~Let there be Light~

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Light or dark--choose a side


In each moment you are adding to one or the other.

The world we live in did not come into existence with the notion of "Let there be dark."


All things begin with Light and all things will end with Light because that is what all things are in reality. It is your free-will “Administrator” that gave you the freedom to choose which team or side you will play on, on any given day or moment therein.

In the interim you may vacillate in-between these two extremes anywhere from the pure thoughts, words, actions and feelings of Light or that of dark. Love or fear, you may choose at any given moment.


For those that seem to have more doubt than trust in the process of evolution as it is just now and will continue to be.


I am directly boisterous and critical to the blogs or post that I believe to be "BS" or phoney, and don't at all appreciate the dark they attempt to feed the people and will continue to edit these.


The "ETs" as we call them or more advanced societies are in many ways just like us and lack in perfection in comparison to Highest potential that "They" too are evolving toward. Therefore we "They" have courage enough or non-experience enough to call the plays before they materialize and the play doesn’t happen yet or the way they predict it means not that "They" are against us, bad or of the dark.


to f r, or not to f r

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f  r kills goals and dreams. It stops you from going through the vails in your mind...ie meditating. it stops you from achieving out of body experiences. but f  r is nothing more than an illusion. f  r only dwells within becuz there's a lack of awarness and you allow it into your Being . The biggest f  r in life is not death, but to know who YOU truly are. There for, self awarness is freedom....


Renegade of Light,



Doorway to Heaven

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“I am the open door that no man can shut”


“lest you come as the child, you may in no wise have access to the Kingdom”


The child in you has never left, just put under the rug a bit, by bit, by bit. And just needs for you to breathe the breath of life back into her. Remember how mommy would provide all your needs, wake you, feed you and make sure you were ready for school.


You never doubted if you would be taken care of, and that is the memory that will best serve you now beyond anything you have ever learned as an “adult.”


There is a quick way of return to this state of mind.


You’ve been hearing, “let go, let go, let go.” My wife thought I meant of her new Honda Accord, the house, clothes and pets etc, not. By now I’m confident that you are quite aware of what needs to be released, it’s not like it hasn’t been making It’s appearance lately on a regular schedule. What is heavy on you, what pulls you down, what causes you to allow ill feelings, over and over again,,,,,,that.  


Relinquishment formula, it’s been called


Messenger of the Gods


~The all consuming Violet Flame~


The mantra

“I am the resurrection of the Violet Flame”


And or Ascended Master St Germain’s favourite,


“Blaze, Blaze, Blaze

The Violet Fire,

Transmuting all shadow into

 Light, Light, Light”

Ask not what your President can do for you

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Ask not what a political leader can do for you, but rather what this one has done for his family - all inclusive Earth Family. Ask within what the truth of intent is with the one in question. Whomever gets this appointment to run "our" affairs is no more important than one single individual, you. This one depends on us just as much as we do on this one.


Vote not for a person because this one has your bloodline, DNA characteristics, is your similar creed, gender or nationality, has your religious beliefs or came from your neck of the woods.


But rather place your intent in the pool of you and me and the ALL of us leading and guiding our appointed care-takers into the direction of our own “Guidance Systems” that of the “Spark" that takes residence inside your very Heart. The small, subtle, still voice that has always offered Her guidance to you. When you are still, and surrender to Him, you will know. Let This Wisdom be your Guide.


Follow your Bliss the Heart is where Bliss resides for your use when applied.


Ask what you can do for your Planet and Her Beings of all the other many shades of Love and Light.


To ask, seek and knock has not been hidden from you, but it is an option if you care to apply it.


May The Force flow through you into all whom you encounter.  



For further reference and enlightenment, read book one of the series:

 “Remember Who You Are” The Awakening, by David Porter

My Journey On The Road To Shambhala

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Source: YouTube.com

Ultimately, this is about my breaking through some barriers on the path to full consciousness. It's a celebration of the Joy I now experience.

Published on Oct 15, 2012 by GalacticCentral

Presented with LOVE by The Galactic Free Press. http://www.SoundofHeart.org
WE ARE ALL on the Road to Shambhala - LOVE is Everywhere Present!


On Balance in 3D and Higher Dimensions

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Yesterday I went to a graduation. It was for an Online, Returning-student University. Four campuses were represented: L.A., San Diego, Inland Empire and Orange County. The inspirational speaker was a  former Olympic Swimmer, who talked about her experiences in her life. I learned a great deal, especially that depending on what arm you are having 'hit the wall' on a back stroke turn, you turn either right or left, and seconds can count if you are not skilled at making the turn on the left.

Her recommendation to us was that Life is like a table balanced upon four pillars: the physical, the mental, the psychological, and the spirit.

Let us take them together, and make something to add:

The Physical

What Olympic Medalist Says:
It was easy back then, but now in my sixties it is the hardest one to keep in shape. But a well-functioning body affects all the rest, and without health the table will not balance.

What Reiki Doc Says:
"The diet--as the body sees and understands--is as necessary (an) element as any that may be chosen. As the body builds mentally, so may the body build physically by the choice of those foods or valuations from same that sill sustain or maintain--within a developming influence in the physical forces--that proper relationship between a mental, a spiritual, and even physical forces in same."--Edgar Cayce (1909-2). "For nutrients to reac our cells and be fully assimilated, we need to exercise, get adequate rest and sleep, and expose our body to natural sunlight on a regular basis." Simone Gabbay, RNCP, page 17, Venture Inward, July-September 2012

The Mental

What Olympic Medalist Says:

Re-membering Our Limbs

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Ascension resulted when Re-membered were the limbs. Re-membered as they once were in the wholeness of presence.


Our spiritual limbs became disconnected as disorganization fell onto the floor so to speak of our once great Body. For long now we have gone without, desperately seeking what will bring us back to the ecstatic state. Thus we moved to the surface world to one day find our lost inner voice to re-engage our magic. The Surf if ripe and the board no longer needed as we have Re-membered our way back to ripeness in order to mutate into the Surf of brilliance.


We all have recalled at some point what wholeness feels like, even those who are not Star seeded can honestly admit they have a yearning for what brings them higher in emotionality.


We are in essence bringing in the Re-membering of limbs to our surface world so that at some point We as a collective can have complete clearance to the inner sanctum we came from. This is initiated by each of us and then brought together from within to without. But it shows up within first.


Bringing in the Light requires only Re-membering that you are the Light. Bring in your central force by opening your arms, speaking your peace, adjusting your microphone so that all can hear what it is that you’re perfect heart muscle has to say.


The disconnection of emotion coming together is the result of growing awareness that brings the unseen into focus showing up as presence. A sort of smoothness enters the room from which confusion then charms into elevated acceptance of what is here and now.


Sananda Illuminates Your Path: Letting Your Light Shine, Becoming a Brilliant Beacon, Performing Spiritual Maintenance

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Sananda Illuminates Your Path: Letting Your Light Shine, Becoming a Brilliant Beacon, Performing Spiritual Maintenance, Stating Intentions, Respecting God/Source's Plans, Living to Be an Example
 Two Channeled Messages Below Ashtar's Trinity Project Information



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