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Day 256: Emotions

Many in the Earth Realm do all they can to deaden emotions labeled as negative. However, we encourage you to embrace all emotions, for within them lies the clues to finding true happiness and joy. When you are sad, there will come a time when you will say, “Enough of this sadness, I am going to change my attitude and behaviors so I can experience happiness.” Thus, the sadness leads you to your desired goal of happiness.

At times, it feels good to express sorrow or pain, for within these emotions, you are connecting to others on a very deep level, which has love as a foundation. We suggest you pay attention to your emotions as they arise. Do they have a message for you to pay attention to? Are they a means to express your love for self or others?

Any emotion can be taken to the extreme, whether it is considered to be positive or negative. Balance is the key, for when one is centered, he remains in control. Whereas when one allows himself to remain in a state of extreme emotions such as grief or giddiness, he can easily lose control of his reality and become lost on a side path.

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Day 253: Serenity Path

Each morning as you arise, set aside a few moments to appreciate everything in your environment. Thank Creator for your opportunity to walk the Earth in physical form. Send waves of gratitude to the multitude of Guides who support and assist you. Be grateful for your body, paying attention to its needs. Begin to work together as a team with your body in order to increase your well-being and the circuitry that allows you access to All. In every moment, see yourself as whole and complete. Know that your body is a temporary dwelling place, a temple, and deserving to be treated as such.

Throughout your day, be mindful of all you say and do. Be kind to others, no matter how they treat you. Be careful not to judge others or to make assumptions as to why they behave as they do. As you gain self-control and love of self, you will be able to emit these belief codes from your pores, resonating them out to others.

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Day 252: Inner Peace

We would like to encourage you to go within daily.

There is no more important activity that you can do each day, besides breathing and eating! There are many health benefits associated with meditation and daily prayer.

PHYSICALLY, you will experience health benefits as you relax and relieve stress. As you work through problems, you will become better equipped to handle stressors as they emerge.

MENTALLY, you will become more alert and focused.

EMOTIONALLY, you will learn to balance yourself in all situations, regaining your composure more easily.

SPIRITUALLY, this is the most important practice to remain consciously connected to Source. Whenever you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, off-center or need clear answers, take time to go within.

Train yourself to instantly go into a relaxed state of consciousness. This comes with practice, but is well worth the effort when it comes to helping you achieve a sense of well-being.

There is much more we could say on this subject, but like many things, experience is a far better teacher than an orator. Thus, we leave you with this message in hopes that you will take time to go inward these next few moments.   Selamet!  Eb 5, Day 252

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Day 251: Turn on Your Heart Light

When you turn a light switch on, darkness is eliminated. When you turn the light switch off, the darkness returns. It is the same within your electrical system. You cannot have both the dark and the light running at the same time. Your circuitry is designed to let light flow through every cell in your body. When you focus on the darkness inside yourself and others, you attract more of that energy to you.

If you wish to have a life filled with love and joy, then place your attention there, every moment. Each moment that you focus your attention on the shadows, you will draw more of them to you. For this reason, it is imperative to find the areas that block your circuitry and to take the necessary actions to get the lights turned on again.

Take time to go inside today and bless your shadows. Release the dark shadows that no longer serve you. Turn your heart light on and go forth enjoying each moment with a heart filled with love and gratitude. Not only will this change your life, but you will also affect every other soul in the universe, for we are all connected.   Peace be with you!  Chuen 4

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Day 250: Choices! Choices!

Greetings, dear one. Can you feel the excitement in the air when you make a decision that feels right? Have you ever wondered where that feeling comes from? Why do some decisions feel right while at other times you battle within your mind to choose the best outcome for a situation?

Often, there is a knowingness that something feels right because you have set a clear intention. In these moments, you are in flow with creation. You know what you want and you know what to do to obtain it. No matter what anyone else says, you know you will move forward, taking the necessary steps to attain that goal.

When a person has this surety, we on the Other Side can assist in making this a reality. It is like having a work order in which one states exactly what they want. We look at the work order, which is a clear intention fueled by passion and begin to mold whatever we can into leading that person towards his destination.

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Day 249 Positive Activism

You may be asking, “What can I do to assist in the ascension process?” One of the main things that each of you can do is to increase the vibration of love within your physical Being. If each of you were to do that in this moment, all wars would cease, hunger and disease would cease to exist and utopia would immediately manifest itself.

