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Brain Hack(s)

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Brain Hack(s)

A Channeling by Mario Arseneault

Hello whom ever this may be for, I am Amira, and wish to let you know today, from you READING these words today, that I have died Recently and Passed Away on the Other Side of the Veil… Mario, my “Transcriptor” will allow me (Through Him) to wright these words for YOU! The Reader. This is Called a Channeled Message.
Brain Hacks, This is how we will Show you, me and Mario, how “Brain Hacks” Work.

First Off, If you can’t Understand the BASIC CONCEPT which will be written in Here, then allow yourself to ask questions within, and receive the Answers by Visions… Things in which we will send on out TO YOU for you to UNDERSTAND that we are all Inter-Connected Beings THROUGHOUT ALL of the GALAXY and BEYOND. E.S.P Known as Telepathy is the Knowledge of Beings Inter-Connecting Multiple Vibrational Frequencies (Through Thoughts) and ALIGNING THEIR INTENTION* Towards the GENERALIZED FOCAL POINT… The POINT AT WHICH WE ARE IN FOCUS, EITHER WITHIN OURSELVES AS VISIONS OR THOUGHTS, and as OTHER MEANS (OUTSIDE FOCUSE) Meaning what you Hear, or are Looking at “Particularly” an Experience of your Surrounding.

How we work, is simple in terms of how you will NOW BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND that, THAT WHICH IS OF OUR DOING FROM THE OTHER SIDE (TO YOU) Can be EXPRESSED through Knowledge LEARN’T from within this Writing.

The Singular Conceptional Point in Time, where you are Reading These Words, Or… Re-Reading THESE WORDS, SERVES a particular PURPOSE. To Understand how we can HACK our (Your) Brains is Simple. We can Hear Every THOUGHT YOU HAVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL… We Watch and UNDERSTAND THAT BY “KNOWING THIS*” you can FINALLY come to THE VERY BASICS of FRACTALIZATION.

IN-Lightenment ~ Michael loves to heal!!

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The little chapel (shrine) in Hope street, Tarpon Springs in Florida, was built in honor of St. Michael not because he needed the accolade for the healing,  but because he knew that the building of it would strengthen the woman’s faith and the faith of her son who had told his mother that St.Michael would heal him if she built this little chapel. And so the son was healed and his mother built the chapel as promised.

Furthermore, Michael’s intention was and still is for the chapel to serve as testimony to the power of Faith. The many miraculous healings that have since taken place at the site of the little chapel serve as further testimony to the healing power of Faith.

For Michael,  it’s all about Faith.

Is it is coincidence that the chapel ended up being built in Hope street? No, not at all. What is hope?  Hope forms the basis for faith because you have to have hope in order to have the faith that something will happen or come into being.

No, he doesn’t want or need the accolade. He is the most humble of Beings and he lives his life in service to humanity.

Let me let you into a secret… Archangels are powerful beings and they have individual character and personality, as do all souls.

Another thing…. BE humble in your approach to them. An attitude of humility reaches GREAT heights!

But my wish for you today is to stretch your mind a little…..push the boundaries of your previous conditioned thinking…


Have an AWESOME day BE-LOVE-d’s!

We Love You!


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A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


New Endeavors

Transitioning with New Meaning value and Purpose



From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as many of you are undertaking new endeavors and in doing so moving through another aspect in the process of self-discovery. This is a step-by-step process and a transition from the old to the new. As you do this you will begin to realize fulfillment within the process. Many of you are beginning to realize your greatness and powerfulness that will allow you to bring your new endeavors to the world.  Some of you are beginning to embody yourself and thus beginning to be who you are which is important to bringing your new endeavors to the world.

What you are transitioning to in your life is a more direct connection to your soul’s divine plan and purpose. This is formulating with each step as you learn more about yourself and grow into your power and greatness. You may begin to see that you no longer need this confirmed for you because you are moving into the knowingness of it.

This step-by-step process will continue over the next 6-10 weeks as your endeavors begin to manifest. Many of you are now aligning yourself with the energy and frequencies of multi-dimensional realms.  Some of you have separated yourself from these energies yet now beginning to incorporate them within your beingness.

