Be as Lilies of the Field. . . - Duane Townsend

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Picture "Why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They don’t toil, neither do they spin." ~ Jesus of Nazareth

In today's venacular Jesus is saying - " Slow down and let the game come to you". Lillies are rooted in the fertile earth, sustained and fed by sunlight, comforted by rain. Lillies do not go out and seek their sustenance. Everything they need is right there in their midst. They don't chase, reach or grasp. They feel their source of energy and are drawn towards it. Their roots sink into the soil and they grow towards the sun. There seems to be little or no effort, they're simply being lillies. In today's world of action plans, master schemes, five year plans and all sorts of strategizing for sustenance, success and in turn happiness, let us consider the lillies of the field.

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What is Real Beyond What is ‘Real’

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“Wake from reality, wake from your dream…”

Reality. It certainly is a subjective, seemingly flexible and very elusive element of human existence.

With all the structures, formats, programs, conditions, laws, rules and boundaries our society aggressively imposes to implement, arrest (pun intended) and almost religiously uphold and proliferate “order,” it is amazing to me how we have everything but. In an (n)everchanging and, most would acknowledge if they were being honest, declining world, any rational and logical person would identify that nothing is rarely what it seems. The more “real” we are with our observations, the more we are able to see ”reality” for what it really is, an elaborate hoax, an illusion, a grand distraction, perhaps one of the greatest lies ever manufactured by human conception.

While You Are Waiting…. - The Creator Writings

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Your Earth-plane existence and your happiness is not something you can put on hold. So many of you move through your life thinking, “Once the right person/money/the perfect job arrives, I will be happy.” or “If I drive the right car/live in the right house/have the right friends, life will be perfect.” While you are waiting for these things to appear, so many enriching opportunities are moving past you at an alarming rate! 

In the infinite perspective, all those things you THINK will make you happy are just infinitesimal specks on your timeline. Rather than waiting, hoping or wishing………..go out and DO! Your time here is short; embrace all it has to offer you! ~ Creator

Daily Message ~ Sunday March 16, 2014 - Trinity Esoterics

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As energetically sensitive human beings, you would do well to move with what the energies support at any given time. Much like you make plans around your weather, taking advantage of opportunities when the conditions support it, and putting things off if they do not, you would save yourself a lot of discomfort and struggle if you would do the same by honouring what the energies are good for each day. You do not need an expert to tell you. You simply need to be self aware, and trust that you are the expert on how the energies are affecting you.

We see so many humans with bodies that are shifting and desperately require some rest, ignore that in order to “get things done.” We find this interesting because under those circumstances, not much gets done at all, and what little does is usually fraught with difficulties and leaves the person feeling even more battered and worn. There are other times when the energies are supporting movement and activity when the human marvels at how much got done and with so little effort!

You would all save yourselves so much trouble and angst, and become far more comfortable and efficient if, just like with the weather, you would move when energetic opportunities arise that support your activities. It is a wise human who willingly moves with what the flow supports. ~Archangel Gabriel

Divine Gifts - The Creator Writings

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ImageHow do you go about your day?  Is it spent doing, feeling or acting the way you FEEL you should or doing what others expect? Or, do you move from one moment to the next, knowing that whatever happens is divinely perfect in its timing?  Take the time to release your ‘shoulds’ and ‘expectations’ and allow these gifts to arrive in whatever form they choose.  They are lined up and waiting just for you. ~ Creator

Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant - Zenhabits

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I’m the first to admit that for many years, I was a bit emotionally needy.

Not in a crazy, desperate way, but in the way that many of us are. I wanted someone else to make me happy, blamed others for my unhappiness, sought to fulfill my emotional needs through others.

This caused all kinds of problems I didn’t even realize were there: I’d have relationship problems because if the other person wasn’t meeting my needs, I’d resent it. I’d be unhappy lots of the time, because I thought happiness was outside of me, and therefore it was unreliable and elusive. I was helpless, because if other people are supposed to make me happy and fulfill my needs, then what could I do if they didn’t? What could I do if they hurt me instead?

Only in the last few years have I been becoming more emotionally self-reliant. It’s made my relationships better, and has greatly increased my happiness.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 15, 2014 - Trinity Esoterics

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You are all evolving beyond old belief systems and structures that were designed to encourage you to give your power away. You gave your power away to your parents, your teachers, your doctors, your bosses, your leaders. This has been so pervasive, for so very long, many of you had come to believe that you were powerless in so many areas of your lives. Why, for some of you, you did not even choose your careers or who you would marry! This is the conditioning that you have all been so busy releasing and evolving beyond.

Hear us when we say that you have infinite ability to create the life you wish to lead. You are the experts on you, and what you are on the planet to experience and create. You have worked hard to step into your authentic power and you are more than ready for it! You are gentle, kind, mindful, beautiful aspects of God, and are seeking to step into unity and the energies of creation and unconditional love. You are all finding new balance points that allow you to honour others in their expertise as well as honouring your own. What an amazing time on your planet, and it is happening because of each and every one of you! You are truly divine and powerful and breathtaking to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel

The Mystery within Us - Knowing Whispers

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The mind fades into the silence, silence reveals our true identity without limitation.
We become whole by feeling within, the silent nature of existence. Feelings transform us from all limitation and awaken the nature of our true identity in consciousness. They are life and existence surfing on the ocean of eternal feeling.
Truth is what is left when we abandon the mind and become fully conscious within the silence.

In the silence we must accept ourselves as we truly are, because all searching has ceased and we are confronted with the great mystery. It all ends where it all began and we are overwhelmed by the realization of this truth in being.


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