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Honouring the Trailblazers

by Jessie Klassen

As we are in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness that is sweeping our sweet little planet, why not take a moment and honour all of the brave souls, the “unsung heroes” who came here before us to assist with this shift and make it happen?

The empaths, the sensitives, lightoworkers, wayshowers, all those who were holding light and transmuting the dense energies so that others may awaken as well. These were the ones who were “awake” before the word “awake” ever had a deeper, more profound meaning.

For many years, they have been the souls on the “front lines” of this awakening.

Some were very aware of their role and courageously used their voice and called “bullshit” on the injustices and dishonesty of others as they were able to see through it all with crystal clear vision. These were often the activists and the leaders of social movements. They were those ahead of their time and established newletters such as this one, intended to wake the masses. And for many, they remained out of the spotlight and the world stage, choosing to personally guide those closest to them.

For many, either aware of it or not, they went about their trailblazing in a more subtle fashion, choosing to show the way for others by simply living their lives as the example.

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Leo Solar Eclipse: Revolution, Healing and Collapse of the New World Order

by Lance Schuttler ,The Mind Unleashed

Astrologer Laura Walker of has put out an 8 minute audio recording of her take on the Leo total Solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017 and why she believes this event will be supremely positive for the world and will further accelerate the downfall of the political/banking cabal.

The audio recording is titled “All Roads Lead To Liberty 2: The Recapitulation of Renaissance” and can be listened to at, seen in the upper right hand corner of the website. Below are highlights from the recording, though it is highly recommended to listen to the entire 8 minutes of it. 

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The Messages of Feathers

by Jessie Klassen

For our ancestors, feathers were a symbol of Divine connection.

As birds are able to fly high into the heavens, collecting feathers and wearing them in your hair or on your clothing, or using them in sacred ceremonies, were all practices that brought one closer to the gods.

It is also widely believed that finding feathers means that you are receiving messages from angels, or proof that they are near you, or that you are being watched over by deceased loved ones.

For myself, I never miss an opportunity to pick up feathers.  And as I have found, the more that I invite them into my life, the more that I find them, even in the most unlikely of places.

And it seems that we all have feathers gifted to us primarily from a certain type of bird.  This is so that we can be taught the lessons that this particular bird has to teach us.

Since I was a small child, I have been finding Hawk feathers.  Red-tailed Hawks are an impressive predatory bird that I have always admired.  They can be seen on hot summer days, effortlessly floating upon the air currents, high above the rest of us plodding around here on the ground.  They make flying look easy.  They fly with style.

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After Years of Decline, Finally Some Good News About America's Honey Bees

by Amanda Froelich, The Anti-Media

Because 90 percent of modern crops rely on pollination, honey bees are vitally important to ecosystems. Due to mites, pesticides, and a slew of other harms, however, the numbers of colonies in the U.S. and Europe have declined a staggering 90 percent over the past two decades. Fortunately, it appears populations of the bumbling insects in both countries are on the rise.

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The Power of NO

by Julian Rose

When one feels and witnesses the crushing affect of the status quo on all sentient elemental life forms, as well as on the great majority of human beings, one eventually reaches the point of saying “No, enough!”

Saying No comes before saying Yes, in the context of putting a brake on the slide into slavery currently besetting a great proportion of mankind. There comes a moment, in nearly everybody's life, when one makes a stand against some intolerable treatment which is being meted-out by the forces of control and subversion.

Almost any incident could spark-off the resistance: stifling and stultifying bureaucracy, the crazy behavior of a neighbor, criminal bank charges, the dictatorial behavior of the boss at work – any and all ways where the law is treated as a blunt instrument of repression. They all have a common source which centers around the deliberately oppressive, competitive structure built-in to our post industrial Westernized societies. One that crushes the humanity out of people. Although external in nature, the pressure builds and builds internally – until something gives – and one finally says “No! No more!”

