The Imminent and Partial Restructuring of all Life on Earth

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New Moon of Aries with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces



The Imminent and Partial Restructuring of all Life on Earth



This New Moon of Aries is the fundamental restructuring of all life on Earth in accordance with the Avatar Planetary/Universal Destiny.


This first phase of the fundamental restructuring is to open the planetary/universal ascended life system to greater and more advanced qualities of the infinite Creator Avatar Life.

The Knew Weigh

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Guess who just figured out his password - it has been a while. The Galactic Free Press is in my inbox daily - I drifted away from the website. In the past few years, lemme howdt has been on a journey - he recently resurfaced as Dr. Lenny Thyme, the radio talk-show host of the Weigh Knew Radio Program (WKRP) on Steempunk Radio - weekdays at 10:00 am Eastern time.Find Steempunk Radio on the Tune-In app.

The Knew Weigh is a crypto-fiction narrative of people living on living earth. We have to take everything we thought we knew and weigh it against what we know. The in-between is neither here nor there - we are exactly where we are no matter what we believe. Meta-physics, word and music associations, interviews and monlogues all contribute to a very entertaining two hours of radio.

The show originates in a discord chat. The players are characters playing roles in a live-action entertainment show that is broadcast on air. Doc is a creative character - the same lemme that you used to know, in a quantum jumps into a mix of Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap. The next game is going to take an alchemical bent - somewhere down the line we will figure it all out.

Glad to be back at GFP.


The Antarctica and other Very Ancient ET Civilization Centers

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The Antarctica and other Very Ancient Non-Human ET Civilization Centers



The recent discoveries of the presences of very ancient centers of non-human ET civilizations on Earth* has revealed the vastness of non-human ET civilizations and the fact of their presence and significant appreciation of the nature of this planet and its potentials for hosting a variety of non-human ET civilizations and outposts.


This grants our human civilization the awareness of the unique and valuable nature of this planet as appreciated by non-human ET civilizations more advanced than ours.


There are many ET races observing the current developments here with the interest of the advancement of the evolution of life here, and the values of this evolution for other life in the universe.


The Tipping Point Has Been Reached ~ Timelines have shifted ~

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Young Lightworkers Channel

Published on Mar 23, 2019

The Tipping Point Has Been Reached ~

Since the March 20th, 2019 Equinox and Full Moon ~ Timelines have shifted.

Many have stepped into the New Levels of Being. Becoming more consciously aware.

Planetary/Universal Ascension is now underway into the Equinox Full Moon

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Planetary/Universal Ascension is now

underway into the Equinox Full Moon


The ascension of the planetary/universal life system is now underway as we approach the Equinox Full Moon. This is the expected great time of uplifting and unifying that will begin the New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Destiny.

Exorcism prayer and 15 lost souls sent home just now

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3/7/2019 9:25am

I have a tear running down my face.
It is not mine.
It is someone's sorrow.

Am I to address it? N

It is a lost soul? Y

Am I to do my exorcism prayer? Y

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let those who have ears to hear, HEAR.


15 lost souls were sent home.
0 demonic were sent home.

One of these is Delos, who recently committed suicide.

I heard him say, "Thank you."
He is waving his left hand at me as he has turned and is going home to heaven.
more goosebumps.


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