The Creator Writings

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You have your own way of growing and learning.  What one person ‘gets’ immediately takes another person time process.  Just because you do not understand it….yet…..does not meant it is inherently wrong. Do not let your temporary ignorance of any given matter create fear and stand in the way of your full understanding of a situation or thing.  There are many thoughts to think, many ways to grow and each is as unique as the person who chooses that path.  Honor each as if it were your own. ~ Creator

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A Call To Action

While you are waiting for the perfect partner to show up, while you are waiting to be happy when a wish comes true… is happening all around you. You cannot continue as a casual observer…..your active participation is required! Step up, step out and begin decorating your own house. The Universe always provides miracles when you least expect them. ~ Creator


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