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Permission To Be Human

There may be times where you are in a ‘not so good’ space.  Even when your intentions are good, it feels as if nothing makes sense and all is out of place.  When this happens, please remember, it is OK to feel disappointed, upset or angry.  Do not punish yourself for it.  At times, it is necessary to let these feelings out safely to move them out of the way and make room for happier things and thoughts to arrive.  You are human, give yourself permission to be one. ~ Creator

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Your Part

During every key point in your Earth’s history, there have been a few that have affected change in a huge way.  Some worked quietly behind the scenes, others put a face to whatever revolution was going on and still other risked life and limb for it.  Now, right now, is another such time on your Earth plane.  Whatever you choose to do during this time is up to you…..just know you are here to change the world. ~ Creator

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Let It Be

On your journey, you may feel as if you are falling behind.  Everyone else is catching on faster, attaining more, doing more, feeling better and adjusting more quickly than you.  My love, please release the need to ‘beat up on yourself’!  You are exactly where you need to be!  Remember, while you are looking at others and comparing yourself to them, others are doing the same with you.  Each has their own pace and way of doing things.  Let it be. ~ Creator

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What Memo?!

You have made plans for your life, you know which direction you are moving, you do your best to stay happy and treat your sacred vessel accordingly but, sometimes, The Universe has other plans.  Prior to your arrival, you and I had a conversation.  There were certain things you asked to experience, but some of you may have ‘misplaced the memo’. (Smiling)
Because of this, you may feel as if you are being punished…..I do not do that.
You may feel I do not hear you or you are being ignored….I do not do that either.
Your experiences and your journey are just that, yours.  It is a co-operative effort between your soul and The Universe.  Keep the lines of communication open and, even if it was not what you were intending for yourself, remember that you are always learning. ~ Creator


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