~Smack in the Middle of Huge Energetic Changes ~

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Greetings Love Beings, WOW Intensity Continue's and We are Smack in the Middle of Huge Energetic Changes On the Planet. Also, The Sun is Very Active Again with an M7 Class Flare in the Past 24 Hours and an M4 Currently Hitting the Planet. This is adjusting, Everyone's Energy fields Across the Planet as we prepare to GO HIGHER, and We Are Going Higher this is Inevitbale. Those still clinging to the old paradigm are going to experience extreme challenges as this occurs, just an FYI! You can Join the Earth Allies All day in the 5d Room for Music, Joy, Chatting, and Laughter at this link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress

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~ Final Reset to Enter 5d is Now in Process ~


~  Earth Ally Will HARADER~


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Daniella Breen ~ Ascending: New Home, New Matrix

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Published on Jan 6, 2014

Just about to move to the new home almost as I have seen it for years. Shifting to the new matrix, lots of great stuff for the new year!

Here's the Energy Rehab Program I talk about in the vid!


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Gillian MacBeth~Louthan ~ Welcome To 2014





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More violent: Indonesia’s Sinabung Volcano erupts 77 times in 24 hours


theextinctionprotocol-Jan 6 2014


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Emmanuel Dagher ~ Energy Forecast January 2014



 Emmanuelpeaceofficial1A Glimpse at the Gifts 2014 Will Bring 
January 2013

Happy New Year my Beautiful Friend,

It’s such a deep honor for me to connect with you again as we embark upon a fresh new year.


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Enoc-Tu Message, The Law of Resonance, and The "Shift"


Hello my brothers and sisters in Great Spirit.  Under the guidance of all the guardian angels and elders of Mother Earth, the Galactic and Universal Councils of 12, St. Germain, Thoth, and Enoc-Tu, this message is being sent out to all so an understanding may be received by all who choose to understand during our time of evolution and ascension.


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~ Space Weather Update~ Cme Impact, M7 Class Flare, Huge Sunspot Targets Earth


CME IMPACT: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field on Jan. 7th at approximately 1500 UT. The glancing impact did not immediately spark a geomagnetic storm. However, storm conditions could develop as Earth travels through the CME's wake. High latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

HUGE SUNSPOT TARGETS EARTH: One of the biggest sunspots in years is crossing the center of the solar disk, putting Earth in the way of potential eruptions. Rocky Raybell photographed the active region named "AR1944" yesterday from his backyard in Keller, Washington:


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~ Coffee Party In the 5D Room~ You can Join us for Live Morning Music



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ECETI's James Gilliland on Aliens and Predictions for 2014

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Josh sits down with the ECETI (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) Ranch's resident UFO guru James Gilliland to discuss his beliefs and predictions for major Earth changes in 2014


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European Teens Who Eat Chocolate Tend to be Slimmer by Erai Beckmann




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The Heart Plan, The Mandelbrot Set, and the Torus Energy Field What's the Connection?


By David-Uriel "Ealge Heart" Ibarra
Originally written on July 24, 2012

This note is an oversimplication of what was shown to me while meditating.  A full description to what was experienced cannot in anyway be explained in words but can only be felt.  What is being shared here is just the beginning of a journey that only you can choose to begin.  Want a better world than the one you are in now... listen to your heart.

 While meditating, I was shown two images that represented heart frequencies, which are the resonate frequencies of our life force energy. The energy and frequencies being produced were extraordinary.


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This Little Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet by Jess Smith



You’ve stepped on it, ignored it, and tried to eradicate it from your lawn. However, this innocuous little weed is one of the most useful medicines on the planet, just begging to be harvested.


