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CDC issues flu vaccine apology: this year's vaccine doesn't work!

(NaturalNews) The following video from Gary Franchi of NextNewsNetwork reveals the shocking admission by the CDC that this year's flu vaccine doesn't work.

From the video:

For the first time we can remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are going on the record, saying the flu vaccine won't work this year. The warning comes just before the busiest part of flu season, in January and February. Unfortunately, there won't be any refund for any of the patients or insurance companies who spent money on flu shots earlier this fall.

But don't worry. Just when you thought perhaps the CDC could boost their credibility, they found a way to put a sales pitch on the end of their warning. The CDC says if you do come down with the flu, there's a cure. It's just going to cost more money. Money that will end up profiting pharmaceutical giants, GlaxoSmithKline and Roche. CDC officials are urging doctors to prescribe two specific antiviral medications for any patients who come in with flu symptoms.

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Mega-Corp Using GMO Ingredients Forced to Drop “100% Natural” Labels

In the latest battle within the food industry over what to call and what not to call “all natural,” mega-corporation General Mills was forced to remove the label “100% Natural” from more than 20 of its products, including its Nature Valley snack bars and crispy squares. This is yet more evidence that the food movement is having a much-needed impact, even on mega-corps such as General Mills

According to the settlement, General Mills has agreed to stop using the term “100% Natural” on any product that contains more than 0.9 percent of synthetically produced ingredients. These ingredients include things like high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, sodium bicarbonate, and more. Even more importantly, GM says it will no longer use the all natural label on products containing more than 0.9 percent of genetically modified ingredients.

Interestingly, Consumer Reports found that more than half of Americans believe that “all natural” means genetically modified ingredients aren’t used. What’s more, 8 out of 10 consumers believe “natural” means were not used to make the food, and that no artificial ingredients are used.

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Another Young Boy's Epilepsy Cured With Cannabis Oil

A week after his eighth birthday, Forrest Smelser was diagnosed with epilepsy. On bad days he would seize every 15 minutes.

"If he has a seizure that lasts longer than three minutes, we're venturing into brain damage territory," his mother Tanesha said.

After numerous trips to the emergency room and the doctor's office, Forrest was prescribed the anti-seizure drug Trileptal. Tanesha said that's when things went from bad to worse.

"He would scream, he would fight, he would punch himself," said Tanesha.

She said the family reached a breaking point when Forrest became suicidal, something she believes was a side effect of the pharmaceuticals.That's when she decided to explore more unconventional methods to treat Forrest's seizures.

"Oil infused with CBD, medical marijuana," she said as she held a jar of medical cannabis pills from TJ's Organic Gardens, a Eugene-based medical marijuana farm with indoor operations in Oregon and Washington.

"I have my son again. He's not this fog of a child. He's not this angry child. He's my child exactly," said Tanesha.

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Celebrities Ditch Starbucks After Company Openly Supports Monsanto

I used to line up and get my latte everyday, but yesterday was my last one. ~ Neil Young

I, like Neil, have lined up at a Starbucks counter, waiting patiently behind ten people to get my caffeine fix. But there’s something that changed this habit. The coffee shop on every corner (there are almost 12,000 stores in the US) is helping to keep you in the dark about GMOs in your food and beverages. Recently, they have teamed up with Monsanto to sue Vermont over the recently passed GMO labeling initiative. What gives, Starbucks?

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Breaking Update: 13,000 Contested Ballots for GMO Labeling Measure in Oregon

Mike Barrett, Natural Society

Numerous media outlets have are reporting that the GMO labeling efforts in Oregon and Colorado have both failed. Though while the Colorado initiative did in fact fail with only 34.29% support, the Oregon measure is actually still alive. That’s right, through 13,000 contested votes and 15,000 uncounted, the GMO labeling measure in Oregon still has a chance.

Oregon’s GMO labeling Measure 92 was originally reported defeated thanks to Monsanto’s onslaught of more than $22 million dollars in negative ads. But contrary to these reports, it isn’t quite over. Right now about 6,000 votes separate us from winning Yes on 92!

