz is a 2017 New Type of  American Jazz

Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz is also extremely powerful healing music

People have been healed in so many ways by it

A person has been literally raised from the dead by Crystal Magic Orchestra's music


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Dr. Joe Barnett
Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
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In order to manifest a new idea, we must go beyond the boundaries of everything that we already know exists. The mind of God will allow anything to become instantly manifest in our reality field when we ask to create something that exists outside of the reality field of the world that only exists within our personality.


Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz is a 2017 New Type of American Jazz

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Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz


Crystal Magic Orchestra


Dr. Joe Barnett


Dr. Angela Barnett


Go to the following webpage to hear and learn why Crystal Magic Orchestra has won so many music awards around the world and why John Williams, the Star Wars music composer invited Crystal Magic Orchestra into his office to share his music recording expertise.


Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz is a 2017 New Type of  American Jazz.


Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz is created, made and recorded through Reason 9.5


The Solar Eclipse Energies ~ A Message From Michael

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I  had a [very real] dream 3 or 4 nights ago where I was being transported along a road and up ahead there was a bend in the road that turned sharply to the left. I clearly heard Michael tell me, “Fasten your seat belt!”  Later on I asked him what the dream meant and I received that the energy of the Solar Eclipse is about delving more into the ‘past’ to clear out all that is not love, and not serving Love in this Now. It’s like a great churning that is happening….. So here is the message I received:

Churning churning churning! All that is not love is rising to the surface. It’s like churning cream to make butter. Eventually the cream separates and you get whey and butter. It’s a time of separating the chaff from the wheat. That is what’s happening now.
Once all that is not love is left behind, we are left embodying more of our sovereign nature, our greatness. And so embrace the churning. It’s uncomfortable I know, but worth it in the end. This time is teaching us to stay focused in our sacred hearts where we are in unison and communion with our higher selves and where we can feel the love and support that is there for us. Listening to the voice of ego will only cause more suffering.

I ask, how do I stay here in this world when I already feel as if I do not belong here, I feel like an alien (haha!). The people here do not think like me, nor do they behave like me. They do not understand me, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live among them. Best I think if I lived alone….but I know, no man is an island!

Find happiness at Ananda Lahari Retreat 2018, Kairali

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What is happiness? Happiness is a state of contentment. Though everyone has their own definition, but if we look at things besides this materialistic world, it can be elucidated as a state of ultimate well-being. A state in which you are internally happy, have been able to discover yourself and strike a chord between your body, mind and soul. Let us lend you a hand in achieving it at Ananda Lahari Retreat 2018 held at Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerala from February 7-14, 2018.  

The deep understanding of the self and connection with your inner-self will further strengthen your bond if you are a Yoga practitioner or a teacher. Come on an odyssey of re-discovery with our yoga experts Lea Schodel and Ranjith Vallathol. Lea is a wellness consultant from Brisbane, Australia, who is presently helping women across Australia to lead a balanced and more fulfilling life while Ranjith is a Yoga trainer and an expert in clinical and ayurvedic nutrition. He is also an author, studying Sanskrit and an expert in ancient Indian philosophies.

Enjoy yoga and meditations blended with ayurvedic therapies and meals, discussions on vedic philosophy, yoga nidra, ancient rituals and a lot more amidst serenity and peace endowed by the nature at the holistic retreat. Come along on a spiritual journey of self-discovery on the land of sages to make world a better and a lovable place to live. The 7 day/8 night stay will cost you $1,997 AUD/$1,557 USD/€ 1,357 EUR.


The Alchemy of Ascension

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by April Bender via integrated Overself

I wish to clarify today, the concepts of ascension and ascended mastership. There are many illusions and misconceptions concerning these ideas floating around your world and this bears many subtle shades of influence on the actualization of individual and planetary ascension and therefore, needs to be properly clarified. So let us dive right in.


What is the definition of ascension?

Entering the Golden Field of Love: Eclipse Season Energy Report

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 What do you wish to say about the energetic space many are experiencing this month?
As infinite intelligence, we represent the higher selves as a collective of knowing of the souls as one oversoul on planet earth. See, in your mind’s eye, a golden quantum field of knowing, represented by a symbol which represents love in the form of knowledge.

All souls wish to be immersed in this infinite field of love, which is who they truly are. They/We want to bring this to earth and have chosen to do so; they want to graduate from cycles of suffering. The symbol mentioned is your personal symbol, a key to access this golden field of love. The cycles of suffering represent personal and collective karma of cause and effect played out over aeons. And we assure you, speaking for all of you from you that your higher selves are united and collectivy choosing to shift. Do you feel the intensity, the changes within your being? Do not take this personally. See it with neutrality as the waves of change shift all life including each one of you.

Do you not see the signs of change? The signs which include so many people that are leaving the planet? Do you notice the signs of the intensity are becoming greater as greater light is embodied within all life? Your biological anatomy, your physiology is being affected greatly. Your lives and selves are becoming different on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.


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