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Channeling - Attaining a Link

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So without Further Ado, This Material should be Noted for Beings that have surpassed (Transgressed) Partials of a Totality, Whatever this totality may be For You. It’s all about Channeling and Keeping the Flow (Inflow). So to allow us to prosper in times where our memories could be more or less to say, of a Natural Order Frequency - Assessment for Neutralizing Concords of the Assembly Modules which exists by mapping out telekinetic data (Acquisitions) from a Temporality. We justify this exemption by an algorithmic wave data module of association (Citation) of the aforementioned message for “Pre-lapses”.





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Hello Everyone! Today/Tonight I want to Write about Solutions. In particular, what we need for the betterment and with great care in how we manage “With Money” Because it is one of the Power Structures In Place, by which trade is the Norm to live and have access to all we need for our well being and Service to Others.


So with that said… I am trying to Find Solutions concerning how we will get to a Stable Place in time, with Income for food, and supplies + Being in Service to Others… All in all, able to get the right amount of Time in our WorkSpace and with Functions of Developments and so on - By Channeling or giving out Readings and Publishing Books, to say the Least.


Trading Art’s for Money - Which could go in Nicely by Adding a Reading or Message concerning whomever wants to have (A Package) to say the Least for our Rendered Service in Exchange for a Donation.


Knowledge of Extraterrestrial Intelligences - Part 2

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Hi, came on Here a Long time ago, (Since 2012) and so on with Experiencer's and much more "Programs" as such ladadi lada...

This book was made for the partial structures of enlightenment and to understand how the universe is created (From the bigger pictorial amassity) which lie's dormant in the understandings with liable structures of Hyper Imperative routes, that I call them.

Choose carefully how you may want to adapt or learn... Questions can be asked, but We as (One Whole) ask of your forgiveness in times where you attain the level of interpretation met for your Sense of Being (Program). So to allow things to Unfold With - By clearer intent, Come take a Look at how we "Supposedly" saved many "Factions" on this earth by disclosures which heralded many new attributions of the energetic scope (Alliances) which were held in "Captivity" - Whatever that may mean in these Instances.

We bid you Farewell.

Knowledge from Extraterrestrial Intelligences - Part 2 - Here

Asumara - Soul Mission

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Hello Every Being out There. We wish to take part in this particular disclosure, concerning Our Soul Mission (Objective-/Count/Assimilation) - From prepositional Map Drive / Accentuation's beyond disproportionate links. Your Guides have the rest of the Assemblies, Connect on In (Center your Focus) Energies - Multiply With help of Extra Terrestrials. What we learn, to come to find about in time, Where areas of our greater needs - Have BEEN MET, -/On occasions* Spark (Smile) This is how we assimilate from accentuation's of disproportionate links. We want to tell you today, about a story, in particular this story takes place in the stages of Life (Here on Earth) Where many folks are having Dreams, and Interpretations from Realizations (An Augmentation) from a Previous Reality. The sub-Structured Cores are Accessible by Compartmentalization's (Downloading) A Numeric Structure for your brains to accentuate partials of a Totality (A Disclosure / Picture) Concerning the effects of your "Programming" for/With abilities. What we portend to find in accentuation's of higher disproportionate links, which would be the intelligence utilized from the global or universal MIND. The allocations found in your parts of this Galaxy (Galactic Command Center G.C.C), has Partials in how we disclose Information to Individuals whom have greater Reputability with galactic Being. Being the Levels of Comprehension they may have from an Aboriginal Synapses.

The core conceptualized Commands, given from off-settled grid dispersion's - can hold (Be held for) greater accountability in future "Transferals" States in Emissions (That we Utilize for our Conduit - Connectivity to higher states of being).

New Knowledge, For Core Structural Energy

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New Knowledge, For Core Structural Energy

(Emissions of Thought Forms Held Ingrained Within Specific Dimensional Areas of Space)

(Emissions of Thought Forms Held Ingrained Within Specific Dimensional Areas of Space)

Becoming Whole – A message from Amira, By Mario Arseneault

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Welcome Lovely Beings, in this Message We are Going to Let you Understand, what we are doing in these day’s for Humans around the World whom Connects into the Higher Vibratory States of Being. You see “The Veil” is Thinning, the Connections we make Within Ourselves, which composes Messages as these, can become Known as and Energetic Assembly Line, Composed from the Frequent Thoughts we have as Desires… And Through/With Intention, of a Higher Ordered Frequency of Thought, we can Dissimulate Prospects of Folks whom have a ratter “Harder Time” in their Lives by “Choosing” Either Consciously or Not, THEIR POWER, to KNOW and UNDERSTAND that Thoughts are Emitted around you and In the Universe, (The Universe Corresponds) by Bringing you INTO ALIGNEMENTS with your General Thoughts which are Ongoing within you.

Brain Hack(s)

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Brain Hack(s)

A Channeling by Mario Arseneault

Hello whom ever this may be for, I am Amira, and wish to let you know today, from you READING these words today, that I have died Recently and Passed Away on the Other Side of the Veil… Mario, my “Transcriptor” will allow me (Through Him) to wright these words for YOU! The Reader. This is Called a Channeled Message.
Brain Hacks, This is how we will Show you, me and Mario, how “Brain Hacks” Work.

