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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 21, 2015

By choosing to focus on the essence of what you want, rather than what you do not want, you will masterfully pave the road toward those desires. By seeking the essence, you will allow the universe all the room it needs to deliver to you the greatest possible match, which you may not have even been aware of, or able to imagine. It is like giving free reign to a trusted artist to create whatever they want, because you know their work is beautiful, divinely inspired and always delights you. That is co-creation at its finest. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday March 20, 2015

Dear Ones, why not stop for a moment of appreciation for this magical moment in time? Thank yourself for choosing to be on the planet, participating in the grand shift of the ages. You are doing such a magnificent job! Thank the other human beings, who like you, are courageously being the ground crew. Thank the planet for giving you a world to experience. Thank the animals for their loving and pure energy on your earth. Thank the earth and the plants for providing sustenance and healing.

Thank the planets, for wonderfully aligning to support your growth, evolution and service. Thank your guides and helpers, your ancestors, your angels, the masters for their consistent, encouraging and loving presence in your lives. Thank Source energy, for it’s unconditional love, endless wisdom, beauty, glory and expansion (and recognize that you are a vital part of that love, wisdom, beauty, glory and expansion, as well.)

Feel the appreciation that exists for you and all you do. There is magic in you and all around you. In your appreciation of self and all, you only make it shimmer all the more beautifully. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 19, 2015

During intense energetic times, it is common for people to become aware of emotions coming up. They may feel frustration, anger, irritation, sadness, depression, anxiety. Dear Ones, do not let this make you feel you are not “spiritual”, are somehow broken, or have lost the progress of the work you have been doing diligently for so very long. It is simply another wave of energy leaving you, and your beloved planet, which is exactly what these energies are designed to do.

Rather than seeing them as a bad thing, we recommend treating it like a parade. If you become aware of an emotion that is not your norm, wave at it merrily as it passes you by, secure in the fact that it will not be staying. The releasing process can be joyful!

All that is happening is even more room is being made to receive the light codes that are flooding your planet, moving you ever upwards in the glorious enlightenment process you are all participating in. These are exciting times, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 18, 2015

Dear Ones, a reminder that sweet and tender self love and staying in the Now are absolutely vital to navigating intense energies such as you will be experiencing this week. All great changes are navigated one right Now moment at a time. Staying vigilant about your self care by listening to and honouring what you need emotionally, physically and energetically, is what will allow you to best harness the gifts of these times and minimize any discomfort. Remember, these are the times your soul has been excitedly waiting to experience for so very long. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 17, 2015

Giving, receiving, and heartfelt appreciation for the experience of both, is the trinity that supports the flow of abundance. Each one is a vital aspect, equally important to the balance of the whole of the abundance model. It is your ability to seamlessly shift into each of these aspects that will move you into a joyful dance of service and co-creation with the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 15, 2015

Flow is navigating your life from a place of surrender, alignment, supported movement and ease. We find it interesting that the very thing that can get you where you want to go, is the one thing so many of you resist so mightily. Let go and let flow sweep you to your highest potential, which is always where your soul wishes to be. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 14, 2015

Dear Ones, just a reminder – words hold energy and intention. One word affirmations are one of the best and fastest ways to adjust your own energy. If you are tired, perhaps you could use the word “energy”. If you are anxious, “calm”. Keep trying on words until you feel like you’ve found the perfect antidote to the energy you are trying to shift out of, and repeat the word with your inner voice as needed. Working your own energy does not need to be complicated at all. With a little bit of awareness and a willingness to experiment, you will very quickly find simple fixes that work remarkably well for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday March 13, 2015

What if all obstacles in your life were suddenly removed? Stop and consider that. What would you do?

Have you come to expect struggle? Have you come to believe that your body will never be fully healthy? Have you resigned yourself to anything less than the highest potential?

Dear Ones, open yourselves up to wonderful new potentials! Release the self imposed caps you have created for yourselves. Expect a flow of better and better and that is what you will get.

Start to live as if – as if your healing, your abundance, the love and support you crave, are already taken care of and assured. As you do, you will release your blockages and start to change the flow of energy in your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 12, 2015

So many of you are reaching for a state of perfection to gain some sort of approval. But what you are not realizing is that you have had our unconditional love and approval all along! If you can settle into an acceptance of that truth, you will start to relax and BE, and express yourself from the place of your own divinity, which will make all the difference in how you treat yourself, and others. Get off the merry-go-round of looking for the approval you have always had, and start to live according to your own beautiful, loving, giving, accepting, tender soul, and you will find the sense of joy, satisfaction and peace you’ve been looking for. ~Archangel Gabriel


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