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You may feel you have an ordinary life.  You move through your ordinary day, go to your ordinary job, see your ordinary friends and family and go home to your ordinary residence.  But, in the course of what you feel is an ordinary existence, something magical is happening….
As you move through your day, you smile has lighted the way for someone ‘just not feeling it’.  As you are working, you have done something that has changed to course of your life.  When you visit with your friends or family, your communication may have moved them to become a better person.  When you walk through the door of your home, your presence has filled the space with a peaceful and loving feeling that does not exist anywhere else in the world.
You may feel ‘just ordinary’, but you are far from it.  Just being who you are makes your Earth plane extraordinary. ~ Creator

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You Are Invited….

Do you desire to have more peace in your life?
Are you ready to change the things you can’t seem to change?
Do you need help with your relationship?
Are you perpetuating self-sabotage and/or destructive patterns?
Do you need some guidance in choosing the most productive path for your life?

You are invited to start 2016 with a clean slate and make this your ideal year!
Costs are as follows:
$60 for an hour
$45 for a half hour
$30 for a two question e-mail reading
Space will fill quickly so book soon!
Please contact me here or at

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A Moment Away

The space between: what you are and what you are to become, what you have and what you will receive, how you think and what you will think in the future is all just a moment away. Be comfortable with the resting spot you’ve chosen. The upward progression of the soul need not be fraught with slings and arrows. It is, after all, only thought. ~ Creator


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