Oregon Secretary of State’s office recently reported that that there were 13,000 contested ballots outstanding that we now have a chance to chase down to find out how the voter intended to vote.

Grounding Techniques

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Essentially, grounding is bringing ourselves back into harmony with our natural state by reconnecting to the earth frequency.  This process balances our present moment awareness between the body, mind and spirit.  It helps energy flow within us to a greater degree.

It’s easy to become ungrounded when living in the city or with a life full of stressors.  When you’re feeling drained, disconnected, anxious, depressed or feel fatigued, it may be helpful to use some grounding techniques.

There are varying degrees of being ungrounded.  Here are some common behaviors that some exhibit:

  • Constantly going from one extreme to the next
  • Unwilling to take responsibility, “I dont want to deal with this!”
  • Avoiding long commitments
  • In the mind too much, overthinking
  • Shooting energy all over the place, depleting energy reserves
  • Spacey, unable to stay focused...

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26 Superhuman Benefits of Meditation

1. Insane Equanimity and Wellbeing

The first thing they looked at was Lama Oser’s left-to-right prefrontal cortex activity ratio. People who are happier tend to have a higher left-to-right ratio in terms of brain activity, more neural pathways on the left side of the prefrontal cortex than on the right side.

The happier you are the larger that ratio is. Also, left to right ratio predicts how quickly you will recover from stresses both psychologically and physically.

Lama Oser’s ratio was measured and compared to a sample of 175 people. He was quite literally off the chart.

This off the chart prefrontal cortex activity ratio asymmetry suggests insane levels of equanimity, well-being and resilience to setbacks.

But this is not the only thing they looked at in Lama Oser…

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Keeping the Seven Chakras Healthy

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t claim to be an expert on the chakras, but I’ve learned a little bit about them. I decided to open up and see what tips I could receive about keeping them healthy, and the words you’ll read here are what resulted.

I’m sure most of you know about the seven chakras, and we’re believed to have even more chakras beyond the basic seven that’ll come online as we continue to raise our vibration.

Chakras are literal etheric energy centers that bring through and interpret the creative energy of the higher realms, and we unknowingly use the energy that comes through them to create/sustain our reality and keep our bodies physically healthy.

Keeping our chakras healthy is as important as keeping our physical bodies healthy, and as our collective vibration continues to rise, more people will become aware of the chakras and the necessity to treat them the way they’re meant to be treated.

The Earth’s Magnetic Field and Consciousness

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Earth’s Magnetic Field and Consciousness

The magnetic field of earth is involved in a perturbation or morphing. This is taking place interdimensionally, and the net effect is incremental surges in amplitude or strength of the magnetic field. This morphing of earth’s magnetic field is like a wave that rises and falls very quickly, and the oscillations are minute, but distinct. This is having a very strange effect upon human consciousness, specifically your biological experience. Many people are experiencing an increase of exhaustion and weariness. (these symptoms are also caused by movements of energies from deep space as they pass through your galaxy and your solar system.)

But this (perturbation) is of a different category. This is caused by the magnetic field itself, which is responding to the deep energies from space. It is a response of the molten core of your earth itself; and the magnetic field is having a conversation with the cosmos, if you wish to think of it in this metaphorical way. Now, your science does not view things in this manner, but from our perspective the magnetic field is having a conversation with these cosmic visitors, the energies from deep space, which are, by nature, catalysts for spiritual evolution.

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Even More Toxic GE Crops and Herbicide Receive Approval

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Instead of taking a proactive approach to save the environment and human life, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently decided to deregulate Dow Chemical’s next-generation GE crops.

These crops are not only resistant to glyphosate, but also carry resistance to toxins like 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange, and Dicamba, which has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The chemical 2,4-D and other herbicides of this class have also been linked to:

  • Immune system cancers
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Reproductive problems

Then, on October 15, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its final decision to register Enlist Duo—a new herbicide manufactured by Dow Chemical, to be used on corn and soybeans genetically engineered to tolerate both 2,4-D and glyphosate.

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