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Archangel Michael ~ That is where your personal power comes from. – channeled by Ron Head

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By: Ron Head, 02/02/2014


We continue today by speaking further on what, from your point of view is incoming light.

Let us approach the subject from an entirely new perspective this time.  We will speak in the language of linear time in order not to introduce additional confusion into the process.

It was known that new and vastly stronger energy, light, and information… those three being almost synonymous… would be needed to lift your world out of the lower energies in which it had been mired for so long.  And it was needed that the changes be initiated and carried out as what you call an ‘inside job’ in order to do so without outside interference.  So a call went out for volunteers to begin a long slow process of carrying in, receiving, and anchoring what was needed to get the job done.  Metaphorically you could think of that as what you call transceivers.

Ronna Herman ~ Message from Archangel Michael ~ "CREATING YOUR SPHERE OF HEAVENLY LIGHT"

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By: Ronna Herman, 02/01/2014

Beloved masters, you are beginning to comprehend how different your physical reality will be as you gain access to and integrate more of the more refined frequencies of the higher realms. You will also realize how radically your future life’s experiences will change. As everyone’s telepathic and clairsentience skills are perfected, you will understand why truth, honor and integrity will become paramount. We are aware of the Light patterns that you emit, and also the resonance of your energetic signature, whether it is harmonious or discordant. We see your radiance or lack thereof, and you cannot hide who you truly are from us. In the near future, this gift will become the norm for many advanced Light Workers as well.


You are not only seeking to return to balance and harmony within, but it is your Higher Self’s greatest desire that you reclaim and perfect the beautiful Soul Song that is uniquely yours. The spectrums of Light and of sound in our realm of existence are far beyond your senses and even beyond your imagination. In your reality, you can only experience a minuscule portion of the celestial sounds, the radiant Light, and the power and majesty of our environment.


Archangel Michael: Updating the Chakra System

Silver's picture, By: Natalie Glasson, January 16, 2014

Archangel Michael

Your chakra system is your gateway to and expression of the Creator’s universe, it is your source of spiritual and energetic nurturance and enables a constant flow of the Creator’s light to support your continued existence in oneness with the Creator. All aspects of your chakra system are continuously altering and evolving, even their purpose can change as the vibration of energy within and around you heightens.


Your chakras are personal to you and act as a personal connection and expression of the Creator through your being. Sometimes when you experience blockages in certain chakras this can symbolise the area in which your connection with the Creator needs to be contemplated and enhanced.


Return to the Cosmic You

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Channeled: December 29, 2013 via Olena Gill - IndigoCrystalCoach™

Archangel Michael & The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light speak about the Great Shift and the upcoming year of 2014:

Beloved Beings of Light, Bless you. We are very honoured to be speaking with you today, and providing you with this message for your new year arriving soon. Let us speak of your starry origins, for it is the conscious return to those origins that your new year arriving heralds at this time. Many eons and millenia ago, your Earth or Terra as we call her, was formed. She was created as a central place where growth, great creativity, new ideas, expanding consciousness could occur - a hub so to speak for progression and advancement of many things, among which include culture, beauty, education, learnings such as artistic pursuits, science, technology and research, new thought, humanities, new creatures and many different life forms, along with sharing and exchanging of ideas, love, and communications which would bring together many beings from all corners of many galaxies and across all universes. It is much like your Terra Earth looks like now, with all of these forms of expression pervasive around the globe, but over your eons, there were many aspects that lacked - especially love between people, helping and sharing of one another with equality and respect, and looking at life as being far less than the sacred and the revered level that it was originally intended to be.

IN-Lightenment ~ What Is It You Believe Dorothy?

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I have had further proof (as if I needed it) that we are loved, guided, supported, etc., more than we realize right now. Yesterday I received a message to ‘light-en up”, and then later I followed a thread on Facebook with an image of Ego vs Soul, and I thought “Yeah, I will share this. People should know how difficult the ego can be etc.,” and then I was led to some dear Soul’s profile page, and on his wall he had written a quote from The Wizard of Oz: “Toto, I’ve a feeling we‘re not in Kansas anymore…”. If you’ve been following the series on TV ‘Once Upon a Time’, you will know that in Season 3 they have been in Neverland ~ a place where what you believe is what you will experience, very similar to ‘real’ life is it not? Haha…’real’ life you say? Well……, what is ‘real’ depends on what you believe.

Our Higher Self/Soul/Higher Consciousness has the patience of Job.. perhaps more so. It will go to great lengths to get the message across. Sometimes it will even tell us directly, in plain language. But sadly even that doesn’t always mean we will get the message. Just because something is in plain sight doesn’t mean we will see it. Don’t blame yourselves though.. this is a great game we’re playing here, and it can seem to be a trial and tribulation, if we let it, which is why we are constantly reminded to ‘lighten up’! How we perceive something to be is how we experience it. Another way of putting it is ‘nothing has any meaning unless we give it meaning.’ That is a deep one to get through to your mind..