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Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Transformation



Oracle Report First Quarter Moon in Aries: take action, step out, expression, growth / Ruling Mahavidya: Kali


Audio Recording 12/31/2013 – Gregorian New Year – New Ruling Mahavidya – Kali


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Earthquake Report for 01/07/2014



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~ The Sundogs and The Prophecy~


The  Rainbow  around  the sun  is  refered  to  as  a ~ SunDog  ~  a  sacred  reminder  we  are  in the  time  of the  white  buffalo  <3~~LING RAINBOW PROPHESY


Pg 109 Steve McFadden from his book called "Legends of the Rainbow Warriors"




 Photo Taken By Reynolds In Indiana After the Planetary Activation in June 2012


To the Navajo and the Hopi, the Swirling or Whirling Rainbow Woman is the bringer of friendly rains that nurture the Three Sisters -- Corn, Squash and Beans -- during the summer so that people will be fed. Many times an image of the Whirling Rainbow is  created in Sand  Painting, an ancient Sacred Healing Art performed by the Medicine Clans of those Nations.


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Creator's Writings~ Strength & Fortitude



For all the talk that circulates regarding the frailty of the human mind, body and spirit, know this; you possess a deep well of fortitude and strength that most don’t realize exists. For every low moment, there are an infinite number of good ones waiting to be realized. ~ Creator


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~ Judith Dagley ~ The Celestial Team – NEW Blueprint For 2014! Recording Available


judithLove/Light Message from the celestial team… and Judith

This is Judith. Yet because this message is from “me,”  it does not mean that it is not also from the celestial team, of course. Those of you who are aware that “times have changed,” those of you who have been consciously accompanying the change, understand this very well, I’m sure.  To those who have not been, and so don’t understand how this message could possibly be from both me and the celestial team… Well, I can only remind you of what has been communicated on this site for the last two years. “Times” have changed.


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~ Waking Times ~ Caroline Nettle – How Can Sacred Geometry Help You?


Flickr - Nautilus - HitchsterIn times gone by, humans were more in tune with the environment they lived in. Today, we have little connection to nature and the planet. The ancient wisdom that was often passed down through story- telling and tradition seems to have been forgotten or lost.

The understanding of the importance of different geometric shapes and patterns found everywhere in nature seems to be amongst the wisdom that has been thrown away. With all the changes that are happening on earth at the moment, some of this information is being revived. Here is some information about how the ancient science of Sacred Geometry can have a positive influence on your life.


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Gloria Wendroff ~ The Heaven Letters ~ Going Beyond



HeavenlettersGod said:

It seems you want to know everything. You want to know how and why. You want to know all the connections in life and what makes two and two. It seems you become like a busybody when it comes to the mechanics of life. It is not your mission to figure out all the wherefore’s and why’s of life. You do not require explanations. When it comes to life, it’s more like it’s acceptance that you require. Let your motto be: Move On.


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This is the time for you to rejoice and not to complain!
This is the time to see the New, Refreshing Light, and to feel the Stillness of the Conscious Expanded Divine Heart.



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Heavenletter #4790 Slaying the Dragon



God said:

In Reality, there is no inside and outside. In Reality, there is Oneness.


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~ Ron Head ~ Heaven indeed does have feet and hands, but they are in your shoes and gloves, dear ones.


jigsaw puzzleMichael and Raphael with the Councils of Heaven

We bear a message today regarding the speeding up of the manifestation of those concrete changes on your planet for which you have been waiting so long.  There is, at last, an over-balance reached which allows your intents, those of the ones you term lightworkers, to override more of the negative that still remains.  Therefore you will see, or are seeing, an almost daily increase in change within your societies, and even your media stories.



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S0 News January 7, 2014: Atmosphere Patterns, Solar Flare Uptick

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~Expanding Your Light is Different to a Light Body~


Expanding Your Light Is Different to a Light body


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2014 You Must Become the Change you want to see in your World




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How Can Sacred Geometry Help You?


Waking Times by Caroline Nettle, guest -  January 6, 2014

Flickr - Nautilus - Hitchster

In times gone by, humans were more in tune with the environment they lived in. Today, we have little connection to nature and the planet. The ancient wisdom that was often passed down through story- telling and tradition seems to have been forgotten or lost.


