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Ohhh The Energies!! Assimilate, Please Don’t Clear.

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If I could label yesterday with two words, it would be chaos soup!  Thru every connection I didn't know if I was coming or going or just plain old broken!!  Every time we get into a connection and one or more of my "antenna's" aren't working, I always assume its on me, because until this massive shift, it has been on me.  Well, yesterday schooled me in a whole new way... again!

Lisa Gawlas – Frequency, Heart Strings And March!! – 21 February 2014

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lisagawlas2I sat upon my holy toilet yesterday, remembering, with much frustration, the little sliver of a connection I had with my beloved architect yesterday (details shared in my 2nd, “little update” sharing yesterday) and I hear my team say with much excitement:  ”Wait til you see March.”  Hey!!  You teased me enough for one day, geez!!!  You cannot say that and not give me a glimpse (ohhh the Leo can still be demanding within!! lol)

What I understand this morning (thanx to a full nights sleep) is how important it is to understand what is happening now or March, the energy frequency that I call March, will simply not happen blindly.  Remember, this is a co-creative, conscious endeavor.  If we think of it like the progression of school, we cannot walk into a masters program without having at least a working knowledge of everything you learned in high school or college.  We would be lost.

So instead of showing me March, I spent the entire day yesterday, understanding, FEELING what is happening now.

~High frequency Upgrades Underway!~

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high frequency energy

I am finally pulling myself together after a horrific night (from the human perspective) attempting to breathe and sleep at the same time.  These last few days in my biology (and I am seeing, in so many of yours as well) has been chaotic at best, unpleasant at worst and nothing seems consistent at all.  At least in what we would call “symptoms.”

I fell into a coma like sleep about 2pm yesterday and pretty much been in and out of that kind of sleep until 5am this morning.  I would awake simply because I couldn’t breath, but at least this time, without that pesky cough.  I suppose I should be thankful for that at least.

Before my decent into coma land, I kept feeling this change out of energy, first like the most wonderful warm liquid that was poured from my head and ran down thru my entire body, followed my an electrical intensity that as close as I can explain felt like anxiety in the muscle structure.  Then my left bicep just started feeling, I don’t know, intense.  Kinda what you feel after a good power lifting session.  NOT that I have power lifted anything, but that kind of feeling.  I would massage it and I could feel the energy distribute thru the muscle, only to collect again and ping.

A little Frequency Update With Adamantine Particles Included

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Can I just first say how much I love you and honor you and celebrate you… and I can go on and on and on.  How precious the facets of our radiant energy is when connected together and the pearls of wisdom and understanding that can only come thru from that infusion/connection.

As my 8am reading rolled around, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to read or not, hell I mean speak or not!! lol  But given the ability to see thru my first sharing today, I am not about to miss an opportunity to try!!

The first thing I noticed, I have less voice today than I had the last two days, thank god he is a really good listener, because I was not about to let that stop me!!  As I cranked it on out into the field, at first I was slightly baffled.  I could see an image way across the field near the deep west, it looked like a cross between a sundial and  a safe:


We ~ The Beacons of Light Sending Out Our Signal ~ Calling Others…

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beacons of light

I have decided that Hampton Roads, Virginia got hit with a massive Light bomb!!  Maybe other places too, but there for sure.  Not just because it is where my son lives, but also, where one of my guys on my calendar yesterday lives and the conversation and the flickering ability to see with the conversation that makes me say this.  But again, going in that divine alignment, my first clients name yesterday was/is Chrysaliss and in our conversation and my telling her that her name, her vibration now in my world is so very fitting as we move thru the unwrapping of ourSelfs in this new world.  Well she went on to say that her last name really means ocean.  Well, between yesterdays sharing talking about the fishies, I mean Pisces, as well as the song follow me, “swimming thru your veins like a fish in the sea” (lyric from that song) and Hamptons Roads is surrounded by ocean inlets.  The bigger picture really is showing itself.

No Title, Just a Sharing! <3 And a Happy Return to Pisces <3 (wink)

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I wasn’t going to write a sharing this morning, but obviously, I had a change of heart, thanx to a video on my facebook wall by my son.  Less the video, more my son, both equally exquisite and opened a door of so much understanding within me…. instantly!  (By the way, the single “fish” representing Pisces here is purposeful. (smile)

On the 16th, just before my last scheduled appointment of the day, I felt it.  My throat started hurting, swelling, creating a minor cough.  All I could feel inside of myself is… NOT AGAIN!!

