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Daily Message ~ Friday January 9, 2015

Not everyone is going to understand or support your path. That is okay, Dear Ones, because you already have all the support you require built in, in the form of your internal guidance system, your higher self, your guides and helpers, and the universe itself, that only wishes to support whatever you desire. While we understand it is nice to have the support of those who are physically present, they simply do not have the vantage point of what is right for anyone other than themselves.

What if the greatest artists of your time listened to their critics and stopped painting? What if your great explorers let fear hold them back? What if the great inventors of your time, at a low point, listened to the people who said they were wasting their time? What a different world you would live in!

You all add, each and every one of you, to the beauty and intricacy of your planet by following your own paths, your own passions, your own talents, your own purpose. Your contributions are necessary, and amazing, and offer so much more than you realize. To hold back is to deny yourself and the entire world. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 8, 2015

Unconditional love for self – tender, accepting, nurturing, inclusive love for all aspects of self – is the most powerful step towards the enlightenment and unity consciousness you desire. It leads to the wholeness and acceptance you are seeking, which then allows you to recognize, experience, support and celebrate the universal whole.

You are, each of you, a powerful movement of one, collectively shifting the whole. Never underestimate the impact of the love you give yourselves, Dear Ones, for as it fills you, heals you, and flows through you, it is fueling the revolution of love on your planet in the most spectacular way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 7, 2015

When you choose to let your true self lead the way, your path then becomes a reflection of who you really are. When you make choices based on what honours, uplifts and matches you, your love relationships and friendships become much more open and joyful. When you choose employment that matches your interests and talents, your work becomes joyful. When you spend your spare time doing things that match your true passions, your spare time becomes joyful. Do you see? It doesn’t take special blessings from Source to live a life that is infused with joy in all areas. Source always wants you to be living your highest expression of self! It simply takes you being authentic and loving yourself enough not to settle for anything less. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 6, 2015

Dear Ones, what if you gave up efforting and forcing, and instead tried being and flowing? Because if effort was the secret to your success, you’d all be living the lives of your dreams right now, wouldn’t you? We see you try tremendously, falling down and getting up, time and again, and going back to a system that really doesn’t provide consistent and satisfying results.

When you be and flow, you are harnessing all of the universal supports available to you and using them to assist your creation. Everything is moving in the same divine direction. Have you ever had an inspired idea and flowed into it? Did you notice how quickly it came together, how it manifested with excitement, joy and ease? Many of you have experienced that magic, yet go back, out of habit, to your old way of efforting, rather than flowing.

We are here to tell you that you can live from that place of supported creation. It does not need to be something you only experience sporadically throughout your lives. You can create that same magical combination of elements whenever you like by employing the operating system of surrendered and flowing co-creation, and start to live a life that is far more productive, and enjoyable, than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday January 5, 2014

The beauty of the flow is that it will always bring you to what you need for your growth, healing and expansion. This takes all the guess work out of things for you. There is no need to continually search for unhealed bits of yourselves, for things to release. If you are in surrendered movement and there is something you need to address, you will become aware of it in the perfect time and way for it to be healed the greatest ease possible, and then you’ll be off to your next great adventure. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 4, 2015

Dear Ones, it is through embracing your connection to Source you are able to experience your own limitlessness. If you are feeling exhausted or hopeless, and that you have nothing left to give, it is a sign that you have been trying to go it alone, to use your own singular energy to navigate your life. Connect back into your home base and recharge! Tap into the eternal, healing flow of Source energy. From that place you will see you have all the love and support you could ever need to move forward and express your true fullness of self. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday January 3, 2015

Your body requires air, water, sunshine, healthy foods, vitamins, minerals, and movement to thrive. Your soul requires connection, beingness, peace, love, flow, and joy. The combination of all of these are required to be of shimmering health, balance and wholeness. As your thoughts turn to health, wellness and positive change as you consider the new year, remember to accept, nurture, and appreciate all parts of yourself as being necessary for whole health. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday January 2, 2015

We can’t help but notice that two very important words to you – guidance and abundance – contain the word dance. When you see these words, think of us extending our hands to you, inviting you to dance with us. We are here, always, to guide you and co-create with you, in a myriad of ways. All you have to do is accept our invitation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 1, 2015

So many of you enjoy doing rituals to ensure a beautiful new year. While every day is ripe for creation, we understand this day is symbolic so we would like to suggest something to you. Why not write a love letter, to yourself, outlining all the ways you will love and cherish yourself in 2015? Love is the way you will create the life you dream of, and it all starts within, which is something so many of you struggle with. Make the sacred commitment right now to love, honour and cherish yourself all year long, in as many ways as you can think of! From that completely fulfilled place, you will then be well primed to do, give and experience everything else your heart desires. ~Archangel Gabriel


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