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Shedding Light On Siberia’s Mystery Craters

Around mid-July of 2014, mysterious holes started appearing in the permafrost in the Yamal region of northern Russia.  One after another, the holes started showing up.  As for explanations for these mysterious holes.. No one really had any solid answers.  The theories ranged from meteorites to stray missiles to aliens.  After a bit of study, researchers found that there were unusually high concentrations of methane inside the first crater, leading them to believe that explosive methane releases from global warming were to blame.

However, when they found four more mystery craters, scientists believed that explosive methane releases were not the culprit.  One popular theory is the pingo.  A pingo is a plug of ice that forms near the surface of the Earth over time, but has a small mound or hill on top of it.  When the ice plug melts quickly, as they have been seen to do in such warm temperatures, there’s a good chance that the ground will collapse with it, forming a crater.

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12 Massive Sculptures Made of Recycled Beach Waste to Make You Rethink Pollution

Roughly 8 million tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans every year. It effects our eco system in a massive way as fish and marine life often mistake debris for food. Plastic and other garbage has become so rampant that a study found 25% of fish in California and Indonesia contained some sort of particulate pollution in their guts.

Plastic pollution won’t disappear overnight, but it can be used as a symbol to inspire people to be conscious of what they use and throw away. WashedAshore.org is a non-profit based in Oregon.

Their website explains:

The Washed Ashore Project is a non-profit, community-based organization with a mission of educating and creating awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art.

Check out some of their inspirational work below and remember to do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle:

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Runner’s High Is Essentially Like Smoking Weed!


When it comes to extreme and intense workouts, the high that comes afterwards is probably one of the most rewarding feelings that one can have after putting your body through endless activity. The reason behind this high is due to your body producing a neurotransmitter that allows your body to be relaxed. This neurotransmitter is essentially the likeness of smoking marijuana, according to this study that was published in PNAS.

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Lighten Up! 5 Signs You’re Taking Life Too Seriously

By Andrea Schulman | Raise Your Vibration Today

When I first learned about the Law of Attraction, it took me some time to lighten up. I had lived for almost 30 years believing that life was serious and that all of my decisions and actions were very, very important. However, when you’re taking life too seriously, life becomes hard and dreary. Spending every day of your life believing the stakes are high just makes it too hard to trust the journey and allow good things to come.

It might have taken me awhile to lighten up, but that’s ok. Though I’ve come a long way, I’ve come to learn that lightening up is a process that never really ends. While many days I consciously choose to take the path of least resistance, I still have others were I allow worry and control to seep back in.

The truth is, we always have room to grow.  Becoming more “enLIGHTENED” is an ongoing process that never ends. Each day we simply take steps that either bring us closer into alignment, or we take those that don’t, and we choose which direction we are stepping in every single second of every single day.

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Green Architects Design University Filled With Plants and Trees

All images by Vo Trong Nghia Architects/FPT University.

Many modern architects are turning a new leaf when it comes to design and the incorporation of plant life and vegetation within their structures. Apple’s new campus slated for construction in Cupertino, CA, is one example of the stunning new architectural ideas that will be realized within just a matter of years.  Apple isn’t the only organization that is commissioning stunning new building designs, however. FPT University, a private school located in Ho Chi Minh City, South Vietnam, hired a firm to design their new urban campus, and what their architects came up with was a mix of both urban and jungle design that they describe as “a blend of culture and sustainability.”

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Portable Wind Turbine – Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Close to Entire Goal in One Day

Living in a world filled with technology, it’s pretty common to find that most people nowadays have at least one or two electronic devices. It’s also pretty common to find that a lot of people are out and about, whether it be traveling or undertaking outdoor endeavors like hiking and camping. So, what is one to do when you find yourself on a backpacking expedition or camping trip and you don’t have the amenities of say, a generator?

