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Homeless Activists Go Organic, Feed an Entire Shelter with Rooftop Garden

Steven Maxwell, Contributor
Waking Times

Every activist has read the increasing number of stories where homelessness is being criminalized, as if simply being homeless isn’t punishment enough. However, there is a rising tide among all walks of life that is beginning to view homelessness in a very different light.

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Man Uses Nature To Create Wondrous Works Of Arts - And They’re Stunning

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

The ephemeral beauty of nature is evident in these masterpieces.

One doesn’t need expensive tools to create works of art; it’s actually possible to materialize stunning designs with nothing more than gifts offered by nature.

British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy has proven this truth numerous times. Renowned in his field, the artist creates temporary installations out of sticks, stones, leaves, and pretty much anything else he finds outside. As the photos below convey, he can transform ordinary objects into beautiful masterpieces. The best part? They’re free to create and to enjoy.

Before Goldsworthy received his BA from what is now the University of Central Lancashire, he grew up working on farms. His father was a mathematician, and this likely inspired Andy to perceive the beauty that is present in nature.

He told The Guardian:

“A lot of my work is like picking potatoes. You have to get into the rhythm of it.”

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Sold a Lie

Stop Watching the Show – Manifest a Vision of Truth

by Julian Rose

'The show must go on' as they say in the theatre. And indeed, so it would appear. Only this particular show seems to have no beginning or end. The curtain never comes down; there isn't even an interval in which to draw breath and stretch one's legs.

It's a 24/7 bonanza, and the cost of a seat is almost certain to put you out of pocket.  In spite of which, the auditorium is full of expectant faces staring up at the unfolding scenes and drinking in the drama being staged for their consumption.

So few actors, so many spectators. Yet the actors hold the attention and the spectators soon forget that they are in a theatre and have paid for their seats.

We are all at this performance. Its setting is planet Earth. The actors strut around feigning importance, playing the role ascribed to them by the writer of the script and the director of 'the show'. You know who they are – you see them everyday on TV screens and newspapers. A few are quite convincing, and like most actors they feign true sincerity and then pause for the applause.

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7 Layers Of The Pyramid A Metaphor For A Better Society - TruthTheory

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

One of the things I noticed in Peru was a lot of the art and sculptures had 7 levels, working with the theory of 7 which states it is a near useless number in terms of counting, but very significant in terms of cycles, I found this interesting (YOU CAN READ MORE ON THIS HERE).

So while many pyramids around the globe don’t have 7 levels, the great pyramid of giza (Khufu the most well known over the globe) has 203 levels (although some say 210), which is a multiple of 7 29×7 or 30×7 which has some significance, but could be interpreted many ways but I have written about this in the past (YOU CAN READ AN ARTICLE ON THIS HERE) Also when you add the 2+0+3=5 which represents what you might call the god from within, godly consciousness or the collective consciousness. If it is 210, my interpretation which would make sense would be 2 becoming 1 or duel, becoming singular, meaning that the pyramid is a portal to become whole or find oneness or to connect to the only singularity there is which would be what one might call god, but you could also call this energy or the collective consciousness or Allah or any other label we add to this divine force. It can be a scientific force it does not need to hold religious connotations. But is the same thing, viewed through a different eye.

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3 Ways to Heal a Divided Trump America – Awake Free!

by Jeff Singh,

Ever since Trump won a divisive presidential election, the battle lines are being drawn through cabinet selectionsprotests, the media and internet.

No matter where we turn, on our TVs, social media, and conversations, we are surrounded by political rhetoric.

How are we going to survive with our sanity to work together again and make progress as a nation?

For that matter, how are we going to survive the holidays? Cause, you know, everybody’s got friends and relatives that are going to let you know how they feel.

While it’s pointless to argue over fixed beliefs, we could instead, connect on deeper concerns.

Many have called for Trump, Hillary, and other leaders to step up and address the division earnestly.

Sigh, (deep breath). Seriously, take a deep breath right now.

We’re not here to wait for leaders to dictate how we live our lives.

