The Creator Writings

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Have Faith

My beautiful light…I know there have been many, many times where you wanted to sit down, head in hand, and say “I can’t do this anymore”. The amount of strength it took to drag yourself back to an upright position could have impressed a world class weight lifter. In those moments, it is My wish that you remember that it will not continue forever, there is always help (even if you have to ask for it) and you are always loved beyond measure! I have faith in you! All I ask is that you have faith in yourself. ~ Creator

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Focus On The Love

There are many things designed (consciously or otherwise) to keep you in fear. It is completely up to you to choose to stay in that fear or to realize on a very deep level that you are protected, cared for, loved, supported and cherished by The Universe. Even though there were times where you did not feel it, it has always been and always will be there just for you. Focus on that Love and the rest will take care of itself. ~ Creator

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Think, Create, Act

Reflections and ripples of other lives flow into yours, they are not yours. You do not exist in the same world as in investment banker, a crop-duster or a mother in India.  Yet some of you choose to take on the beliefs of everyone else because it is safer, more comfortable and there is less self-responsibility involved.  If you are focusing on others, there is never a reason to focus on yourself and your own inner work.   What you are doing and how you are living is no one else’s “fault”.  You think, you create, you provide action….own it! ~ Creator


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