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It Can Be Changed!

My beautiful light, I have a gentle reminder for you; expressing a negative emotion changes that emotion.  If you express fear, it changes fear.  If you express sadness, it changes sadness.  If you express anger, it changes anger.  The issue is not in the expressing, dear one, but in the “holding” of the emotion.  If it is expressed, it can be changed! ~ Creator

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7.5 Billion Ways

During this time of healing and awakening, it is very important that you respect the processes of your brothers and sisters.  That does not mean to support when your view is counter to theirs.  It means letting them move through whatever they need to move through in their own way.  Some of you may feel fine while others need to embrace their darkness, be angry about it and then move back toward the light.  Keep this in mine, dear child…..there are 7.5 billion ways of dealing with a situation.  Not one is completely right or wrong, it just is.  Give each the room to negotiate emotions as they see fit. ~ Creator

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Be Ready

After an emotionally painful experience, it is not uncommon for you to retreat to a quiet space and ‘lick your wounds’.  This is very human!  When things do not turn out the way you had planned it is important to remember that you are still connected to your brothers and sisters both in times of peace and in times of conflict.  My darling and beloved child, take your time in your quiet space and do what you need to do.  When you are ready, come out and be ready to affect the change you agreed to and were sent to do. ~ Creator

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There will be times when you will feel let down by those around you.  It is an inevitable part of being human.  However, the ‘letting down’ part may not come from the other person’s actions.  Instead, it is due to an unrealistic expectation from within.  It may take a while, dearest one, but look at the situation that generated the feeling.
Self-examination is one of the joys…and pains of existing on your Earth plane.  (Smiling)  It may not always be pleasant, but it is a needed part of your growth and learning. ~ Creator


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