March 1st 2018 – VIRGO FULL MOON

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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey


This Virgo Full Moon….is quit the powerful one!  As we know….we are in a very intense time period!  The World seems a little confusing and quit chaotic right now.  Lots of conflicts, anger and accusations daily just about everywhere you turn.    Actually these energies, even though they can be disruptive and chaotic…are putting things right in our faces so that we have the opportunity to make decisions/choices……as to what we need to purge in our lives and in society, and what we need to keep.  We have just come out of 2 very powerful Eclipses…shaking up our psychic, our physical bodies, our communities, and the Earth itself.   There have been  Earthquakes, tornados, floods, lots of rain/snow and crazy swings in temperatures, over the last several weeks… is just a lot of energy for the Earth and everyone to handle.  Remember that the energy and activations from the 2 Eclipses last month will affect us for the next 6 months in many different ways.   We are also beginning to feel the shift in energies as we approach the arrival, in about 3 weeks, of the Spring Equinox.

With this Virgo Full Moon and Piscean Sun…there will be a blend of logic (Virgo) and Illusion (Pisces)…along with a pull between living good and temptation….with some wild and sudden responses.  One of the wonderful things that this Virgo Full Moon brings us….. is the many opportunities for releasing, shifting and Healing!

How to tame your dragon!

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Dear Readers,

Earlier today I was having a conversation with Michael and he asked me what I want right now, and basically I told him what I'm going to tell you....

I have a passion, a yearning, to help people. I want them to know, and feel the love and the peace in their lives that I feel. I want to help them dissolve their fears, to put them into perspective and to see that fear has no power over them. I want them to know that they are so much more powerful than they think and that fear is really a minuscule part of themselves which is caught up in the long shadows of doubt and uncertainty. I want to show them the true Light of their Soul, and help them feel divine love that is a million times stronger than human love. I want to introduce them to their Soul Family and prove to them that they are not alone! I want to guide them out of their anxieties and fears and into the corridors of freedom!

I want to tell them to watch “How to train your dragon”, a kid’s animation movie that teaches self-empowerment and how what we perceive sometimes to be our biggest fear and greatest enemy is really nothing to be feared at all!

The Presence of Stillness

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by April Bender

Since the passing of my beloved grandmother this past fall, I've had many opportunities to re-explore the vast nature of Stillness. Subtle and mysterious, unfolding and enfolding, centering and spacious, encircling and spiraling away. . .choosing to dance with the presence of Stillness offers us passage through the many gates of inner and outer awareness.

How to deal with obstacles and negative experiences in your life

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Dear Readers,

I read a small book the other day called “Sons of God” and it’s about gratitude, about expressing gratitude for everything, the good, the bad and the ugly! This can be difficult because we naturally oppose that which we don’t like to feel and experience. But when we can look at those things from a higher perspective, from the perspective of the Soul Self, instead of our panicky and judging small ego self, then we can learn from them and not oppose them. This is called being the Observer as opposed to being the Victim. It’s like the bad stuff just wants acknowledgment from you, for your part in its creation. It’s like its saying to you “LOOK AT ME!! Stop opposing me, stop resisting me!” Once we can do that, we can move past it, and give thanks for the experience it gives us, without being drawn into its drama. See?

So we say to the negative experiences and obstacles which we don’t want in our lives, “Thank you for showing up!”, and “Yes, I created you and I am grateful for the experience you have given me, but I am not you, I am Light! Therefore I can now release you into the Light of Love, into That Which I AM!”

Enough!!! It is enough. Please, let there be no more suffering!

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Dear Readers,

Divine Love is the ultimate healer, and will mend all broken hearts. That much I know for sure. Divine Love is the glue that holds everything together,  the fabric of the universe is held together through the Love of the Divine.  I know also that through forgiveness, we set ourselves and others free to feel the Love of the Divine work its magic in and through our hearts. A hardened heart cannot feel Divine Love.

In the words of the Prophet Isaiah "They shall beat their swords into plowshares...". I Google'd the phrase this morning and to my surprise found there is a wall with these exact words inscribed upon it across the road from the United Nations building in New York, in the United States of America. 

I believe that these words apply not only to nations but to ourselves as individuals also. When we stop the killing among ourselves we will find peace as nations and in our World. I pray that day comes soon...

Let there be no more need to point fingers, and no more need of judgement either, for it is in our understanding already that whatsoever we do unto ourselves, we do to each other, and vice versa. For remember,  there is no other in the eyes of God, we are all One.

Happy Love Day!

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Dear Readers,

Every day is a celebrated Love Day in the Higher Realms!

What this means is that you can celebrate love every day if you will only elevate your consciousness into the higher realms. The higher realms are not ‘out there’ someplace, flitting about in the ethers! They are within you, right here and right now!

Yesterday, once I’d finished a private channeling for a client, I noticed my energy was still soaring higher than I’d ever before experienced. I lay down to enjoy this blissful experience which cannot be adequately described with mere words. Nirvana perhaps? Why label it anyway? It is LOVE in the highest frequency that I was able to feel at that moment, which thankfully stretched into a rather l o n g moment!

Now for the first time I understand why Lord Adama has said that when a channel has had the privilege of communing with a higher dimensional Being that for at least 2 hours afterwards, the channel can still enjoy the blissful energy of that Being by remaining in a state of stillness and openness and receptivity within. And the same goes for the client receiving the channeled messages because there is precious energy in those words!! And the energy remains there for as long as you are open and receptive to feeling it. Many clients have told me every time they read their written channeling, sometimes months later, they still feel overwhelming love and peace infiltrate into their being! The same is appropriate for live and recorded channeling.


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The Great Cosmic Ascension COSMIC INTERSECTION


Dr. Angela Barnett


The music in this  Album weaves the seven seals in the body out into the Cosmic Waves of the Cosmos and beyond into the Great Unknown of God's Eternal Dream that was created from His Eternal Energy. This Eternal Energy was woven into Light that intersected all creation in all forms, all dimensions, all realms into One Eternal Light that glows brighter and brighter each time a new emotion is created.



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