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There will always be those that run around proclaiming, “There is fear!  There is fear!!  There is FEAR!!”  And, in their fear, they will attempt to control parts of society and the world with “no’s” to everything.  The fear, OH, it can be so appealing and feel so safe especially when the mass consciousness is being influenced.
My beautiful, beloved child; now is the time to ‘buck the system’!  Be at peace, be joyful, be loving and most of all be one of those that joins in the chorus of, “Here is light!  Here is Light!  Here is LIGHT!” ~ Creator

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I Made A Mistake

In the course of your Earth-plane existence, there will be times when you inadvertently hurt another.  Some of you may continue on, pushing whatever negative feeling has come up, and act as if the incident never occurred.  Some of you may keep hurting others, even after the knowledge has been brought to your attention, to further your own agenda. 
For the growth of your soul, it is best to admit an error when it has been made. Fully owning the truth of the situation gives you and the other person time to process and release any negative emotion that may arise.  Remember, it is okay to say you have made a mistake.  Integrity is, and always will be, one of your finest assets. ~ Creator

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Do Not Hesitate

Some of you will sit and wait for others to tell you what the future will bring.  Some of you may sit and wait for another to tell you when your ‘soul mate’ will arrive.  The issue is… are waiting.  If you choose to sit and wait, the things that you most desire will always be just out of your reach.  
Take heed, beautiful soul, the most amazing accomplishments in your world may never have happened if those pioneering souls waited for them to arrive.  Today, you are invited to participate in your Earth-plane.  One smile, one hug, one conversation or one random act of kindness has the potential to change your very existence.  Do not hesitate…..DO!


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