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THE GROUP 5-14-13

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The Group 5-14-13

Channeled by Kathy Vik


Yes we are your friends as you so surmised and we are here to help. You may call us anything you wish but we prefer no names, no recognized names, as this is a bit of a blood sport, your channeling these days, and we do not wish to interfere with the message by painting a pretty face of something which is far grander than can be described in the word “pretty.” Ben Yeshua is of course riding along, but this is an amalgam energy, and is more enjoyable when appreciated as such.




Yeshua ben Yeshua


This distance you feel, the desert and the two thousand years, these are constructs only


I am with you my friend, my child, my love, my daughter. I love you and rejoice in your calling on me.


I am as you once were and as you are now becoming.



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I am a much different creature than I was only a week ago. I know that, and everyone I encounter knows it. I walk into a room, and people ease. I want to see people whole, and I do, and it's fun to walk around in a no-shame zone. I like it. People respond very well to the absence of shame. It's like a little light goes on in their eyes when they get it, around me. There comes a little spark of unexpected permission, and then, there it comes, there it comes shining forth, the naughtiness dispelled, and then, for a minute or maybe even longer, we are in a safe place, and we are just two folks who just know something nice, and the two of us are saying this to each other, over and through and under what is being said are done: You can't do it wrong. You are awesome as is, just like this, and You're pretty funny, and, by the way, You're awfully good looking.


And I like it. And others do too.


Now, this peace has been accompanied with visions and lots of awesome light shows, for which I will always have deep gratitude. I made it plain about two weeks ago: BE OBVIOUS. I put it out there that from here on, I want to KNOW what is going on, I want to be TALKED TO, I want lots of visits and talking, and I want as much slidy magic as biggermind knows I can tolerate without having to check into a psych hospital. I won't have to go to the hospital if I know what the fuck is going on so, big as day, I declared that I want it hard and I want it fast, but I want it all subtitled.


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I am having great fun with all this new info, but finding it hard to structure it. There is a voice, or a feeling that comes on more strong now, and then it just doesn't feel good to use I, so I switch to “you”, but it means “me”, not “you.”


Whatever. Just tell me what you think, okay?



I was feeling like I wanted some answers, but not in a chip-on-my-shoulder way, more like in the spirit of curiosity and readiness.


So I did “automatic writing,” which I enjoy immensely, but have never shared publicly.


This stuff that I saw and where I went and what I was told, I think it is appropriate to share, because I am moved to share it, so here goes.


I had just been told who I am, what my thing is, and, once given the knowledge, the next thing I did was to ask a question about the others involved. And they said:


By your answer you confirm to us you have accepted your role.




They said:


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A lot of the puzzle pieces have come together for me now, and the picture is a big one, but I think it can be explained in simple enough terms. I mean, each statement is just a symbol of a lot of other stuff, of course, but there are some things that have become clear for me, and I want to share them with you.


I do preface this by saying that although I think this is channeled or inspired information, I am not in a place that I can give it a name. A few names, a few energies, have begun to present themselves to me, but we really are not on a first name basis yet. I am just not that anointed. And even if I were, I am not so sure I wold crow about it. So I am going to say all of this in the first person, and if that is awkward for you, I can understand, because it is awkward for me too. But that's just how it is. If it helps, refer to me as “magartha” or “deeply awake.” Honest to God, I added it up one time, and I have gone by at least two dozen different names. It just doesn’t matter to me, never has. Just don't call me late to dinner.


For me, I was not convinced about this ascension thing whether it was my path, until today. And what led me there was, in the end, numerology. A wonderful divinitory tool of pattern of the multidimensional reality in which we dwell, in my opinion, but that's just me. It's always been a hobby and I have been dabbling with it more lately. But, really, for some it may come when summitting a mountain, or having a dream, I mean, who knows where your aha moments lurk? But this numbers thing was so profound for me.



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So, here goes, letting me, and you, know that I see a pattern emerging with all the inner work I find myself compelled to do.

But before I tell you how I see the waves breaking, I wanted to tell you of a few miracles and observations.

Last Thursday, things shifted for me rather dramatically. On Wednesday night I had gone to bed not discouraged, but ready for a change. I felt that my work around fear and money had come to an end. I was beginning to imagine that it might be possible for me to have some relief in. I felt complete with the whole thing, and I felt done with stuff. But, I know far too well from my slog through 2012 that when littlemind thinks I am complete, I am sometimes just being set up for a big lesson of clearing.

On Thursday morning, I felt fantastic, and knew that this was the day that things were to resolve. I was ready. We cleaned the house last week, and I removed every ill-fitting thing I own. All my fat clothes are gone. My clothing is clean and hanging on hangers. The kitchen is clean. So is the front room. So I woke up Thursday feeling like a world champion.

