The Creator Writings

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Find Beauty

Beauty is not based on outward appearances, size or color. It is not something to attain or maintain, instead it emanates from within. It is in how you treat yourself, how you treat others and most certainly the attitude you have chosen to adopt during your growing time. Even the smallest, most mundane moment can have extraordinary beauty if you look closely enough. Find and recognize your beauty today! ~ Creator

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Forgiveness….An Act Of Peace

Mistakes, lapses in judgment, ill-timed words to others and bad decisions….these are all part of being human.  You did, after all, come here to learn and grow in your emotional self.  For those of you that choose to dwell on these things; my darling, please forgive yourself!  A sincere and heartfelt “I’m sorry” can begin the healing process.  Whether it is said to the person you feel you have wronged or spoken silently to The Universe, the release of the guilt and shame of the situation has the ability to free your soul and make you a more peaceful person.  Do not deny yourself the opportunity of forgiveness.  It is one of the most important gifts you will ever give yourself and others. ~ Creator

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Your Power

Power can be a challenging word for you to understand.  The human language has taken its beautiful meaning and morphed it into something dangerous, frightening and enslaving.  Your power cannot and will not harm others unless you have set your intention to do so.  Being powerful and standing in your power is one of the most important things you will do in your lifetime.  To create, to manifest and to love is the end goal of it.  Anything other than that is an untruth.  Embrace your power knowing it is Creator given and grow! ~ Creator


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