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Self Love Vs. Loving Another

You may reach a point when you have to choose between love of self and love of another in spite of yourself. One reclaims your power, the other gives it away. What you choose is ultimately up to you and how you want to live the remainder of your existence on your Earth-plane; empowered or enslaved. ~ Creator

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The Way….

Do not ask another to do what you will not do.

Do not ask another to be what you will not be.

Do not ask another to live how you will not live.

Do not ask another to give what you will not give.

You must be willing to do these things for yourself first before you can request them of others.  This is the way of the truly honest person. ~ Creator

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Jennifer Farley on No Ordinary Psychic Radio

No Ordinary Psychic Radio and hosts The Celtic Psychic Cassandra Larsen and Rubbizfire are pleased and to welcome back Jennifer Farley. Would you like to be closer in communication with God/ Universe/All That Is?  ThetaHealing helps you develop direct communication with The Creator. Jennifer is an author, ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor who travels world wide teaching classes and spreading the healing arts and techniques of ThetaHealing. Join us and listen to how ThetaHealing can change your life!

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Some of you may spend your time appeasing others, walking on eggshells, attempting to keep the peace or holding yourselves back for fear of being judged.  Stop, take a moment and really look at those situations with another’s eyes.  Is it really necessary to do all those things just so those around you will be what you perceive as comfortable?  The majority of the time your thoughts on this will be deceiving.
Why not be yourself? Dance in public when no one else is dancing, laugh out loud, smile at strangers (because they really are not strangers), be kind because you feel like it and quiet when you do not.  Be true to yourself because you are the only you you have! ~ Creator


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