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Enjoy The Ride

You begin and end at the same place in your Earth plane existence.  At the end, you are a little wiser, a little smarter and a whole lot more emotionally mature.  It is important to remember as you move through your life that happiness and trials will come and go.  Every experience you move through has something to be gained from it.  Enjoy the ride, my beloved.  It was tailor-made especially for you! ~ Creator

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Embrace Your You!

While you are attempting to fit in, change yourself to become more acceptable to society at large; you are allowing the beautiful things that make you unique and a little weird (in a good way) fall by the wayside.  Go ahead!  Dance in the street, laugh out loud, smile at strangers (because they really are not strange to you at all) and enjoy your Earth plane existence.  Why rely on what others deem ‘appropriate’….you are you!  Embrace it with gusto! ~ Creator

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Facing Your Impossible

During the coming days and months, you will be confronted with things that, in the past, you felt were impossible.  This is your chance, my darling one, to change!  Do no run away from, turn your back on, or make yourself blind to the fact that it is there and staring right back at you.  Face your impossible and conquer it! ~ Creator

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The Roller-coaster

New, huge and sometimes challenging changes are upon you.  I know that you are feeling wobbly, a bit out of control and, for some of you, it hurts both emotionally and physically!  During your changing time, please remember that you are not alone; take care of your body, your mind and treat yourself gently.  Even though it may feel like a roller-coaster ride, know that all you are going through now is preparing you for your new role in the new world. ~ Creator


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