Janulus, a company based out of Minnesota, has been developing portable wind turbines, and their Kickstarter campaign to raise money for four of their new models launched not long ago. They started out with a $50,000 goal, and within the morning of their launch had received $43,000. Apparently people think this is a great idea!

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3-D Printer Builds 10 Houses in 24 Hours for $5,000 Each!

If you haven’t heard about the recent innovations in 3-D printing technologies then it is likely that you have been living under a rock. While the initial idea and first prototypes of 3-D printers were created back in 1984, only just recently have they become standardized and widely available to the public. The basic premise of 3-D printing is called Additive Manufacturing (AM), which is the process of adding layer after layer of material, typically done by robotics and computers, to create 3-D objects.

There are several different 3-D printing processes that have been developed since the late 1970s. They were typically large, expensive, and very limited in what they could produce, but nowadays you can pick up a small 3-D printer that will fit in your home for about $350-$400, with various models and designs fetching a price tag up to $44,000+.

A Chinese company called WinSun, which is owned by designer Ma Yihe, has successfully created ten full-sized, detached single-story houses in one day.  This was in response to the growing housing crisis, as well as the increasing demand for economical and sustainably-produced living spaces.

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7 Tips That Will Help Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Have you ever met an empathic person? It can be quite the experience. Empaths are those who have the ability to read people’s energy levels. Some say that this ability is genetic, being passed from one generation to the next, so if you or a family member have experienced the ability to perceive and read the energies of others, there’s a good chance that you or a loved one are empaths.

Having the ability to analyze a person’s energy comes from being highly sensitive. You can scan their thoughts and feelings, and possibly even past, present, and future life occurrences. Having this ability doesn’t necessarily mean that you fully understand it, but you recognize that you are sensitive to other people’s energy. Correctly being able to perceive and mirror the energy of another person can be challenging, but it is a gift that allows us an added layer of perception.

These seven tips will help empaths and highly sensitive people navigate and cope with their ability, so as to not get overwhelmed.

  1. Schedule alone-time for you: Being alone allows one the space needed to release emotion, energy and stress.
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Why Do We Hate Each Other? 4 Misconceptions That Create Anger

By Andrea Schulman | Raise Your Vibration Today 

“I hate people!” It’s a statement I’ve heard many times, and one I’ve even used myself in moments of extreme aggravation! So many of us become easily irritated, upset and even angry over the actions and behaviors of other people. This begs the question: why do we hate each other?

I’ve seen people completely lose it over getting cut off in traffic. Shoot, I’ve even heard of people losing it simply from listening to other people chew.

On a more serious note, though, I’ve also seen lifelong friendships ripped apart over petty, insignificant misunderstandings. Why is it so hard for us to love and accept each other, warts and all?

Here are a few common misconceptions about reality that create anger and hostility between people. I’ve also included some suggestions on how to access our unconditional love, in spite of our human tendency to become annoyed, irritated or upset with each other.

Reason for Hate #1: We are unaware that people mirror our thoughts and beliefs

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5 Signs Which Show That Our Emotions No Longer Control Us

We’ve all suffered emotionally throughout our lives. Similarly, we’ve all experienced trauma, regardless to what degree it personally manifested. Yet once we become an adult, each and every one of us has the responsibility to alleviate our suffering and redesign our mind into a more functional and healthy state of existence.

When we’re born, we’re forced through environmental conditioning which will always have both its positives and negatives. Our greatest influences are generally our parents, followed by our peers. This ‘programming’ is also deeply embedded in the societal and cultural paradigms of our time.

When we enter into our early teens we begin to question who we are and the world around us with greater veracity. If our energy or inner fire strongly conflicts with how we’ve been ‘taught’ to live, then we’ll rebel heavily. In contrast, if we’ve been given respectful discipline and realistic information by our parents, as well as a really good opportunity to independently explore and create how we think and behave, then we’re less likely to engage the world in contempt. That’s because we’re much more free than others who have been forced into the box they’re in.


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