Co-extensional loops

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Co-extensional loops

Adapting to new measures, we are growing the nexus for reasons above the abolishment’s which contended in formal awareness’s at times where we had individually gathered within some darker constructs. More so to advance individually at higher length/aptitude we enabled new world views in predispositions within time frames where greater fluctuations where being played out for advances beyond the quarantine at quadrants set for some universal alignments*.

These alignments had been attempted (Made Globally) after successive missions were accomplished.

Now we are renewing them for advents in predispositions which will allow the greater fabrics to evolve further. Since past results where a bit “different”, not what we would of liked to attain or see… It was accsensual from what was expected and “in hopes” has helped gather enough Intel (experience) to manage better causes after we get within those points, effects/experiences again, with ratter less difficulties.

Now we will form in groups, classes which allows for telepathy, in our dream states or in light chambers, which can be interplayed, downloaded, actualized, organized, and experienced anywhere, anytime once we open up to the greater fabrics individually or as a group experience enabling us, aligning us, for those things to happen. By selecting it within choices for advancements, not as a “try out”, but individually as our (greater selves) calling us out to align to those choices in attempts to help us understand what these may be, an in actuality, experience it.

It will help us in achieving the training needed to commence new missions, which are already ongoing and have been for some while, simply never “noticed” at large because of secrecy or the type of programs we had chosen to experience.

The December Leap of Light

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New Earth Frequency Update

Blessings and love to each of you within humanity of Gaia. We are the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional frequency of Light with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein at your service in this present moment.

Now that the month has moved into the last part of the year it represents so many octaves of light that have occurred within the planet during 2014. The changes within each of you are key to the next phase of Gaia’s evolution into 2015.

This month of December will prove to bring forth frequencies of light into each of your hearts and minds to prepare you for the upcoming year. It will represent your ability to take what you have learned and apply it within your role upon this Earth. The act of understanding and sensitivity towards others will be essential as humanity will be experiencing great shifts of awakening within their journey upon Gaia.

Sunday Message ~ Two of the Most Powerful Affirmations for You to use Now

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~Artwork by Charles Caryl Coleman (1840–1928)

The incoming energies are making it clearer for us to see within ourselves what it is that has been holding us back, or rather keeping us in victim mode, and out of balance. Lately with the healing work I am doing I have been receiving affirmations to give to people to overcome their blockages. This past week several blockages that I thought had been cleared have re-surfaced at a deeper level for clearing. The thought occurred to me that we are like wheat being separated from the chaff. The chaff in this sense is the outer layers that we have used in order to hide from our True Selves. What is left once these layers are cleared is our pure Heart of Love.

This is no easy task, as many of you know by now. Transformation is never easy, especially since we are undergoing this transformative process within duality AND with much negativity surrounding us. Sometimes it feels as though we should be giving up! But no, we would not be here unless we were the strongest and most capable of Souls, having taken it upon ourselves to help in this massive task of bringing Light where there was no Light. We answered the call that went out many thousands of years ago because we knew we would prevail. There was never any question about it. Divine Love never fails!

And as we look at the chaff, we may wonder to ourselves how we could ever have been that, or become that, or done that, which is so contrary to the very nature of our Soul, it is best, imperative actually, that you do not blame or judge yourself anymore, as you will only prolong your transformation process.

How to See the Positive in a Situation

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If you define a situation as positive, no matter what the circumstances, it can then morph into that experience with the expectation you have. It is easy to know this yet hard to do it unless you get deliberate and intentional in how you experience the world. This is a call to change your perception to not defining something as bad, and to be open to how it could play out if you don't define it at all or if you are able to see any situation as potentially positive for your path. We are conditioned to judge situations as being bad or good for us, and it is hard to expect something good to come out of what has happened to you that is causing unhappiness when we think about it. That being said, we have to feel the emotions authentically first in order to move to a place of seeing the potential good. Maybe it involves stepping back and observing ourselves to do this. Reframing any situation toward the positive completely changes what is possible, though.

How do we see the good in a situation that at first seems bad?

What if you have a story playing out in your head about something, causing distress? It is often about another person. Let me share my personal situation in which feeling emotionally upset. In dealing with this, wanting to shift my perspective, upon asking for solutions, my higher self, while in meditation, gave some answers. In meditation, I receive pictures that have meanings which I can then interpret the meanings.

What is your body trying to telling you?

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Our physical vessel is a wonderous and truly intelligent creation! It will always tell us when something needs to be fixed. In other words, it will let us know through dis-ease, and through pain and discomfort when we have dis-harmony or when we are out of balance within the Body Unit. When we experience dis-ease and pain it is best we go to the source of the problem rather than treat the symptom only.

My mother, who is almost 85 and ‘set’ in her ways, suffers from arthritic pain in her joints, and also from osteoporosis. Earlier this week when I called her she told me she is dying from the pain in her right knee and hip, and also her left hand. I told her I would send her Reiki. The next day I called and she told me she is dying from the pain in her right foot. I asked her how her right knee and hip felt, and also her left hand, and she replied, “Oh that is much better!” I told her I would send her more Reiki for her right foot. I decided I would send her some money to buy a homeopathic ointment to help ease the inflammation. Whilst I was sending her Reiki that day I was intuitively guided as to the cause of her discomfort and suffering. My intuition was confirmed when I checked her chakras and found little movement in her root, sacral and heart chakra’s.

Attuning your Body the Healthy and Well

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How can we create perfect health from the inside out. First, see your body in perfection. See your body as a collective of cells, a collective of collectives called organs and systems. See you as the director of all, the totality of trillions of little cells all working together in harmony for you to experience the bliss of this reality along with the spectrum of emotions and experiences offered here. For healing, how about you speak to your cells, you communicate with them? See them as sentient beings, as miniature Buddhas. You can command the perfection of your cells and see only that. I AM perfection. I AM perfect in design. These are affirmations to use. Feel the assurance, the truth that underneath  whatever you are temporarily experience there is the memory of complete health and harmony. I AM divine perfection. I AM radiance. I AM well-being. I AM health. Your divine blueprint carries the memory of all of this and you can call in your divine blueprint to every cell. Then every organ, then your whole being. I AM whole. I AM perfection. 

Next Step, Bring in Alignment


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HUPAHU LUTA, LADYBUG, REDWINGS, Rays Healing Energy in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF HEALING: "My Relations, are we ready this time? Are all of these mechanical contraptions prepared for this message? LADYBUG is here, and she will bring a bigger message than the last time."-Maka Wicahpi Wicohanhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/49860419/Maka-Wicahpi-Wicohan, Page 250

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