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5 lessons from the Animal Kingdom

by Jessie Klassen

Nature has many wisdoms and lessons for those who are open to her teachings.  As children, we tend to be open to nature, but growing into adulthood, we can often fall asleep to our connection with the natural world.  Our senses become numb to the voice of nature as we go about our lives until we forget that there is an entire world right before our eyes just waiting to interact with us.

7 years ago I went through a major life change where I began to “wake up.”  Fortunately, nature was there, patiently waiting for me.

Animals are wonderful communicators and messengers who are more than willing to interact with those open to the possibility.  

Here are 5 of my most profound lessons that I have learned from the animal kingdom in the last 7 years.

Lesson #1

“Accept your spots”

Not surprisingly, this lesson came from a leopard that visited my dreams.  I had never had any previous encounters with leopards before, nor had I ever felt a particular kinship with them either.  Sometimes we just don’t know who is trying to help us or who’s lessons that we are in need of.

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The Importance of Acknowledging the Energetic Shift that came with the Solstice

by Jessie Klassen

As we pass through and beyond the time of Solstice, it is becoming easier to feel the energetic shift that happened during this special time, as well as make sense of the lessons that came with it.

Prior to the Solstice, and I apologize in advance for this, but for lack of better word, there was a real “yuckiness” to the energy that we were feeling.

The deepest, darkest wounds are clearing from Mother Earth and the entire collective.  We are like snakes shedding our dead skins, and this “skin shedding” consisted of and triggered feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, dread, hopelessness, despair, and depression.  Physically, within my family, we were experiencing cold and flu like symptoms, aches, pains, cramps, nightmares, restlessness, and even sleepwalking.

And just like a snakes’ eyes look cloudy when they are shedding their skin, our vision was also cloudy at this time.

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Honouring the Solstice

by Jessie Klassen

Depending on where you are in the world, the Solstice on June 20 will either herald summer or winter. Either way, there is always a shift that occurs within Mother Earth during the Solstices, and we are sure to feel this within ourselves as well.

Here in Canada, our days are getting longer and we are enjoying warm weather. Upon my farm, I can always feel the solstice approaching as the energetic intensity of the land amplifies dramatically around this time.

I live upon a ridge, which was at one time an ancient Native summer camp. It is situated between the Riding Mountains and Lake Manitoba, and was a great place for a settlement of people to spend their summer fishing, hunting, and gathering wild berries that would sustain them throughout the winter months.

My father grew up on this yard site, and he spent his childhood collecting arrowheads and old leather bags of pemmican from the nearby field after it had been ploughed. My grandfather had even found a buffalo skull once and donated it to a local museum. As a child, I remember the excitement I felt when I found a smooth rock that had been shaped into a hammerhead. I could feel the energetic imprint within the rock and when I closed my eyes, I could see the last person who touched it. I find this intriguing, because this was never something that had been taught to me. Children just “know.”

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Why a Spiritual Connection with Earth is Critical at this Time

by Jessie Klassen

Intellectually, we all know the reasons why we need to change our behaviours and attitudes towards our earth.

Climate change, nutritionally depleted soils, unsafe drinking water, disappearing forests and vanishing wildlife are all drastic repercussions of humanity’s actions.

Unfortunately, inspite of all of this glaring evidence before our eyes, most of the population is still walking around as though business is as usual.

Many are still attached to out- dated ideals and beliefs about how we do things, or are too unwilling to give up certain aspects of our lifestyle that we have come to believe are necessary to our happiness.

Or for many, they are simply unaware that there is another way to be. Society does not teach anything different than this.

The problem is that we are failing to actually connect with the earth that we are living on. Still seen as a “thing” that we happen to live upon instead of our mother who we are actually a part of.

If we approach the earth and nature from an open, spiritual perspective, we soon realize that our life upon this earth becomes an interaction and exchange with our surroundings. There is absolutely no moments where you will not be interacting and experiencing on some level or another that blissful sense of oneness with all that is.

Our illusion that we are separate dissolves.


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