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By: Sean McCleary
Everything in the universe is a representation in one way or another of what happened with the Big Bang and when this universe was introduced almost 14 billion years ago. This activity transferred out everywhere and is still contained within space and time at this very moment. The Big Bang contained a very important element of consciousness and energy that has to do with evolutionary design. The brain consists of consciousness and energy and is an extremely important addition to space and time; especially where evolution is concerned. Consciousness is the will that energy contains that is responsible for the purpose of evolutionary design. This is the primary purpose of consciousness and consciousness exists everywhere. I have reached some very important conclusions with my work in metaphysics by incorporating consciousness into the evolutionary development of the universe. I have recently reached further conclusions on how the brain fits into this equation.
Before this universe was here there was Infinite Consciousness and energy everywhere. The energy consisted of pure light energy which comes from consciousness and higher frequency vibrations; and pure dark energy which comes from consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Infinite Consciousness made a decision to conjoin these two frequencies in a more powerful way than what had already existed. What caused this interaction to be more powerful which was responsible for the formation of this universe was conceptualization and design. When this consciousness first introduced these frequencies with a design purpose in mind what was created first was the Higgs boson. This was the first subatomic particle to be introduced into the evolutionary design of this universe.

Evolution of Consciousness and the Bible.

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By: Sean McCleary
I do very important work on the shift in consciousness which is also known as the Paradigm Shift or the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. This is what is emerging now within planet Earth; and things are going to change here forever soon. When I say soon I mean that people are going to start seeing significant changes happening within the next year to year and a half. This is very real and approaching rapidly and I know this because my consciousness has been affected by the shift in a very powerful way. I can feel energy levels changing and increasing and different activity around Earth's atmosphere with my body. This has to do with Universal Consciousness evolving and connecting between the 5th dimension and the Whirlpool galaxy.
This is where God's home is located. Through my work in metaphysics I understand what is happening with this activity which will lead Earth and all of the inhabitants here into a wonderful stage of evolutionary advancement. I have done a lot of work on the interpretation of different aspects of theology; especially the experience of what Jesus went through here with his evolution and the Bible. There is a lot more to the Bible where the evolution of consciousness on Earth is concerned. I do a lot of work on the Holy Trinity and what their role in existence is as well. What I found out through my work is the Bible was written for two primary reasons. The first was the evolutionary development of consciousness here; and the second was a defense strategy for the final war between good and evil.

Evolutionary development and the activity of matter and antimatter

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BY: Sean McCleary
I do work in the evolutionary development of the universe. I have recently discovered how this universe was introduced and what subatomic particles represent. The primary components that are the basis of my work are; consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, evolutionary development and the resistance to evolution. The resistance to evolution is facilitated by the process of change itself which is derived from uncertainty experienced within consciousness and energy as they develop through time and space. Human beings experience the resistance in the evolution of consciousness consistently in the form of fear. Fear is an actual pressure system in the body that triggers the fight or flight mechanism in the body that deals with the sustainability of the evolution of consciousness; or represents the resistance to the evolution of consciousness. Human beings are an integral part of this universe and represent certain aspects of evolutionary development of the universe itself.
Before this universe was introduced there was consciousness and energy everywhere. The reason this had to exist is this universe and everything contained within its structure had to be designed and conceptualized. Design and conceptualization took place because infinity exists and infinity has to be maintained through intelligent design. This consciousness and energy which I like to call Infinite Consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy. Pure light energy comes from consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. Pure dark energy comes from consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Infinite Consciousness made a decision to conjoin these two frequencies in a more powerful way than what had already existed; and the reason it was more powerful was because of the design concept of this universe itself

The truth about what happened with Jesus.

