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Am I Really?

There will be times when what others say and do will make you doubt your connection to The Universe and Unconditional Love.  These are the moments when you need to step back, feel into the situation with your heart and ask for guidance.  Please keep in mind that what you feel is true may not be the case for others….and that is okay.  However, if you move through your life with pure intent and transparency, you will have nothing to doubt or fear. ~ Creator

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Sending Love Into The Darkness

I’d like to preface this with the statement that this is the answer to a very specific question I asked Creator.
During the course of your existence, you may encounter other humans so deeply mired in their own story, agony and negativity that they cannot and will not see the positive around them.  All they have ever known is chaos, darkness and mayhem.  Seeing anything beyond that is dangerous.  The ‘dark things’ have kept them safe for so long, they refuse to release it.  What do you do?  My darling child; as much as it pains….. aside from sending Love, there is not one thing you can do.  Sometimes, the compassion that speaks the loudest is when you say nothing at all. ~ Creator


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