The Creator Writings

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Your Purpose?

You may have been lead to believe that ‘finding your purpose’ is the be-all, end-all of your Earth plane existence.  Not so, my child!  From the moment you were born, you have actually been living your purpose here.  As a student, teacher, observer and participant in life.  Please remember to release the focus on that one thing and know you are indeed living! ~ Creator

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The Moment

My love, it is time to change.  Yes, I can hear/see your eye rolling, sighs and quiet exclamations of “Again?”  Please remember, you were born at your specific time to assist!  It does not have to be a huge earth shattering move. It can be soft and gentle, starting with one thought at a time.  Triggers will come and go and it us up to you to choose to react or not. Stay in the moment and know your vibration will always suit and fit the experience.  ~ Creator


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