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Amerika – Behind the Mask

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GFP Note: We are sharing this for your awareness.
As always, please use your discernment.

And remember this is nothing to fear, ever.
The illusion, along with the cabal, is dissolving.

Love Wins!


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Before It's News - 12/01/13, by Zen Gardner

Riding The Turbulence

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Before It's News - 11/26/13, Zen Gardner

The Shift is here. So many new people are experiencing the stepped-up strange changes and shifts in perception it’s amazing. Time seems altered, perception seems to be slipping. Many are feeling almost drugged by it.It’s moving fast. It’s not easy to describe but the effects change perception, your sense of timing and energy, and some are even sensing physical earth changes around them.And it’s all good!…that is, unless we resist the change.

Trends Now Appearing

I’m seeing some very interesting trends in the past few months in light of these changes, both inspiring as well as disconcerting.

On the surface, some of these trends seem to contradict each other, but really they’re manifestations of the same vibrational change in the midst of the mounting matrix clampdown, and we have to see them as such. These daily and even hourly choices remain choices for each and every one of us.


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NOTE BY NANCY:  Americans, do you want to see a better world for your children and for people around the world?

If your answer is “yes,” we need to recognize that we have been deliberately dumbed down and have no real idea of our true history.  We need to forget all the bickering and competition between political parties and intentionally learn about the dark cabal.

Why?  Because—thru our ignorance—we play into the hands of those who control every phase of our lives, who own us and our children, and who have no intention of allowing us to move into the Light and create a world of peace for our beloved children.  While we sleep, we willingly behave as our own Slave Masters!

We desperately need to WAKE UP and recognize this group.  For as long as we resist waking up to what is truly happening in the United States and on our planet, the world will continue to suffer … you will continue to be enslaved.

Message from The Earth Allies~ Revealing Love and Truth Fulfills the Prophecies~

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The Following is a Repost of Valuable Truths for Humanity Right Now! Original Post February 17th 2013  

We are in the Moments where all of the Real Prophecies of Love and Truth are Being fulfilled.


This is being accomplished by a vast Light Network of Pure Truth Energy arriving via the Internet, that is contagiously spreading across the Planet. This energy is assisting in the Complete Unification of Humanity with Mother Earth=Heart. This is Required as Mother Earth Moves into the Galactic Center.

Humanity is in the Midst of the Transformation into Spirit, and this is Inevitable.


When it was stated that The world would be destroyed by fire, this was actually true. What this means from a Higher Perspective, is that the world, which is an illusion, in the Light of Humanity Awakening into Love, would dissolve, cease to exist. The darkness is being removed~dissolved by the Light of TRUTH. Through the sharing of True Information and Being Love in action, dissolves the illusion. This is the event that is in Process of unfolding right now.


Energy Update November 2013

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by Matt Kahn

If the past few months have been a strange mixture of energies, I hope to put your mind at ease. Last night (11/17/13) signified the end of an old, outdated 3D cycle, which allows today to celebrate a brand new cycle without the imprinting of the third dimension influencing your experience. For most lightworkers, ascension is imagined as an act of stepping into the 5th dimension. While this is true, it is not just a journey into the 5th, but an opportunity to watch the 3rd dissolve, as well. Over the past few weeks, many outdated timelines that carry the 3rd dimensional vibration have been released out of your field. As this occurs, any soul contracts that needed to be fulfilled were rushed to the forefront of your experiences. This may have looked like revisiting old behaviors just to squeeze every last tidbit of insight out of a pattern that no longer is present in your field.



The Event ~A Higher Vibration that is already waiting for you !

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Blossom Goodchild channels latest message on the 'Event' from Ascended Masters from the Federation of Light

(and the Federations comments are in bold). 


What ho chaps! Back again! I have been RIDICULOUSLY tired these last few weeks ... anything to do with what's going on, or is it just 'normal life'?