And then, as I was exiting my bed to begin my day, something shiny glinted from my sheet. There, where my shins had been, was a gold dollar coin.


Of course, I took it in my hand, and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. I understood that I had, now, tangible proof, a miracle, that money would now be coming to me in unexpected ways, and I would finally start feeling, really feeling supported. I could expect support. I could expect ease. I could expect fun.

It is such a treat to have a moment to piece this together, because it is a rather exquisite construct. Let me continue.


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I being today by celebrating the great Eddie Vedder. He has nailed it.


No Ceiling


Comes the morning when I can feel

That there's nothing left to be concealed

Moving on a scene surreal

No, my heart will never, never be far from here


Sure as I'm breathing, sure as I'm sad

I'll keep this wisdom in my flesh

I leave here believing more than I had

And there's a reason I'll be back


As I walk the hemisphere

I got my wish to up and disappear

I've been wounded, I've been healed

Now for landing I've been, landing I've been cleared


Sure as I'm breathing, sure as I'm sad

I'll keep this wisdom in my flesh

I leave here believing more than I had

This love has got no ceiling.





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This piece is dedicated to my dad, from a heart of gratitude and love.

Everything has changed.

It is easier to breathe now.

It is easier to think now.

My thoughts are coming in blocks now, instead of in sentences. Years can be lived now in a few hours.

You can feel it, can't you? Can you appreciate that the air is sparklier?

Please understand that this is not in reaction to any blogger's peer pressure, my telling you these things. After these changes became undeniable, I caught wind of how magnificent the equinox was to be for all of us. It's nice, now and then, having confirmation. Things have been very different for six days now. I am counting them, now. I want to see how long this thing goes. I want to see if it is just How Things Are Now, or if this is just another incremental adjustment.

I don't know the ins and the outs. I just know that things are very different inside my head and heart now.

And here's the thing. I worked through the Equinox. And it was a tilty shift.

Early in the shift I took a mental health toilet break. I took my hair down and looked in the mirror. Really studied myself. And it just came to me clear as day, What are you playing at? You do realize you are a grown up, right? You aren't fifteen. You don't have to do this if you don't want to. What exactly are you playing at?

Then I put my hair up and went back to work.

It was a weird shift. It was teaching me, they all do, but it had a grinding quality to it. I wanted it to be over. It was dawning on me that the last two shifts have been about me not being seen as having even one whisper of authority. I had nurses treating me like I was a new grad. It's like I gave off a gripless vibe. It was weird, the last two shifts, how very much like a mentally handicapped child I have been treated.


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The last four days have been nothing short of miraculous. I sing a song today celebrating how very far I have come, how far we are all coming, and oh! The view from here is spectacular, humbling, unnerving, magnificent, knowing all this while holding such great gratitude for knowing there is more. There is only more from here. It only gets better from here.

This has been a heart-pounding journey, this whole awakening. I remember daily a dream I had last year... me and Sam coming up from a concrete bunker onto a concrete, grey world. No vegetation. Very few people, but I had the feeling the place was in fact vast, and well-populated. I wore a turban, and flowing robes. I told Sam we were to sit on the bench. I understood that to sit was an honor.

Sam fidgeted. I chastised him. I pointed to the sky. I told him to settle down and look up. That it was about to happen. I told him that a couple of times. And then, as if on cue, it did.

The heavens opened into a square, a rectangle. Flames shot out of the mouth of this geometry, and with it, a terrible, deep, resonant sound.

(I have since only heard that sound, felt it as I did in my dream, when I have published these blogs.)

And then it was as if the sky switched, and was full of spaceships. They were all white, but the sizes and varieties was boggling.

And then the games began. The chases, the extremity, the fear, the wars, just scenes of darkness, extremity, difficulty, on a city, country, world scale.

And then came the conclusion.


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I was doing some reading on a, and came across a blog that really got my attention. The writer had been thinking a lot about past lives and how she had absolutely no recall, and then she had a spontaneous awareness, when listening to a song, of having just shot someone dead. She is left with this disembodied experience, sort of still clinging to her. A bleedthrough. And from her writing about it, it was a potent bleedthrough at that.


It got me thinking again about past lives, and my foray into three of them about four months ago. I had one regression, and the reverberations continued for weeks. Lately, I've been studying Seth, and his discussion of our true multidimensional nature has struck right to the heart of me.


Please let me tell you my thoughts. Oh, they are wonderful thoughts.


After the regression, I was spent. I didn't really give it much thought at first. I knew it was good, but I wasn't sure if it had been anything but an exercise in imagination.


Then the connections started flooding in.


And I began to see that these three lives, their themes, their struggles, were tied up in this one. My issues with insanity and reality, my profound love of and need to travel, my distrust and avoidance of anyone who does not act congruently, openly.



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