Sure enough, two out of the three antenna’s I use during our connections, down and out.  I could see for her, but the feeling and the hearing was nowhere to be found, even tho, the three connections I had just before her went on without a hitch.  As the day progressed or maybe it felt more like digressed, the pickiness in my throat picked up, as did the cough.  Once night fell, sleep was once again going to become a stranger as the cough reflex in my throat soared to new heights.

Expanding Into Our MultiDimensional Consciousnesses and Creating From There!

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multidimensional beings

It is kinda interesting to pass thru a moment and really see the bigger event that has happened.  Of course, I am speaking of this “event horizon” from the 13th thru the 15th of February.  I suppose when my team talks about a “love event” I anticipated it will show up with strong elements of love, or at least what I know of love, thru it.  I am realizing quite strongly now, LOVE itself, is the carrier of any given thing in creation.  This event horizon, or opening on the 14th, is all about bringing more of our Self into our consciousness.  What we would consider our multidimensional Self’s.

Let’s be clear on what this even means to us.  In truth, since the moment any one of us have awakened to a greater reality, we opened ourselves to the potential of using more of our multidimensional consciousness right from the start.  Potential.  Pesky word really.  What I really mean to say is, the energy, the wisdom is there, our job has always been to find it and use it.

Before we could assimilate the more complex aspects of our multidimensional Self’s right now, we had to assimilate the basics.  Love, gratitude, dedication to Self, and so on.  To truly become Self Aware and application in the energy field of unconditional love.

The Frequency of Prayer and A LOVE Avalanche

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I remember two prayers and only two prayers that I had done on my path to Here.  The first one, looking back, could almost seem like a random event because it only happened one single time via meditation.  I don’t even think I was a whole year into this wild journey called my awakening when I literally went to the beach to do my meditation, (since I only lived a mile away from the beach, on occasion I would go there instead of creating a beach in my meditation world,) and way up near the sun stood good ol’ St. Francis of Assisi.  He said that his job that day was to show me how to access the akashic records.  I must have learned fast, because he never showed up again.  Once I got home from the beach, I researched more about who he was.  Of course I heard of him, but knew nothing about who he was.  When I found that one prayer that he is associated with “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace,”  I started to say that line over and over and over again (not the rest of the prayer, just that one line.)  Other than a real desire to be in greater service, I cannot tell you why only that line hit my heart, but it did.

Lisa Gawlas: Multidimensional Self’s, Interplanetary Beings and Big Balls of Creation!!

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lisagawlas2Written by Lisa Gawlas | Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

I should have known by the way I woke up yesterday, it was gonna be a super intense day.  I woke up the first time about 3 am with this strange pressure in my head, like my brain was expanding.  Looking out my window, the full moon was streaming into my window and then I found my way back to sleep, only to wake up a 4:45 with that same pressure, but with additives.  Ya know that place where you are no longer asleep, but not all the way awake yet, that where this happened.

I could see this funnel of white light coming into my third eye, with that light, the pressure in my cranium intensified.  Then, I was looking at this thing, maybe a thin holographic version of an iPad or tablet viewing something that looked like facebook, but wasn’t facebook.  It was showing me one of my appointments for the day “Bill Willard.”  I knew it was not a mistake or typo, but I also knew it meant Bill Ballard.  Especially since he was literally on my agenda for the day.

As I got up and the pressure in my head subsided, I realized that an aspect of him that lives on a very different dimension than ours, really wanted to get my attention, and it did.  But I will get to that in a moment.  (smile)

Lisa Gawlas ~ Opening Christmas Presents (Presence) PLUS The Orgasm(s) Of Creation!

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There are days, especially these last two, where that thin facade, the energetic existence of my biological life just wants to say to the universe “keep your energetic tentacles off my biology!!”  But yet, the core within just keeps saying “thank you, can I have another!”  Ohhh talk about dualistic conflict lol.  The day before yesterday I started to feel it as the connections went on.  I think the only way I can describe it is, energy bloat that surrounded my entire human form.  Once my day of connections concluded, I swear someone pressed the “accelerate bloated feeling around human” button.  I became useless.  My brain function was minimal at best and my body, forget it, it felt like i had a 100 pound gel coat on.  But at least it happened AFTER the day of connections and not before!!

Then the day gave way to night.  Geez, what is it about the night-time?  Those gel bubbles started to break open and seep into my biology.  A sporadic cough started happening thru the night, might as well sprinkle in some wheez while they are at it, and lets not forget to mention peeing every hour on the hour!  I finally decided to get up at 3 am, maybe i can catch up on some of the things I have yet to share.  Doncha know I heard my team loud and clear say “you’re not writing anything.”  Huh?  Silly me just assumed they meant at that time, so I went back to sleep until 5 am.  Nope, they pretty much meant, period!


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