The Creator Writings

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A Call To Action

While you are waiting for the perfect partner to show up, while you are waiting to be happy when a wish comes true… is happening all around you. You cannot continue as a casual observer…..your active participation is required! Step up, step out and begin decorating your own house. The Universe always provides miracles when you least expect them. ~ Creator

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Is it one of those days, my beautiful child, when even someone saying to you, “Yes, I understand” makes you want to scream, “No, you don’t!  You’re not me!”  You are not alone! When the not so good stuff comes up, let it. Yes, it can be challenging.  No, it might not feel all that good.  But, once it is up and out it is not coming back. Always remember; you are in the process of becoming a better person every moment of every day.  Keep releasing! ~ Creator


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