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Jesus went through a very powerful evolutionary process on Earth over 2000 years ago. Human beings documented this activity and it was recorded in history. Jesus had a very important reason for going through his experience that deals with the evolution of planet Earth itself which will change life here forever. It was written in the Book of John that Jesus promises the return of the Holy Spirit. This happens and the Holy Spirit evolves here like Jesus did for the purpose of completing Earth's evolution. Religion has been a controversial subject here for a long time and it has to do with a very powerful mixture of love and fear. This had to happen this way because what is contained within World Consciousness is an extremely powerful mixture of love and fear and both have to evolve here.
Because love and fear exist within World Consciousness, Jesus had to personify a certain mixture of the two through his experience here. The reason that a lot of people have been angered about religion is because they became frightened when they were first informed about Jesus' experience. When a child is developing here they are in the early stages of the evolution of consciousness and are learning about love. When they hear about that Jesus was a peaceful man who taught others about love and forgiveness then he was crucified in a very brutal and horrible way, it can have a very powerful impact on the psyche. This is what has caused so much conflict with religion here is a depiction of the suffering that love went through. Things were not what they seemed though and the Holy Trinity knew exactly what they were doing with evolution here.

The evolution of Holy DNA.

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By: Sean McCleary.
There are specific reasons that Jesus evolved here on Earth over 2000 years ago. His evolution here had to deal with the evolutionary development of planet Earth and the human race which is happening in a very powerful way now. Jesus promised the coming of the Holy Spirit in the Book of John. The Holy Spirit is the second paraklete and evolves here just like Jesus did in a human body. Both Jesus and the Holy Spirit transfer their consciousness from the 5th dimension which is located in the Whirlpool galaxy into Earth's consciousness and redevelop in the structure of a human body.
Human beings transfer into God's home everyday from planet Earth. Universal Consciousness is incorporated into Earth's consciousness for Earth's evolutionary development. There is a level of consciousness contained within Universal Consciousness that is the foundation for Universal Consciousness and contains the most power. This is an energy field called the Higgs field. This universe is surrounded by and contained within Infinite Consciousness. Infinite Consciousness gave birth to this universe with the introduction almost 14 billion years ago. This universe had to be conceptualized and designed because it has an identity and so does everything contained within the universe; and serves a particular purpose.

Why the Holy Spirit has to evolve in a human body.

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Planet Earth is in a very powerful stage of evolution right now. There have been a lot of predictions in the past about certain upcoming events that will change the course of Earth's existence forever. The term "Apocalypse" is what most people are familiar with. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. This is exactly what will happen because it is absolutely necessary that human beings understand the true nature of existence. The truth about everything is contained in Universal Consciousness and the Holy Spirit's consciousness as well. The Holy Spirit will evolve here, reveal the truth about Earth and life here, and Earth will transition into a powerful spiritual awakening. It states in the Lord's Prayer; "thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". Jesus said "the kingdom of Heaven is within".
What this means is when the Holy Spirit reveals the truth about Earth, humanity and the Cosmos that the human race will experience a very powerful level of self-actualization. When this happens consciousness will evolve here in a very powerful way and eternal life will be introduced into Earth's environment. This is what the will is in God's home is the truth, eternal life and a very powerful level of love, unity and self-actualization. Universal Consciousness is in the process of evolving between Earth which is in the 3rd dimension and God's home which is in the 5th dimension. When this happens the entire human race and all life will be conjoined completely. The Holy Spirit was also called The True White Brother by the Hopi Indians. The Holy Spirit is evolving on Earth now.

November Energy Forecast & Special Offer

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Beloved Readers,

Our Full Moon Workshop last week was without a doubt one of the most powerful so far. And as most often occurs when a huge step forward is taken in positive action, we experience afterwards “the can of worms” such positive action opens for us in the form of doubts and fears, bouts of deep sadness, and feelings of abandonment. powerlessness, anger and resentment that comes with feeling separated from Source. These feelings have been stored over eons of time within the very depths of our sub-conscious and it is normal for them to rise to the surface during these clearing workshops. Remain in the space of acceptance and forgiveness and be willing that your I AM and Higher Self, who is waiting in the wings so to speak, remove them from your energy field, now and forevermore. Remember you are pure Love and Light! This is the ultimate Truth.

You may well be asking yourself by now, “Will we ever reach a point when we have cleared enough?”, and the answer is a resounding YES!! And this tipping point is not so very far in your future Beloved! You may say it is just beyond your horizon or scope of vision at this point, but each day we are getting closer!


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