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Fear Of…..

Sometimes, your past experiences influence how you live now.  When you have experienced trauma, you may subconsciously be moving through your life in fear….fear of that situation, fear of this type of person or fear of what may be around the corner.  It is important for you to understand that even though you may have experienced trauma/fear earlier in your life does not mean that those situations will repeat themselves.  It may take some time and patience, but please know and understand that you have the ability to change your fear based thinking to something beautiful.  You were strong enough to survive your past, it is time to fully blossom in your future. ~ Creator

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Releasing The Past

One of the most challenging things you will do as a human is letting go of things from the past.  What you have gone through may have had such an impact that you do not believe you will ever be able to release them to The Universe.  Even though it may feel as if you are leaving a good friend behind, it is necessary to trust that they will be taken care of for you.  Once you are able to do this, my beloved child, you will open new avenues of growth and learning and know that, throughout everything, you are protected and loved beyond measure. ~ Creator

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Your Choice Is Not Mine

There will always be people that may attempt to change your thoughts, force their beliefs into your paradigm or otherwise ‘burst your bubble’.
Please remember, beautiful child, that it is completely up to you whether you choose to accept their thinking or not.  You are each on your own path, having your own experiences and living the way you feel is best for you.  Honor each other’s lives as you wish yours to be…..this is exactly what I do for you. ~ Creator

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Love Your Choices

Your life always has and will always be filled with choices.  You choose when to celebrate, when to mourn, when to start living and, yes, even when it’s time to leave your Earth plane.  The one thing you must remember, my beautiful and beloved child, is to not find fault in other’s choices.  Just as you are given the gift of free will, the people you look at today are also given the same inherent right.  Good or bad, love your choices because they are one of the only thing you truly own on your journey. ~ Creator


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