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The Light In The Darkness

There may be times in your life when a situation is so challenging that everything will narrow down to one pinpoint with that experience as the sole focus.  The endless darkness of that moment will seem to go on forever; no light, no hope, no love.  My beloved, please remember that even in your darkest times The Universe is there, walking beside you and holding a beautifully bright light.  To be drawn from the darkness, all you have to do is turn your head and look at it. ~ Creator

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Worth The Effort?

In the coming weeks and months, you may be presented with experiences that will trigger your most negative emotions.  In those moments, you will have an opportunity to truly look at whether they are truly worth the effort.  Yes, you can give in to them or you can step back, take a breath and say to yourself, “I choose to be loving even in the face of fear”.  Remember, you are the creator of how you feel, how others see you and how you see yourself. ~ Creator

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Take A Stand….In Love!

Dark times, deeds and actions will happen on your Earth-plane.  Sometimes it will appear to have no rhyme or reason and, in other instances, it will seem as if it is a deadly arrow pointed directly at the heart of Love.  Do not abandon hope!  Now is the time to stand, embrace and send Unconditional Love where it is needed.  Remember; the light of The Universe always finds its way back, shining more brightly than ever. ~ Creator

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You have something to teach. You have something to learn. Many of you believe that they are two different things.  They are wrapped together in a spiritual dance of intertwining energies. Everything you learn, you will eventually teach and every time you teach, you learn something new. ~ Creator

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Your Pastels Of Peace

Your world will always be colored by your perceptions.  Right or wrong…..there it is.  (Smiling)  Do not be dismayed by this, my beautiful child, because it is what you came to your Earth –plane for.  However, with time, the colors will become more transparent.  The blacks and whites will fade, the hot reds and envy greens will not matter as much and the deep blues will never be quite as deep as they were in the beginning.  And held in those muted, pastel colors is peace.  Remember, you are always as you should be….your amazing self. ~ Creator


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