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Finland Will Become The First Country In The World To Get Rid of All School Subjects

By Jess Murray, Truth Theory

A revolution is coming for schools in Finland in the form of a destruction of all formal school subjects.

The head of the Department of Education in Helsinki, Marjo Kyllonen, has announced that he believes that the way children are taught now is based of a style that was a benefit to students in the beginnings of the 1900s, but now is no longer relevant and beneficial to our modernised way of learning. He strongly believes that our needs have changed and so we need to adapt our teachings to match with our new way of thinking and developing.

The huge changes will involve the removal of school subjects from the curriculum, as proposed by Finnish officials, which will be replaced by the study of individual events and phenomena.

This means that students will no longer have individual classes on subjects such as maths, geography and history, but will instead study an event, such as the Second World War, from the perspectives of maths, geography and history.

There is even a proposed course called “working in a cafe” which will provide students with skills on the English language, economics and communication.

This new system, which is due to commence in 2020, will be introduced to students at the age of 16, meaning that after completing their initial broad subject studies, they can then choose for themselves which particular event or phenomenon that they wish to study, based on their interests and future prospects.

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Ho’oponopono: Healing For Ourselves & Our World

by Ulonda Faye , The Mind Unleashed

We live in a world that is guided by the universal law of cause and effect.  What we as individuals, groups of people, communities, societies and countries put out into the world through our thoughts, manifests. What we put into our collective consciousness has an effect. The cause being the thought. Everything is energy.  All things have an energetic effect. We are all responsible for the shape of our lives and our world. We are all connected and bound together through this principle. When we hurt one another, whether intentionally or not, it is truly important for us to find forgiveness and healing.

“I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

This is Ho’oponopono. These four sentences. It is a healing tool we can utilize for forgiveness. At this time, we may offer it to our newly elected world leaders, friends, family or a situation such as the turbulent US presidential election. For those of us unfamiliar with Ho’oponopono, these four sentences offered to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as an example, may feel like an instant trigger of built up internal emotions as many people have been going through anger, fear, hurt, confusion, and sadness both during and after this election. This healing modality can help take us from those feelings to feelings of deep forgiveness, acceptance, love and peace.

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On the Brink

by Julian Rose

Note: the author commenced the writing of this essay prior to the US elections.

I feel uneasy. Like I'm bracing for something. As if something devious and illusive is being hatched behind my back by unseen forces of a distinctly untrustworthy nature. That's what it feels like.

The uneasiness is not entirely negative, as it seems to be gearing me up to be prepared for something, something big. Some 'event' which could be surprisingly close at hand.

Now upon further scrutiny, I recognize that this isn't purely something personal. It's something 'in the air', as they say. It's a state of tension; something like the way atmospheric pressure builds-up just before a thunderstorm.

It's as though some warning system is engaging itself at the gut level. Is the species called 'human' about to undergo some big upheaval? Something that takes us all to the brink? Are we approaching the end point of our long engagement with this profligate, insupportable materialistic life style to which much of humanity has been wedded for so long?

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Golden Eagles Back From The Brink As Numbers Soar To 'Historic' Levels! - TruthTheory

by Jess Murray Truth Theory

This week has brought incredible news for the natural world as the population of one of Britain’s most iconic birds has reached more than 500 pairs for the first time since records began.

The numbers of the golden eagles in Scotland were recorded in a country-wide survey which was carried out last year, although conservationists say that numbers are still far below what they should be.

Numbers have increased by 15% since the last census in 2003, which means that numbers rose from 442 to 508 pairs, meaning that the species can now be assessed as having “favourable conservation status”.

The team conducted the survey in areas where there has been evidence of golden eagles in the past, and surveyed a total of 729 ranges.

RSPB Scotland’s head of species and land management Duncan Orr-Ewing believes that Scotland could hold about 800 pairs in total, although current numbers are still substantially below Scotland’s carrying capacity.

Although numbers have risen for Britain’s top avian predator, which has complete protection by UK-wide legislation, numbers are still not as they should be for the area. Orr-Ewing believes that one reason for this may be due to heavily over-grazed areas over the generations caused by deer and sheep, meaning that there are less prey species available for the eagles.


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