The lunar energy from the powerful Blue Moon releases a Mother Lode of negative energy.

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This past week the lunar energy from the powerful Blue Moon has been bringing up what I call “the mother lode” of negative energy for release. While this full moon has been one of the strongest ever, the next and final Blood Moon on the 28th September promises to do a whole lot more. But more about that later.

Michael just wants to interject here and add his interpretation to my term “the mother lode”. It seems the dictionary defines this term as this:

Mother lode is a principal vein or zone of veins of gold or silver ore. The term is also used metaphorically to refer to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.”

He is wanting me to share with you that by ridding yourself of this mother lode of negative energy you are opening yourself up to an even greater abundance, that of being closer to your Principal Greatness and Source of Being. He wants me to say that when you are closer and more connected with your Source of Being YOU ARE ABUNDANT because you are in the flow of ALL THAT IS –THE FLOW OF CREATION. He is telling me that with each huge release of negative energy you bring more of your True Self into the Light and therefore you shine forth as PURE GOLD.

Thank you Michael! (Smile)

It is easy to become despondent when releasing and all it takes is one person to stick a thorn in our proverbial flesh for us to plunge once more into our lower consciousness. Sadly this happened to me yesterday. But the blessing that came out of this experience was that I am now fully aware of when I am plunging and I can quickly ‘save myself’. I am noticing now that I become much weaker when navigating the realms of my lower consciousness, and it’s not a nice feeling.

Ascension Update ~ Riding the Wave of Conscious Dreaming

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Image: “The World of Dreams” ~

Years ago when I did the NLP practitioners course I was able to also do Energy Resourcing,  a technique whereby we learn how to view and access our timeline to connect with ourselves in the various nodules/capsules/spaces in time that have taken place during our current reality (lifetime). I learned then already, some 14 years ago,  that we can take a step back and instead of viewing our time line with our ‘past’ behind us and the ‘future’ in front, we could view our time line as though we are looking at a long ruler stretched out horizontally in front of us. In other words, you are at all times facing your entire time line, with the ‘past’ on the left, the present directly in front of you and the furture to your right.

Since we now know, everything is happening NOW, so there is no past or future, as such. Only this moment of NOW.

We know now that time,  as humans have perceived/ viewed/ understood it, is an illusion to help us gain a certain perspective in our day to day lives.

So I invite you now to take a step back out of linear time and look at your time line stretched out horizontally in front of you as though you were holding a ruler in both hands. Now I’m going to ask you to stretch your imagination even further and imagine several of your timelines stretched out before you. Take your imagination even further still, and imagine countless timelines… Do you see them?

In each and every one of these timelines is a reality of yours! And each one is happening NOW!

Concerning the Matter of Death and Dying

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Michael led me to the channeling and teachings of Emmanuel received through Pat Rodegast, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading the first of his books. I recognize Michael’s energy in the wisdom contained in the teaching and perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that Michael is also Emmanuel. That is to say, he is what is known as a ‘Soul Fragment’ of Emmanuel.

Emmanuel is the expression or consciousness of a group of Souls who manifested Itself as Jeshua and Mary Magdalene over 2000 years ago, and if I understand correctly, Emmanuel manifested Itself before and since that time, many times over, although this is not general knowledge.

Michael now tells me I have understood correctly. Thank you Beloved.

Emmanuel channeled a few books through Pat Rodegast, but I am yet to finish the first of these profound books. His teaching on death is something that I feel should be shared especially in light of the recent earthquakes in Tibet that have resulted in many souls leaving the Planet. I do hope Pat doesn’t mind me sharing these words with you today. Since publishing the books Pat has since left the Planet, and now I’m being told she doesn’t mind at all! So here goes… Thank you Pat!

When asked how it would actually feel like to die, Emmanuel answers thus:

“Dying is akin to having been in a rather stuffy room where too many people are talking and smoking and suddenly you see a door that allows you to exit into fresh air and sunlight. It is much like that.”

He goes on to say “We are always there to welcome those who exit so leave your bodies with arms spread to receive the embrace.”