We would send cheering greetings back to you and as always it is exciting and endearing to be within your company once again. The tiredness you are experiencing ... and indeed many ... is far more than the average day- to- day exhaustion! The energies that ARE to enter are of such magnitude that even as 'they are on their way' ... they are causing many to have this side effect ... of the sudden and overwhelming desire to sleep. Within that sleep there is much downloading taking place for one is 'almost' aware that they are not asleep yet deeply 'elsewhere'.


ALL THIS is preparation for the EVENTS that are to come.


Higher Self: On Embracing Change

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Higher Self and Eliza:  On Embracing Change

This morning, I received some lovely comments in response to my latest journal entry, 11.23.2013.  As I replied, I felt or “saw” an inner image and these words came forth:

“And I am getting the image that while you are solo now; you won’t be for long, for each of you is a beacon of light in the place where you live.  It won’t be so much as what we have known as a group, with a leader and follower.  Others who are coming online will simply recognize your frequency level and be attracted to your light, not to take it away but in order to lift up their own.  It will come from a deep intuitive knowing.  It will be a sacred thing and will unfold naturally like the petals of a flower responding to the Sun.  You only need to hold your neutral center and be who You are in as much fullness as you can manage.  You will surprise yourself, too, for as the Light increases, so will the love and it will be through Love that you gather together, not to survive, but to thrive and to heal the earth upon which you stand, along with the elementals, celestials and light beings. “

James Gilliland ~ The Upcoming Shifts

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ECETI November 20 2013

We have been receiving some incredible information about the upcoming shifts, some from a 9th dimensional being who, when asked what system he comes from, told us we have no reference points so it does not really matter.

These shifts peak just after Thanksgiving and just after Christmas. As in all waves they have an ebb and flow or a build up, the peak, then integration. When these waves move through the various grids and fields of energy life will not be the same. The energies are exponentially increasing, each wave building on the other.

The Sun is going to be very active – agitated by the incoming comets, the alignment with Galactic Plane, Alcyone and Sirius. Unity consciousness is the end game along with Universal Law. Those who cannot align themselves with these new energies are going to have a real hard time.

It is time go get back to basics. It is time to choose to be kind and loving. It is time to set boundaries with those who choose not to be kind and loving. The separation and greed game is coming to a close. Those who willingly participate in actions against Humanity and the Earth or serve those of lesser integrity will experience the same fate as their “superiors.”

Selacia ~Selacia’s 2014 Predictions ~ 20 November 2013

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Selacia2014 Predictions

The Year to Step into Your Authentic Power: What’s New, What’s Continuing

by Selacia

Of all the recent years to date, 2014 is the year when you will feel a ceaseless urge to become more empowered and more skilled to cope with a world in the death throes of an unprecedented paradigm shift.

It won’t feel like a coasting year to you, and it won’t be. Not that you really want to coast along in life – as a divine changemaker you truly want change and the new opportunities it brings. In fact, your destined role is to be at the forefront of society’s transformational changes. In that role, you wouldn’t be happy standing back as an observer, complaining and acting as though you had no power to co-create the new more loving Earth you want.

What You Want Now

From Heart, Light and Soul Blog~Clearly Our Souls Are In Agreement

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Don’t know why but I hesitate to post this one.  It feels a bit uncomfortable to share but if nothing else, I am open in this arena, so here goes.

Last night I dreamt about laying in bed, naked, uncovered, and asking my husband if he was going to join me.  He did, we kissed but decided to stop and then rolled apart.  Here I am, naked, and there was nothing between us.  It was obvious neither of us was interested in continuing.  There was no interest, no passion, no feelings at all.  We knew it was over.

Now, awake, it seems different, at least for him.  For me, it’s the same feeling as in the dream.  A huge lack of interest in continuing.  However, if I gave him a chance right now to his face, he would jump at it I know.  So apparently, it’s a soul thing for him to end this relationship.  His human self is still catching up.  I assume he will do that beginning the last week of December when I tell him what’s going to happen next.


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