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Dr. Angela Barnett


I have added a new Album that would be well to use together with  the Cosmic Seals Activation Set titled COSMIC ASCENSION.


This album, BLUE DIAMOND MOON, contains the light and sound communication from the MOON and EARTH Grid Masters, who is actually God Himself, singing through me in God Language.


Dr. Angela Barnett


Transformative Cause of Assembly

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Transformative Cause of Assembly


We wish (Portend) to actual changes (Make Changes) that have occured in the Past, by allocations of Quantum Targeting (By better terms which should come about in the Future, these words should change accordingly “The Terms” Namaste).


Core Exchanges of the groups which are connected (In which we are connected To or Towards “With Intent” and for Purpose). There are advances which are keeping us in a cylindrical propositional feedback grid, which allocates data (Intelligence aka, consciousness/Frequencies/Vibratory states - Adjustments) by portended changes which have happened in the past. Now we can come to a conclusion (Conclude How) this has happened in the past. This Being, The here and now, to “There” (Was concerned by the effects of things that happened in the past while shifting in states of awareness through multiple structures of channeled material - “Read on Out” from within).


Gathering Intel, for the Knowledge Implied within the 5th Book

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Here came great excerpts from the summed up (Amount) of informational grid tracks (Downloads) - Acquitted for Beings of Higher technological Mappings.


The requirements of what is disposed or displaced (On occasions) can become abrupt, by decision making, and also allowing for different feeds (Allocations) of Frequency emissions, Equatorial to changes in transparent modulations held by A, or captive intents/Movements.


The captive Intents are the problematic understandings held from our genomes augmentations (In day’s to Come) - There is great, and many problematic Understandings which may be held from ingrained Idealistic principles of thoughts… Which by exchanges (Sharing this content) we can allocate data in precipices of your advances to a higher malleable state of being, or incorporated structure for well being and hyper dimensional shiftings upon delocalized spaces of existence.


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Message from the Archangels of Mercy ~ Faith, Hope, Love and Charity

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Dear Readers,

Last night as I lay in my bed, the almost full moon peeked through my open windows and shone her brilliantly clear bright light into my bedroom. I’m already feeling the effects of her loving Light and the effect of the upcoming eclipse. Whilst the brilliant lunar energy brings into our awareness all that misappropriated energy which is ready to be embraced with Love Light and Gratitude, the alignment of the Eclipse brings us into a greater awareness of our connection to Source, and into greater alignment with our Christed Hearts.

What an immense blessing this is for us right now as we approach the new month of February! I have a simple affirmation I wish to share with you that I know will help you to receive this energy with ease and grace:

“I open to receive in joy and gratitude, and with much love, the beautiful crystalline frequencies of Light!”

That’s it! It’s important to be OPEN and in JOY. Just the utterance of these words create a shift within your energy field and you will find yourself smiling and relaxing. The energy is powerful and if you are resisting for any reason, you will feel tense and discomfort in your neck, and shoulders, and most likely experience an aching head! Keep your diet light this next week, the energy needs to flow, and also drink lots of water. Water is not only cleansing, its conductive nature helps the new incoming Light frequencies to take effect, be integrated.


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Cathy Lindsey - AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology

This Capricorn New Moon is a powerful one…..with 6 planets all sitting in Capricorn….and 2 planets (Pluto and Venus) sitting right with this Capricorn New Moon.  This is a lot of Capricorn energy.  One thing that Capricorn is asking us to do is to stay out of fear and turn our heats and our feelings (Venus) toward transforming (Pluto) our future goals….regardless of how radical they may seem.  Manifest, meditate….so important with this Powerful Capricorn New Moon!

These energies will continue to ramp up as we move towards the Leo Lunar Eclipse/Supermoon on January 31st and the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius on February 15th.

Capricorn rules the government, the military, the banks, corporate America etc.   Capricorn is about integrity, respect, maturity and to have the discipline to be able to focus on your goals, both worldly (the mountain goat) and for your Spiritual Soul growth (the fish tail). Capricorn is the sign of the Initiate!  Capricorn is about structures and the “old.”   So during this  New Moon…..we are being asked to let go of the “old” that is no longer working….purge….clean out…..and move away from people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating.   Get rid of things that are not working for you anymore.  Do all of this with Compassion….and in the kindest way possible.  You are building a new structure… and it is You.  Build it with the highest vibrations you can and let go of anything that isn’t part of the new structure.  Capricorn is about mastering the material world…while embodying integrity and respect!  It is about where we have earthly ambitions that we eventually replace with our Spiritual Service.

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Message from Matthew
January 14,  2018
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is joyous to see so many of our beloved Earth family starting off the year with confidence and optimism—you shall see this approach is merited as the pace of developments starts to hasten. As much as we wish that everyone there had an uplifting outlook, we know this is more difficult for some than for others.


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