The Creator Writings

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What Am I?

What do you think I am?
I am the quiet voice of encouragement when you need it most.
I am the feeling of love that comes over you when no one else is around.
I am the forgiveness you finally allow yourself.
I am the joy in the connection with others.
I am the laughter that comes from nowhere.
I am that moment of accomplishment during what you feel is your worst day.
Notice, embrace and know I am with you always. ~ Creator

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It Just Is

Love is love. It just is. Love knows not why it was created or why it exists. It’s only purpose is to flow throughout The Universe and envelope each and every one of you in its embrace because you are no different than the stars, planets or any other living thing on this Earth plane; you deserve and are designed to attract love. Do not turn your back on the wonderful gifts it has to offer you. ~ Creator


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