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A Valid Fear?

Fears have their basis in one experience and you are the one that perpetuates them into an imagined reality. Getting caught up if the ‘what ifs’ create an endless loop of stagnation that hinders your growth. If you allow yourself to release this, step out of your comfort zone and reach into a new reality you will find most of your fears are not valid at all. ~ Creator

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The Compassionate Heart

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is listen.  If someone is willing to open up to you about pain in their lives, it is not necessary to know exactly what is going on…..they may not be ready/willing to speak of it directly and that is their choice.  The best thing to do is hold space for them without judgement and without ‘digging for dirt’ or details.  This, my child, is the birth of a compassionate heart. ~ Creator

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Now More Than Ever

Each of you has a special gift that only you possess.  It may be an act of physical strength, compassion, the ability to hold space for another or listening.  You have had this gift since childhood, always considered it a part of who you are and, maybe, have taken for granted the fact that it is unique and unlike any other.  Today, you are invited to revisit that gift and begin to show it to the world.  It is needed now, more than ever! ~ Creator

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Time To Stand Up

Now, more than ever, your kindness, compassion and empathy will play a huge part in shaping your world.  Over the next few weeks, the energy of your Earth plane will begin to change dramatically.  The things that appear to have gone missing in your everyday interactions will be needed more than ever.  Look at it as a counter balance, if you will.  For every moment of hatred, violence and disregard an equal amount of the softer side of human behavior will be needed!  It is time to stand up and begin your due diligence. ~ Creator


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