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Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects by Dave Mihalovic


Flickr - Garlic - modomatic

Cancer cells have a high metabolism and require much energy for rapid growth. Researchers reported in the Journal Cancer that that garlic compounds produced reactive oxygen species in brain cancer cells, essentially gorging them to death with activation of multiple death cascades and blocking pathways the proliferation of brain tumors.


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13 Great Benefits of Eating Avocado Seeds by Dr Paul Haider


13 Great Benefits of Eating Avocado Seeds

Everyone knows about Avocados… but did you know that Avocado Seeds are full of great health benefits?


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Love is Who We Are~ Caroline Aguiar





By Caroline Aguiar

I feel as if Love is urging me to go within as much as possible these days.  Frequent memory lapses occur almost every day, like walking into the grocery store only to discover I have no idea why I’m there.


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The Top 10 Studies Of 2013 Proving The Medicinal Power Of Cannabis - by Arjun Walia




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Benjamin Fulford Update 1-7-14 ” Final offensive against cabal continues”



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~ Wes Annac ~ Musings on a Greater Personal Transformation – Part 2/3


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 1

Sometimes I can sit down to write and find that I’ve written a big long article, but sometimes, I’m asked to simply exist in zero point, which is apparently among the purest conditions we can be in, and absorb spiritual reality.

In discovering material about zero point from the teachers of our past, I feel like I’ve bought myself a gameshark for the reality around me.


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~How Solar Flares Are Affecting Our Bodies~ by By Dena Ventrudo


Commentary from The Galactic Free Press: Currently we have an M Class Flare Heading towards Earth with more possibly on the way! Below is the Article which will share how these Flares will be affecting everyone! Enjoy! Love The Earth Allies

 Dena Ventrudo is the Assistant Editor & Photographer of Merlian News. She is a published poet and creative writer, most recently published in "Trails Through The Greenbelt" by Jack M. Freedman. Dena has a BA in Liberal Studies from SUNY Purchase College but also spent time there as a Dramatic Writing, Literature and Women's Studies major.  



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Molly Mc Cord Light Breakthroughs + Quick Energy Guide


The ongoing astrological configuration of the Cardinal Grand Cross is applying pressure from four energetic sides. If you’re experiencing any tension, anxiety, angst, anger, conflict, or need for huge change right now, rest assured, that’s what the energy is – the force of the Cardinal Grand Cross requiring something new in you.  


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Psycho-Spiritual Astrology: January 2014 Horoscope




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Openhand ~ The Consciousness Landscape~Do the past and the future really exist?



Do the past and the future really exist?

pastPresentFutureHave you ever wondered why you can’t remember the exact details of your past lives?

Have you also ever contemplated why even though you may be able to expand into the higher realms, you still can’t see deep into the future?


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~ Earth Chakras and Vortices ~


~Earth Chakras and Vortices Repost~

Looking at Nature all around us, we cannot help but marvel at its raw beauty and rhythm. Planet Earth is a conscious and vibrant living entity. With its own free will, it is meticulously orchestrating a symphony of equilibrium and constant evolution, communicating with all its inhabitants, the solar system and the universe.


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~Quiet Times and Intimacy with an Angel~


Commentary from The Galactic Free Press: She mentions AA Michael being a Twin for her, this is impossible, what she is sharing is remembering the Companion Relationship which is Very Intimate and a Heart to Heart Connection in unity consciousness, this is what is unfolding for many this year of 2014, the companion connections. Its Different then the twin flame relationship as the twin is a service role to Humanity! The companion is Your Heart connected with another Heart and True Love Manifests. HEARTS CONNECT NOW! Love The Earth Allies


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~ Creator Writings~ Create Chaos Or Release



The Universe asks you to take a moment and reflect on your Earth-plane existence.   What fun you have had creating all the complexities, twists and turns, ups and downs!  Now think about what you would like to create in your next ‘now’.  You can continue to create the chaos or release and let it be as simple as a stone falling from your hand to the ground.  The beautiful, immutable gift of free will has ALWAYS been yours. 


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