The Creator Writings

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The Right Choice

Being spiritual does not give you a free pass out of or away from using common sense, practicing integrity or being honest with yourself and those around you.  Please remember; your ‘gut’ can always be your guide.  If it does not feel good in your body, then it most likely is not the right choice. ~ Creator

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It Will Happen

My dearest child…. there will be times in your life when you feel disheartened and disappointed.  Things may appear to be unfair as well as unchanging, even disastrous.  Do not lose heart!  Even though you may be experiencing these things now it does not mean they will continue indefinitely.
When you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a step back, breathe deeply, close your eyes and imagine the direction in which you truly want to move.  You may not see a change immediately, however, with positive thought and action, the change will happen. ~ Creator


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