The Creator Writings

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Manifesting Peace

Yes, I know there is pain, sadness and confusion.  There is violence, death and those that choose to act soulless.  Through all of this you are invited to remember; the Unconditional Love from The Universe never stops and, even in your darkest moments, it is there.  When you feel as if you will be engulfed by darkness, take a step back and breathe….breathe in the purity of that Love and know there are far more of you manifesting peace than those attempting to destroy it. ~ Creator

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The Right Choice

Being spiritual does not give you a free pass out of or away from using common sense, practicing integrity or being honest with yourself and those around you.  Please remember; your ‘gut’ can always be your guide.  If it does not feel good in your body, then it most likely is not the right choice. ~ Creator


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