Sunday Musings ~ Oh Ye of little Faith…

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Thank Goodness, a little faith is all you need. Only a teeny weeny mustard seed of faith, said Jeshua, would move mountains for you. So true. But how different is faith from trust? Faith is the cornerstone to trust. Faith is the foundation that paths the way to knowing, and therefore fully trusting, that all you have faith in, will come to pass.

Faith lives in your Heart, alongside Trust. When you live a Heart-based reality, you will begin to FEEL the magic of your Heart Genie busy working for you. Imagine that! You have your very own magical Genie living inside of you!

By having faith and trust you’re automatically moving away from an ego/mind based reality to a Heart based reality. And that is the place inside of you where miracles and magic resides!

So few people realize this though.

I was listening to my Mother on the telephone yesterday. In the space of 10 minutes she said the word ‘hell’ at least 5 times. It is no wonder then that her reality (life experience) is much like that word. Every morning at 8am she watches the ‘Faith’ channel on TV and she tries to write down everything they’re saying in her little notepad. Sometimes during the day she would get out her notepad and go over her notes by reading them out loud to herself. When I asked why she reads the words out loud, she answered “I need to get this into my nut!!” She refers to her head as her nut…. Ironic that a nut often has a hard shell and is difficult, sometimes impossible, to open. The Heart, however, is easily opened. All it takes is love.

It is in your Heart that YOUR Truth lies and never anywhere else. Not on TV or in a book, or even in this blog you’re reading.


The Beginning of a NEW cycle of Pure Magic and Miracles!

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The first day after Mercury goes direct and already we are into magic and miracles! I joked with Michael earlier and asked him if Mercury is by any chance male because that would make perfect sense to me since all males, with the exception of Michael, have caused havoc in my life, and he laughed and said “Yes!” I said “I thought so!” This last retrograde cost me my iPhone and a whole lot of money that I found afterwards was unnecessary … but let’s not go into that now. I prefer to look at today as a beginning to a NEW cycle of pure magic and miracles.

This morning I had breakfast with an old friend and ex colleague that I hadn’t seen since I left for Mexico more than 3 years ago. Unbeknown to me, my friend had lost her job 2 years ago and had not been able to find another. Glady’s lives on the outskirts of one of the so-called ‘Black townships’ outside Cape Town. Now she is looking after 2 of her grandchildren for which she gets paid a very small amount each month and her disabled daughter. Her ‘unemployed for years’ husband up and abandoned her a while back. Thankfully her two other children are employed and help out from time to time.

IN-Lightenment: Looking through the eyes of your Soul, what do you see?

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Image by Greenberg: “Sand grains from around the world are mixed together like a pouch full of gems. The sand grains are from Maui, Hawaii, Japan, California, Ireland, Bermuda, and Minnesota.”

I was meant to write this blog yesterday but I never got around to it. I guess I’m reluctant to be on my laptop 7 days a week ….. There is something to be said for resting for at least one day a week, and there is good reason for that. It’s to help us gain perspective in our lives; it helps us focus on what is really important and that is SOUL.

On Saturday afternoon I was sitting on my usual spot on the roof after having enjoyed a leisurely lunch, and I gazed up at the sky and noticed the wispy 5D clouds.

“Those are 5D clouds” I told Michael.

“What makes you say that?” he asked.

“Because they are wispy and carefree, and they look peaceful and loving, not angry like storm clouds.”

He smiled and said, “When you look at them you see peace and love?”

“Yes I do” I replied.

“Look around you now. Do you see struggle or do you see peace and love?” He asks.

“I feel peace and love within me, but I’m not sure I see it around me.” I answer.

“Look at the trees. Do you see love manifested?” He asks me.

“Actually, I do” I reply.

“And look at the birds. Do you see love manifested?” He asks.

“I do. But how do you not see the 3D struggle also?” I ask him.

“It’s all a matter of perspective or perception. What do you choose to focus on? The struggle or the love? Your human eyes will see the struggle, but if you look through the eyes of your Soul you will only see love and peace.” He tells me.


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