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A Ripple In Love

Each one of you experiences great moments that you do not know are great until you have time to think about them.  You have reached out many times in love, service and emotional assistance and, with each act of kindness, you started a ripple in humanity that continues on today! 
Each one of those actions sets in motion a great wave of love spanning the Earth on which you live.  In giving, you are also opening the door to your receiving…..and each act of receiving could very well be that one great moment in time you started. ~ Creator

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In The Arms Of The Universe

In the near future, you will be given a choice to go into and feed the fear of impending doom or remain peaceful in the face of supposed danger.  My lovely child; if you remember where you came from and where you will return when your Earth plane existence is concluded, there will be no reason to ‘buy into’ the chaos around you. 
Continue your beautiful journey, know that there is joy in every single moment of your life and always, always hold the belief that you are loved beyond measure and cradled lovingly in the arms of The Universe. ~ Creator

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A Shoulder

When a person experiences a challenge tragedy or loss, one of the most common questions will be, “What happened?” Curiosity can help you attain knowledge and grow, but sometimes there is no room for it.  Asking for details does not benefit or help the person moving through grief….it is for you only. Please remember; if an individual experiencing pain approach you, put your ego aside.  They have come to you for a reason.  Your only job is to hold space, offer a shoulder and to commiserate with them if necessary.  Allow others to heal in their own way just as you wish to heal in yours. ~ Creator

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Make The Most Of It

Before you arrived, each of you agreed to the things you would learn and the length of time you would be on your Earth plane.  Occasionally, the experience of linear time makes the challenging drag on ‘forever’ and the happy seem too short.  Regardless of how you are moving through them, please remember these moments are the reason you chose to be here now.
The true beauty of the situation is this; you never have to experience any of it ever again unless you want to and, in the grand scheme of things, your life happens in just a blink of the Universal eye.  Make the most of it! ~ Creator

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Co-Create With Me!

You are given a choice, you are always given a choice.  I will say this again in a different way, “You choose!”  Many of you believe that outside forces dictate where you go, what your life will be and where you end up.  The ultimate gift of free will, something that was given and can never be taken from you, is yours.  When you view your existence in this manner, you will begin to see exactly how many opportunities are available to you.  You are not a victim of time and circumstance, you are a creator and co-creator! ~ Creator


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