Dreams, Dreams, Dreams! What Do They Mean?

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Yesterday was a glorious pre-summers day and I was down on the beach enjoying the sunshine and the low tide, walking amongst the rocks and admiring the different color pebbles on the beach wishing I knew more about them and their energetic origin. The sand on the beach here is a gorgeous bronze and so different from where I come from in Cape Town where the sand is lighter in color, almost white. I was sitting on the sand and wondering again why I feel such a bond with water, especially the ocean, whilst still having this fear of it. Water has enormous energy and its energy is so attractive to me. Just taking a luxurious bath is heavenly for me. Water is an excellent medium for higher vibrational energy, so if you’re looking for higher guidance, take a long bath or shower!

It seems my attraction to water has to do with me needing to connect with higher vibrational energy, and the Elementals. My fear for deep water goes back to previous lifetimes and it is a fear I’m busy dealing with now. I know the sinking of Atlantis caused my demise and I know that my body went deep down into the depths of the cold Atlantic Ocean. My fear of deep dark water and of not being able to breathe comes from this experience.

Michael explains ~ At the time of the death of the physical body, the mental body continues to register negative emotional energy for a short time afterwards and this negative energy is stored in cellular memory.

This negative emotional energy is therefore stored in my cellular memory and is now coming up for release. I do love the ocean though and before my demise, I was a great lover of swimming in the ocean.

Energy Healing Transmission

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Artist ~ Josephine Wall (http://www.josephinewall.co.uk)

I’ve recorded my first energy healing transmission as guided by my Highest Consciousness, my Beloved Archangel Michael. The recording has been light encoded with Reiki energy which will continue to be felt each time the recording is listened to. In fact, the energy will only become stronger. It will never dissipate.

Reiki is Divine Love, it is the universal flow of Everything that is Love, so what the transmission does is help you let go and release all that is not love within you. Basically, all that is not love is negative energy because all positive energy has its origins in love, which comes from the Soul.

Our objective as an ascending Being is to be love once more – to return to a higher state of consciousness means to return to a higher vibration, and the higher we go, the more love were able to hold. Love is light, light is love. Love is all there is!

So this wonderfully powerful transmission will help you to let go of the ego and all of the negative energy associated with the ego – guilt, blame, sadness, pain, disease, fear, feelings of  unworthiness etc., and bring you into alignment with your Soul Self so that you can experience more love, peace, gratitude, health, harmony, joy and bliss, and all that goes with those higher vibrational energies. This includes abundance in every way. When you are living more in your heart i.e. in love, you begin to experience an abundant life!

Ascension Update ~ Riding the Wave of Conscious Dreaming

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Image: “The World of Dreams” ~ http://varungenius.com

Years ago when I did the NLP practitioners course I was able to also do Energy Resourcing,  a technique whereby we learn how to view and access our timeline to connect with ourselves in the various nodules/capsules/spaces in time that have taken place during our current reality (lifetime). I learned then already, some 14 years ago,  that we can take a step back and instead of viewing our time line with our ‘past’ behind us and the ‘future’ in front, we could view our time line as though we are looking at a long ruler stretched out horizontally in front of us. In other words, you are at all times facing your entire time line, with the ‘past’ on the left, the present directly in front of you and the furture to your right.

Since we now know, everything is happening NOW, so there is no past or future, as such. Only this moment of NOW.

We know now that time,  as humans have perceived/ viewed/ understood it, is an illusion to help us gain a certain perspective in our day to day lives.

So I invite you now to take a step back out of linear time and look at your time line stretched out horizontally in front of you as though you were holding a ruler in both hands. Now I’m going to ask you to stretch your imagination even further and imagine several of your timelines stretched out before you. Take your imagination even further still, and imagine countless timelines… Do you see them?

In each and every one of these timelines is a reality of yours! And each one is happening NOW!

The Kindness For Free Movement

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If YOU could help change the world... Would you? The information in this short video may change someone's life. Will YOU share it?

Alchemy for Courage: The Power of Love

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Each of us have fears that drive us, even if we do not acknowledge them. They cause us to avoid situations. They cause us to not speak our truth, to live less than our full potential. It makes for a mixed energy inside that wants to go one direction, our soul's calling and the other direction, the voice of fear. Fear can be a friend. It can be a guidance system. It can also be the ego's voice that holds us back from our greatness.



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