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Yes, you have made mistakes.  Some may seem ‘horrible’ and or unforgivable.  But, it is very important to remember, my beautiful child, that a mistake is the way your soul learns and retains valuable information.  Every single person on your Earth-plane has made at least one.  (Smiling)
The very first step to learning from and changing a mistake is forgiveness.  Forgive yourself then release the guilt and shame attached to it.  This is your opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.  Acknowledge, release and love yourself for the wonderful thing you are doing for you! ~ Creator

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Remembering The Plan

Have you ever wondered why you are doing what you are doing now and why you are the person you are in this moment?  Before you arrived, you were given a choice as to what you would experience, what things you would learn and shown the infinite choices and outcomes of each decision you would ever make.  You knew you had to opportunity to change anything in the blink of an eye simply because you wanted to.  Now is the time to remember this!
So, if you ever find yourself questioning when your soul mate will arrive, what your life purpose is or when your current hardship will end, know that a ‘basic outline’ is already in place and any situation will change if you so choose.  You are an amazing manifestor…you do have that ability! ~ Creator

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Stand Strong

My darling and beautiful child, you must remember to believe in yourself.  Other may attempt to tear you down, make you feel less than, try to change your way of thinking and/or violate your boundaries.  It is up to you to stand strong in your truth and know that The Universe is beside you every step of the way.  ~ Creator

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You Are Loved Regardless

Has someone removed you from their life because you will not let them violate your boundaries?  I know you were expecting a better outcome, child.  I know that you were hoping and wishing for respect.  I know it hurts and that it is painful to understand that they would give up easily rather than adjusting their paradigm to meet yours.  Take heart dear one and know, those that have no respect for themselves cannot begin to respect others.  You may not be receiving love from the source you have sent yours, but you are loved. ~ Creator

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Making a Difference

As you move through your day you may never know that….
you are a guiding light to someone in emotional need,
you are an inspiration to someone who may have ‘given up’,
you are a source of someone’s joy,
you are the example to others of what happiness and peace looks like.
The Universe has placed you exactly where you are, doing what you do, living the life you are living for a very specific reason.  Please remember; even if you feel that you are not making a difference, you most definitely are. ~ Creator


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