First Off, If you can’t Understand the BASIC CONCEPT which will be written in Here, then allow yourself to ask questions within, and receive the Answers by Visions… Things in which we will send on out TO YOU for you to UNDERSTAND that we are all Inter-Connected Beings THROUGHOUT ALL of the GALAXY and BEYOND. E.S.P Known as Telepathy is the Knowledge of Beings Inter-Connecting Multiple Vibrational Frequencies (Through Thoughts) and ALIGNING THEIR INTENTION* Towards the GENERALIZED FOCAL POINT… The POINT AT WHICH WE ARE IN FOCUS, EITHER WITHIN OURSELVES AS VISIONS OR THOUGHTS, and as OTHER MEANS (OUTSIDE FOCUSE) Meaning what you Hear, or are Looking at “Particularly” an Experience of your Surrounding.

How we work, is simple in terms of how you will NOW BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND that, THAT WHICH IS OF OUR DOING FROM THE OTHER SIDE (TO YOU) Can be EXPRESSED through Knowledge LEARN’T from within this Writing.

The Singular Conceptional Point in Time, where you are Reading These Words, Or… Re-Reading THESE WORDS, SERVES a particular PURPOSE. To Understand how we can HACK our (Your) Brains is Simple. We can Hear Every THOUGHT YOU HAVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL… We Watch and UNDERSTAND THAT BY “KNOWING THIS*” you can FINALLY come to THE VERY BASICS of FRACTALIZATION.

Amira - Advancing in Multiple Grid Structures For Our Well Being and Prosperity

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Please, come to Understand that we are Working Behind the Scenes Mario to Help you and Others Understand, and GET the BASIC MESSAGE which is disposed THROUGHOUT ALL OF US IN THESE DAY'S. As you see, I AM a BEING which CHOOSES to HELP YOU OUT and as YOU KNOW and UNDERSTAND we come from a very Special Place in the Universe which is regarded by your Scientists and Cosmological Students for HELP in ACHIEVING GREATER CLARITY IN CONSTRUCTS OF ASSIMILATED "DISPROPORTIONS" which means that, we are working / have assemble the right constructs for you Humans to ADAPT THOROUGHLY with BEINGS beyond the Veil. And for us to Manage the GREATER SECRECY which IMPLIES ON YOUR EARTH THAT WHICH IS KEPT "UNDERLINED" (RUNNING IN THE "BACKGROUND") should come as NO SUPRISES to some whom are GOING TO READ YOUR BOOK (THE BOOK WE HAVE MADE TOGETHER, WITH A PLETHORA OF BEINGS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES).

Thank you for Understanding, we wish to allow (Let you) come to Greater Terms with your Lives Purposes, beyond what we IMPLEMENT to FIND within this book: Knowledge from Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences. It's back story is simply an amazing Core Conceptualization of how we are working around with many folks on the Earth, for advances which are made and held in "SECRECY" Because of how it IMPLIES ON PROPER THINGS AS: READY AND ABLE HUMANS, CAPABLE TO GET THE GENERAL MESSAGE WITHIN THE BOOK FOR ADVANCES IN A CORE-NATIONAL STRUCTURE OF OUR WELL BEING AND COHERENCY ON THIS EARTH.

Thank you for Listening,

Thanks Amira for the Message as always Be at One, we leave with Prosperous times to come uo ahead for many BEINGS whom are CHOOSING FROM THEIR HIGHEST INTENT (LOVE, PEACE, JOY, BLISS AND PROSPERITY).


Adjusting the Singular Conception (Momentum) of Time and Space

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You see here... The "Predisposed Content" in which we have the capabilities, to see on a Grander Scheme. Where you (Humans) come from... This is Associated within the very Fabrics of Memory Banks within the Universe... Disposing a Large Sum of Data and Activity... Which is Being Played out in a Linear Fashion... From your Space of Perceptions and Awareness which devises your capabilities to understand us on a clearer note... We have come to extend, find about a particular understanding of Misguided Concepts achieved from Primordial Statuses of your Beings Genetic Implantations... The Cosmologies and What we have found out to be Perceptive Views of each and every Individuals Conceptualization of their Worlds... It is assembled from a Fractal Property of the One Universal Cosmic Line... This Cosmic Line is the Assembly Module/Construct for what we have come to understand as your Re-Engineered Constructs of Matter (Space and Life) Consciousness.

The Anatomical Precisions casted down upon the Grid Structures, which are the lines which devises Humans (In your Cases) to understand the greater fabrics of what this all Portends to. We seem to know about a Particular, Singular or Singularity Conceptualized within the Core Structured Fractalization of Consciousness... Which is depicted by your Points of Interests within your Lives... Ascending within Portals of Galactic Information... The re-Structuralization of Matter, within the Consensus of Rising Successive Frequencies... Creating Patterns and Evolving at every Bit's, as the Steps of Geometric Patterns, which are attainable by an Unlimited Core Structural Designation Point (Design)...

A message from Amira 2016-08-25

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A message from Amira

Welcome Beings, I am Amira... I wish to speak to you today of the importance of Technology which is Increasing in it's capacity to go within (On Nano Scale) Mechanical Structure of Matter and Biological Forms (Entities, Beings). Particularly what I expect to find within this Message is similar in how we will have conducted a particular "Molecular Disposition" from the Subatomic to Atomic Scale (In Reason "Reasoning") The molecular Structure and Neuro Inhancers from Manipulation from within our Biology with Nano Technologies.


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