There are many who fight wars aimed at peace. Many peace activists are carrying arms to force their way upon others. Although these measures may have love and peace at their root, they still are creating much unease and distress in the energetic matrix.

We ask that you do all you can to share your goals, dreams, visions and actions with others in a peaceful and graceful manner. The universe will support these measures for they are harmonious. When love is used as the base to make changes, everyone will win. When anger and fear-based emotions are used to make changes, it only adds to the problem.

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Day 248: Baggage Check

How does one get weighed down so readily in this Realm? Negative belief codes are like magnets, drawing unto them more negative thoughts and beliefs. Once one begins to understand the nature of thoughtforms and how they manifest into physical reality, one can begin to unravel the entangled mess, one layer at a time until it is fully dissolved.

Like any void on Earth, once something is removed, something else attempts to fill the void. Thus, it is important to fill the gap of the unwanted thoughtforms with those that are more appealing. Thoughtforms create reality, so choose those that will lead you to the outcome you desire. When you have a thought that is unsettling or undesirable to you, immediately think again by choosing thoughts that will lead you toward your chosen destiny.

Low-density thoughtforms vibrate at a slower speed. This slow speed allows it to interact with physical matter. In this way, dis-eases are born. Higher frequency vibrations run through the body, sending sparklets of light and love as it flows through. In this way, when you exchange lower thoughtforms with those that are of higher frequencies, such as love and peace, you in essence are lightening your load. You will fly through your day with less weight bearing down upon you. As your energy vibrational patterns increase, you will draw unto you similar situations and people.

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Day 245: Enlightenment

Within you lies the ability to change yourself. As you continue to release negative thinking and behaviors built on fears and erroneous beliefs, you will understand this more. Until then, believe that all is within your power to mold yourself into the person you choose to be.

We encourage you to shed old skins of mistrust, unhappiness, powerlessness, comparisons and all things that keep you feeling separate from others and Source. These are all illusions, part of the play that you have been engaged in. At any time, you can consciously connect with Source.

You must choose and believe which course you wish to take. Be clear about the things you wish to experience and how you wish to experience them. Actions speak louder than words. When your emotions match your actions and words, we can assist in creating your vision.

Be mindful of what you think and feel when you are attempting to change behaviors. Be joyful in every choice you make, choosing only those things you wish to experience. When behaviors need to be changed, be thankful for every step you take, no matter how fearful or challenging. Stay in the moment, with gratitude, and you will find that behaviors can be changed with little effort.

Being aware and conscious of what you say and do is enlightening. Changing those things that no longer serve you is enlightenment.

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Day 242: Connection to Source

As you clear blockages from the electrical circuits in your body, your ability to tune into God Source, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides will increase.

Know that every moment in your life, you are at the wheel. You have the free will to choose the emotions and events you wish to experience. Although you are somewhat hampered due to the rules of your universe and interactions with other Beings, you still choose how to react in every situation.

We suggest you work diligently to increase your ability to love all Beings and experiences unconditionally, without any form of judgment. Allow all to be. Just as you are desirous of the ability to express your free will to do what you choose, allow others the same freedom.

Be careful not to judge the choices of others, for you do not know the full reasoning behind their choices or the growth that can occur between those parties. For yourself, if you choose love, peace and joy in each situation, your body will vibrationally increase and your experiences will manifest in ways currently beyond your understanding. We encourage you to choose an emotion or situation that you wish to bring to the light.

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Day 241: Walk Your Talk

Spend time going within to find your heart’s desires. Most of you came into this incarnation with goals and desires to fulfill. By tuning into your Higher Self, you can remember what those wishes were and continue to map the trail of your life Path.

This can be accomplished after you have cleared the fears, negative thinking and reliance upon what others think of you. Until then, your messages will be skewed with stinking thinking and fear of moving forward. Break through the belief codes that bind you and keep you from expressing yourself freely.

Learn to pay attention to your body, for within its subtle talk lies the knowledge you seek.  Pay attention to aches and pains, gut feelings and bodily sensations. These are ways your body and inner guidance are attempting to communicate with you.

If something does not feel right, it is usually due to one of two things, you are either afraid on some level or it is not good for you. Breaking free from constraints due to fear and outside influences is important so you can tell the difference. Can you imagine living your life free from what might happen and what others might think of you? Would you enjoy making choices, knowing with certainty that these choices would lead you to the life you desire?


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