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Be Someone’s Angel

Human connection is one of the most important things you will experience in your lifetime.  Your technological advances may make the world seem like a smaller place, but the majority of you feel more alone than ever.  Take some time today to reach out, smile, show a little love and acknowledge each other.  In other words….be someone’s angel  You may not realize it, but these very simple acts may actually save a life. ~ Creator

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Use Your Tools

There will be times when a situation is so overwhelming and feels so out of control that you may feel like giving up and walking away.  My beautiful child, unless the experience is unhealthy, do not give up!  Do…take a step back, do….take a breath and do….look at how much of it is really yours.  If you feel you need help, ask for it.  You have all the tools to change and grow, use them! ~ Creator

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Where Is Your Pain?

Where is your pain hiding?  Is it behind your positive attitude where it can never been seen or judged?  Is it under the motivation you use to keep from thinking about it?  Is it on the opposite side of that brightly lit corner of your mind where you will never have to look at it? Acknowleging pain is very important in your growth process, do not tuck it away.  If ignored, it will begin to take away small pieces of you as a way of getting your attention like a child vying for a parent’s affections.  “Look at me, see me, feel me, talk to me”!  Take some time to honor your pain.  Just like every other part of you, it is beautiful. ~ Creator


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