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by Dr. Angela Barnett

You are welcome to check out our new ETHERIC SUBSTANCE MUSIC PAGE and discover a few true JEWELS of Frequency of Etheric Substance within the music, such as the Spiritual Carrier Wave of electromagnetic substance that was known as the magical substance that was found floating on the surface of the bodies of high ascended masters in Egypt.

This etheric spiritual substance forms itself from the pre light substance of plasma in the forms of hydrogelaisic, liquid light and pre radiation gold waves. All of this magical transformational substance is what has always been used to raise the body into such high spiritual waves that the body would become a plasma body and then disappear into light.
There have been many masters living on Earth who have been able to levitate their bodies into the level of light that allows bi-location, and there are many who travel with their etheral body that the Soul becomes at night, called the Astral body.

Rederick, Are you There?

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Rederick, Are you There?

Rhetoric: Yess Mario, I am Here, what is your Question?

Me: Well it is about, the Structure of the Channelings… The Information Coming In… What does it do, or simply what is it for?


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Full Aries Moon … is a powerful one! This Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon although it is a little late in the season this year….it also is known as the Equinox Moon….leaving the Full Moon lasting a little longer than normal.  Aires/Harvest Moon/Equinox Moon is a Super charged Full Moon…and it can ignite a lot of growth,  or a lot of compulsive and destructive behavior… deep feelings are brought to the surface. Since this Moon started…we have seen many major storms and hurricanes (and the aftermath), earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and around 7 Solar Flares!   That is a lot of the Universe letting the Earth tell us…. that she is also receiving these energies and she is a little upset about how she has been treated!  We have also seen the shootings (Mars ruling this Aries Full Moon) in Las Vegas! Again…it has been a volatile period in many areas….especially since the Eclipse’s in August.  This Aries Moon has a reputation of inspiring the brave and strong….along with being hot headed and angry!  Because of the Sun being in Libra… will notice this Full Aries Moon energy….in all of your relationships and also in the relationships throughout the world.  Libra is about Love and balance…..lets concentrate on that energy and bring it in all around you…..give it forward… give it out to the world. Think Peace……

This ship is of the New Earth Ascended SpaceLife Forces

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This ship is of the New Earth Ascended SpaceLife Forces which are beginning to function in some areas of the planet. It is making a public display to announce the increasing Ascended SpaceLife Forces which are active to create the New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization.

This New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization is the destined Planetary/Universal Ascended​ SpaceLife Creation and Civilization which is beginning to be created as the planetary destiny is continuing.

Published on Sep 29, 2017

This video was shot this morning at 9am by Ryan Wehner on his iPhone at ECETI Ranch in Washington state. He was shooting a panoramic scene at the ranch and after reviewing the footage caught this amazing, saucer-shaped, UFO that flew over the ranch and made a left-hand turn behind the trees at the north side of ECETI.
This is the actual raw footage that was sent to FADE to BLACK right from his iPhone.

Asking For Help, but Not Expecting Any...

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I am asking for donations to help my 81 year-old father get his well fixed. He has been living without running water since January of 2016, and he's not getting any younger, but I don't know of anybody who is. Any help, even if it's a share on facebook or wherever, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you take the time to look...

Healing All Timelines Now!

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Published on Sep 28, 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have begun to exercise your right to harmonize with any timeline that you want to be on. You have much more freedom now than you have ever had to find a timeline that suits you and that brings you the most joy. Being a part of a collective doesn’t mean that you are stuck on the same timeline with the same version of that collective forevermore. When you jump timelines as individuals, you then find yourself harmonizing with different versions of the human collective.

This gives you free will, and yet you still maintain your part in a version of the human collective. This is why you sometimes will have glitches in your memories, or you will remember something differently than someone who is quite close to you who experienced the exact same thing. But your memories will be different because you will have been on different timelines at the time of that event.

So how then should you exercise your right to harmonize with the best possible timeline? Well, a timeline where everyone is free and gets the respect and acknowledgement that they deserve is a timeline that is best for the individual as well. The needs of the individual and the needs of the many are the same.

You will never escape your interconnectedness with all other humans, no matter what timeline you find yourself on. And that serves you very well, because the more you see yourself as a collective, the higher you vibrate. And the higher you vibrate, the better the timeline is that you find yourself on, and it will be better for all, not just a few.

When you discover how to harmonize with that best possible timeline for everyone, you will also want to share with others how you did it. You will want to empower others because you will understand that by doing so you are empowering yourself.

Assisting the Entire Galaxy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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Daniel Scranton
Published on Sep 20, 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are assisting the rest of the galaxy by tuning in to the energies that are inside of you. You have aspects of you, energetically and physically, that come from other parts of the galaxy, other star systems. And so as you tune in to what is inside of you, and you create a balance within, there is a ripple effect. And because you are connected, in more ways than one, to the other star systems in this galaxy, you are helping to create balance for all beings.

Many of you are looking for a mission or a purpose, and you want to reach as many people as you can, and we say to you that you are having a tremendous impact on all beings when you go within yourself and you find balance, when you find peace. Everything that you do, think, and say has an impact as well, but usually you are attempting to make up for a feeling lack within yourself when you set out to take an action, when you set out to be of service through word and action.

You cannot help but access what is inside of you. It’s going to come up. You are going to get triggered, one way or the other. But when you look within yourself for peace and balance, for love and for openness, you will see it outside of yourself as well. You are creating from within you, and when you bring that balanced, peaceful self out into the world, you are offering others an opportunity to follow your lead.

So please do continue to seek to be of service, and to help as many people as you can, but start with that inner realm and recognize the impact that you can have without lifting a finger. Then, of course, you can take action from a place of joy and from a feeling of inspiration. That is how the new world will be built. It will be built from the inside out and from the ground floor up.


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