Teachings of Michael 12-9-13

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Channeled by Jeff Fasano, Transcribe/Edited by Joel Anastasi 

You are moving into a new pattern in your life where you can now begin to adjust to the shifts and changes within yourself. You are releasing old habits, patterns and rituals so that you can create a new pattern in your life, a new pattern that will allow you to re-entrain the nervous system that will allow you to move into the next stage in your human incarnation.


As we have said before, as you approach the end of 2013 you are tying up loose ends in your third dimensional physical realm and also within you. You will be seeing your old habits, patterns and rituals, seeing in the mirror what you need to learn, tying up the loose ends in you that have to do with the old habits, patterns and rituals—the conditioning, the old behaviors within yourself that no longer support your soul fragment’s divine plan and the opening of your year 2014. To now take the next step in your soul’s divine plan and a greater step in your purpose and mission for this lifetime.


The only way that next step can be taken is if you now fully move within and do your house cleaning—old behaviors, old wounding, old conditioning, all the aspects  of your old defense patterns of the ego defense. It is time for you to learn the lessons. To do this you must congregate in this new year with those who resonate and vibrate as you do and move on a pathway of peace, harmony, community, equality and tranquility where you are moving on a pathway of abundance to connect with abundance.


Seeing what is in your life because it is now time in your year of 2014 to congregate with those who are ready to shift the collective consciousness of your third dimensional world of form. It is now time to shift that consciousness within you by tying up these loose ends. What are you still perpetuating in your life that keeps the old in place? It is time, if you so choose, to see that and shift that.

My Favorite Archangel Michael Story

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How I Met Archangel Michael

I have been working with Nasrin and the Ascended Masters for many years now and from the very beginning, Archangel Michael has been my constant companion. In fact, at my first channeling session; my first opportunity in this life to connect to the Ascended Masters through Nasrin, it was Archangel Michael that came to speak to me.

I was thrilled when the session began and Nasrin said Archangel Michael has come to talk to you. I had no idea what might happen in a “channeling session.” but the love I felt from Archangel Michael quickly convinced me that this intangible connection was real and profound. Michael was loving and comforting and fully aware that this was my first experience of this type and that I did not know what to expect. He seemed absolutely delighted to speak to me and honored to take me, energetically, on my first journey to experience higher dimensions of reality. He presented himself, not as a superior and vastly more powerful being but as a friend or a buddy, someone who has walked with me in many lifetimes before and has come back to be my guide to discovering this vast inner realm. His words were humbling beyond belief, yet totally exhilarating.

The Trinity of Blessings™ Attunement - An Attunement to Divine Love

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Attunement to Divine Love, Peace and Joy – From Archangel Michael



I’d like to share with you a little background. I was guided by Archangel Michael to these Blessings in February 2013 at a time in my life when I was desperately needing hope. I knew instantly this attunement was something Michael wanted me to have. At the time I did not have sufficient funds to purchase the attunement, so I had to wait a couple weeks before I could order it. Once I started to work with these energies my life experience started to change. I cannot begin to tell you the ways in which my life has changed since it has changed so much, but I will say this ~ blessings come in the form of many things, not just money. You will receive more love, more joy and more peace that you’ve ever before experienced. Be open and willing to work with Archangel Michael and this powerful energy and I promise the extent of the miracles you will create in your life will be boundless. Much Love! ~♥~ Debbie ~♥~

The Attunement

The Trinity of Blessings™ is an attunement from Archangel Michael to a higher frequency of vibration which, when received, helps you to become aligned with the vibration of Love, Joy and Peace that can exist within each person and therefore the world. These Blessings embrace Universal abundance, prosperity and well being through the daily blessing and sharing of Love, Joy and Peace.


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With the opening of Lions Gate on 26th July a new influx of high vibrational energy will start to flood our Earth and all of Humanity. This period promises to be an “intense” period for most. The words of Archangel Michael:

“What can expect at this time? We think that the Key word will be “intensity”. Everything will seem very intense to the point of being surreal. In your personal lives, whatever is still remaining of your old third-dimensional consciousness will need to be removed and replaced by something at a higher vibration. This may be difficult if you have an emotional attachment to the old energies. However, if you simply release and allow the changes, then they can be achieved with the minimum of disruption and hardship. The idea is simply to TRUST the PROCESS and allow whatever needs to happen.” ~ Archangel Michael

If you feel you need guidance from Archangel Michael through this period, please visit our page for more information of which readings we offer here.

Blessings & much love



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