The Creator Writings

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Thought To Action

Thought/word/deed, imagination/creation/action or any other way you want to put it; this all equals a grand manifestation of what you want. Whether positive or negative, you WILL and DO create everything you experience. If you are experiencing a negative, change the initial thought/imagination to a positive. A conscious awareness will always bring exactly what you ask for. ~ Creator

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Those Beautiful Moments

Today you are invited to think back on all the beautiful moments of your Earth-plane existence; the sunrise that will never leave your mind, the first time you fell in love, the feeling that came over you when you truly helped someone in need….even the grief you thought would be never-ending finally passing into to a softer, more gentle ache is beautiful.  Now think ahead to what you have yet to experience.
You chose to incarnate to your world to live every single one of these moments.  Please, my darling one, do not let them go to waste. ~ Creator


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