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 AstoEyes Evolutionary Astrology - Cathy Lindsey

This Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a very intense one with the energy of passion, competition, aggression, and action…..and is considered one of the most important astrological events of the season. It is the second and most potent of three Eclipses. The first one was a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th, and the third one is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th. We won’t have a similar set of triple eclipses until 2020. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the longest eclipse of its kind during this century…with a totality lasting one hour, 42 minutes and 47 seconds! Lunar Eclipses are like a Full Moon on steroids. They can bring in many deep changes….in many areas of our lives….from which there is no turning back. This Aquarius Full Moon is also called a Blood Moon because of its red hue. This happens as the sunlight shines through the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere during a total Lunar Eclipse.

Moon & Eclipse Healing with Lord Serapis Bey 27th July

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Channeled Message:

"Greetings. Greetings, Dear Beloveds. I am Lord Serapis Bey and I feel greatly honoured to step forth at this time. I speak in deep gratitude to those who work so effortlessly on clearing their paths for ascension. I have been there myself and I do understand the pain, suffering, tiredness you go through. High and low phases of improvement, enthusiasm followed by endless struggle, so it seems. But this is your perception, Beloveds, through your "limited self" - we see how boundless you really are. And we applaud you for your process that you have made. Know that we can see the great shifts that have been taken place on our Beloved Virgo ( Mother Earth ), that you may not fully be aware of as it feels naturally to you when the old falls away and you align more fully with your purest essence. I am the Lord holding the Leadership of the Great White Brother Hood and I am the Guardian of the Ascension Flame. Now I invite you to take part in the workshop on the full moon as I will join with my great Team for performing a deep healing on you. Beloveds, you are so dear to all of us here in the Spiritual Realm and we wish that you embody your highest potential as we know that this will bring you your ultimate joy and bliss. We love you. And we are preparing for those of you who are ready, ready to let go of all the ingredients in your life that "slow you down" in your Ascension Process. I am Serapis Bey and it is my deepest Wish to assist you breaking free so you can ascend. I bless you with the purest Light that I hold in my Heart. Namaste. Adoni." Lord Serapis Bey

Collective Pulse Report: The Three Waves of Global Transformation

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by April Bender via Integrated Overself

It's been awhile since our last channeled forecast (Embracing Shadow: The Rise of the Collective Unconscious) but today I wish to update you on the current energetics and primary forces at play upon your world in the hopes that this information generates deeper understanding and insight within those consciously participating with the ongoing ascension and/or re-enchantment process here on Earth.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, which is also a Super Moon, starts the Summer Eclipse season off for 2018.  The Eclipse happens at 9:48 PM CDT. We have 2 more Eclipses following this one.…the next one is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th, and then a Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11th.  As we enter this Eclipse season of extended emotional intensity, chaos, transformation, with some possible upheavals…it is important to work with the higher energies of each Eclipse.  This Eclipse is at 20 degrees Cancer and wherever that degree falls in your own birth chart is where you will feel the effects of this Cancer New Super Moon Eclipse!   Because this is a New Moon Eclipse in Cancer…..there will be a lot of focus on our homes, family, relationships of all kinds, security, nurturing, our inner homes, our Earth,  and our Home Land (Our Country)!   This New Cancer Super Moon Eclipse has a lot of energies being activated around it bringing in even more intensity and change.

A Super Moon….often called a Perigee Moon.  Is when the Moon comes within 90% of its closest approach to Earth.  This generates greater gravitational and electromagnetic pulls…..on our tides, tectonic plates, the Earth, all its inhabitants including ourselves and our psychic! Accelerating shifts in consciousness. 

Cycles of Death and Rebirth: The Power of Letting Go

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by April Bender

Without a doubt, one of the most creative and transformative movements we as human souls are blessed to experience is that of death and rebirth. This is a process that we are invited to engage in many times throughout the course of our lives to varying degree, as it is a process of growth and renewal.

Often these cycles arrive seemingly unannounced, catching us off-guard and thrusting us out of the safety of our well-crafted inner mansions of illusion. No matter the catalyst, they challenge us to examine our core beliefs, assumptions, intentions, expectations and ways of being in the world. This is because on many different levels, they no longer serve us (or the collective) and are inhibiting not only our growth but our experiences of peace, joy, freedom, and authenticity - qualities of our divine birthright.


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