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Quiet The Chatter

There will be times when you ask a question of The Universe and it feels as if you are being ignored.  You ask and ask and still nothing arrives.  Rest assured, this is not the case.  The Universe is speaking to you all day, every day!  Today, you are invited to truly quiet yourself, turn down the volume on your everyday chatter and truly listen with and to your heart.  The answer is there. ~ Creator

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Infinite Choices

At the end of your Earth plane existence, do you want to look back and say, “Yeah, I coasted through, pleasing others and staying as small and quiet as I could” or do you want to say, “I went out, searched for and found life!  I said no when I knew it was not good for me and yes when it was.  I took chances that scared me to death and was happy for them afterwards”.
During the course of your time here, you are given infinite choices that results in an infinite number of lifetimes….choose well and choose to live, my child! ~ Creator

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Your Best Advantage

During your challenging times, please remember this; before you are guided to teach others, your own negatives will be brought to the surface to be cleared.  This is not for The Universe’s amusement; it is a preparation!  When you are in service it is necessary for you to be as clear as possible so that you can effectively help others through their own clearing.  Use these moments to your best advantage! ~ Creator

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What Matters?

Beautiful one, it does not matter if ‘they’ like you, it does not matter if ‘they’ approve of who you are and most certainly does not matter what ‘they’ say.  If you choose to live your life with honesty, integrity and kindness….that matters.  You are you, you are amazing, you are blessed and you are loved by your Creator! ~ Creator

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It Starts With You

What an interesting human loop you create with respect. Some demand it without knowing what it truly is or how to give it. Receiving respect starts with you! Once you are able to show yourself respect, you will automatically give and, in return, receive it. Remember, my beautiful child, it always starts with you. ~ Creator

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It is time to reestablish the human connection.  So many of you walk through your Earth plane existence tethered and tied to inanimate objects, searching for meaning and missing pieces of yourselves in small screens.  Yes, it is a wonderful tool and helps you learn and see more than ever before, however, it also cuts you off from ‘real time’.  Today, you are invited to be in and experience your life!  Lift up your heads and see!  If not now, when? ~ Creator


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