18/2 Full Moon Workshop Invitation

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The Moon Goddess


Beloved Readers,

Next Week on Tuesday its the Full Moon! Before each new Full Moon Workshop Daniela and myself say "Wow this is amazing! How does it get any better than this?", and yet it does! Time and time again.
We have both been bowled over by what is coming through and it's as though the Masters converge on us with new ideas every month!

Self Respect

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Afford yourself respect! Give yourself the time of day! Don’t just rush through your day without a thought for the greatest part of you that is waiting patiently in the wings for you to acknowledge its presence. Don’t you know that without connecting to your divinity you are losing something vital?

Your Divinity, aka Me, can assist you in maintaining a high profile in your energetic field of resonance – which would help you to connect into all that you are hoping to accomplish right now. How can you ever hope to accomplish your manifestations without Divine assistance? Do you not know that in order to manifest a certain desired outcome it is imperative that you cast your net wide! If you insist on only focusing on the finite world around you, you are missing out on a great deal of energy that you can put to use, that would assist you in manifesting your dreams in a heartbeat (and with a smile!).

Beloved, you are not alone here in this physical incarnate experience. I AM with you and I desire an audience with you! Please come into My court now. I await Thee with arms stretched open wide!

I love you!

Archangel Michael card readings

Valentine’s Month Card Reading Special

Thank you! Namasté ~ Deborah Faith



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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

February, the month of Love….Love is in the Air ~~ This Aquarius New Moon embodies the energies of Love….for all!  This New Moon highlights Community, our tribe, and all humanity.  It can show us the big picture of how we can make the needed changes in the world by using the power that we have within our Tribe’s, our Communities and Humanity for loving Relationships of all types…across the Earth.   Signifying that the whole is always greater the then the sum of its parts.   It is saying that our coming together in our communities etc. ….can change the world!  This Aquarius New Moon is also about movement and action!  The energies are quite chaotic and a bit volatile out there, and it is time to visualize what you want the world and your future to look like.  It is time to move….time to take action….on your own and within your communities!    

February 4th  is also the Chinese New Year (in Chinese astrology) which occurs with the first New Moon after the Sun enters Aquarius.  This is the Chinese New Year of the Pig.  All though  I am not well versed in Chinese Astrology…. I am told that the year of the pig…..highlights a steadfast patience, fertility and great tranquility.  That the Pig appreciates money and food and they are known for enjoying tangible success.  It also has a feminine influence as there is a dedication to others…feeding and nurturing in abundance….a year of Goodwill!

The Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse Stargates

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Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse


The Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse Stargates


This Aquarius Full Moon/Eclipse is accompanied by three StarGates that are the first in a series to open the input of the ascended realms into the New Earth as she is ascending, and to prepare for the next series of ascended StarGates.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very Super-Charged/Super Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Leo Full Moon ! The Full Moon is sitting with the North Node in Leo and the Sun (part of the Full Moon) is in Aquarius sitting with the South Node, Mercury, Pluto and widely with Saturn!  Wow!   That is a lot of focused energy added on to this Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Super Blood Moon!   I will explain what this could mean later in this report.  The energies you have been feeling and that you will continue to feel over the next few days…… will feel a bit chaotic, revolutionary, intense, unsettling and at the same time…..there will be the energies of fun, love and the Big Heart!  It is time to hold on and be open to any changes, transformations, and inspirations that may be brought to you at this Super Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse/ and Leo full Moon.  It is a  major time for you to release the fear energies and all the old that is no longer working  for you or vibrating where you are now vibrating……in all areas of your life!  Remember that these energies are not only affecting you…..they are also affecting the world, all humanity and the Earth herself!! 

This Lunar Eclipse will be visible across all of North America and South America.  Eclipses happen when the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the lunar nodes are within 18 degrees of each other…with this Eclipse they are only about 4 degrees apart….which makes this Eclipse quite strong.

In the CST zone the totality of the Eclipse (not the beginning of it) will start at 10:41 pm and the Maximum Eclipse at 11:12 pm (this is when moon will turn rusty orange or red in color), and the totality of the Eclipse will end at 11:43 pm.   There isn’t another Total Lunar Eclipse until May of 2021.

The Angel Scrolls

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We are an organization that provides direct evidence of a connection to the spiritual world that others can witness. My name is Ryan (aka The New Adam Kadman) . I am the founder of  where we are just beginning to evolve in a new age of spirituality. It all started almost 20 years ago,  when I began to document a high amount of context in budgies speech. After researching and having 3 budgies, that developed full blown speech, they began communicating with hidden messages. Over the years I have developed a system that  connects and channels heaven through their speech that others can hear as well. All you have to do is listen and be open to receiving these incredible messages that are sent in a  miraculous way.    We have a direct line to heaven and the budgies are providing humanity with answers from God and testimony from his angels that will help us have a better future.  I am currently working on 70 presentations that provide proof that the angels are communicating in budgie speech. Currently we are at lesson 9. Here is the 1st presentation, with a link to others if you are interested.

All Warriors of the Heart Called Up Posted on January 14, 2019

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Wow, here we are in 2019! This year has opened with a fatigue that flattened me. The energies streaming in have shut down my mind in a new way. We are being recalibrated, upgraded, rejuvenated. I know….it feels like anything but that. Yet my heart holds the knowing in a flame of trust that burns ever bright.

My mind will not process much beyond this moment. If two things, or more, present themselves, my mind turns into a fuzzy screen, like a tv not yet tuned into a channel. All I can do then, is breathe and stay present where I am. Those around me, have to adjust to the fact that I cannot even reach from morning to afternoon, no less plans for the next day!  I trust my higher self to register all and alert me when needed. I have done this for years now and it has worked well for me. She keeps dates and notices for me and pings me with an alert at the right time. Thank goodness!


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