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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 18, 2019

Dear Ones, being willing to receive beyond what you think is possible is one of the most powerful shifts you can make on your journey. It is so valuable to examine where you have put constraints on yourself or still carry limiting belief systems.

If you believe you cannot be healed, you will not receive healing. If you believe money can only come from a certain source, there is no room for it to come to you in any other way. If you feel there are no good single men or women left, that will be your truth because you are dismissing any other possibilities before they can happen. Your constraints emit a loud energetic no to anything else coming in.

People become attached to their beliefs because they can’t figure out how else things could happen for them so they continue on the same old path, which seems to reinforce those old beliefs. New beliefs create new energetic pathways! Again we tell you, you do not need to know the steps you simply need to be willing to expand, explore, and receive.

If you fear being so open will leave you vulnerable in some way, simply add in a broad intention. “I embrace the experience of whole healing” or “I allow the universe to assist me in all ways” or “I welcome my next great love” or simply, “I surrender into my most satisfying life expression” are all wonderful ways to allow the unfoldment to reveal how much more is available than you could ever imagine from your vantage point.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 17, 2019

Many of you are feeling somewhat empty or in a state of suspended animation. That emptiness is indicative of how much releasing you have done. What do you invite in now? How do you want to express yourself now? What would you like to experience now? The expansiveness you have created internally is now ready to be expressed externally. Both are allowing you to experience the freedom of beingness your soul has been leading you towards all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 16, 2019

The phase you are currently in is all about shifting from doing to being, from efforting to flowing, from judging to accepting, from false power to authentic power, from the doubting of the mind to the trusting of the heart, from separation to inclusion, from conditional love to unconditional love for both yourself and others, from martyred service to joyful service that honours everyone involved. All of these shifts allow you to move forward with greater ease, comfort, and joy.

You will not be perfect at embracing the new all the time. Be gentle with yourselves. Lovingly redirect yourself if you forget and revert back into the old. You are learning to lead and respond with your wisdom which creates new habits and supports new templates. You will not mess this up, Dear Ones, because the old is expired energy for you now and it would be too uncomfortable to stay there for any length of time.

So trust. Trust the process. Trust your own mastery and wisdom. Lead with your heart one Now moment at a time and soon you will find navigating in the new ways will be your natural response and preference. It is your mindfulness that lets you know you are more than ready to step forward into your empowered, highest expression of self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 15, 2019

Faith and trust, when combined together, are the energy that takes you into the realm of your highest potentials. They are the fuel, the bridge, and the guidance system that takes you to the discovery of the solutions and perfect matches that exist for you just beyond what you can see. Love yourselves enough to be willing to see just how big and beautiful your lives want to get, Dear Ones, for all that is standing between you and that magic is your willingness to explore the great beyond. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 14, 2019

The time between now and your solstice is offering you a wonderful opportunity to reexamine any limiting beliefs or ways you give your power away before you step into the energies of 2020. This is a profound shift, not only into a new year but also into a brand new decade.

How do you know you are giving your power away? Look for any area that you believe you cannot shift or that you feel you need to be rescued from. Seeking rescue is a sure sign you are still identifying in some way with powerlessness or victim consciousness.

Why not decide to give up those disempowering beliefs up? What if giving it up meant passing the baton to your highest self and your team to navigate beyond it once and for all? Your perceived powerlessness is never true, it is only an illusion. How can you start to take back your power in this area?

It could be as simple as deciding to explore it with fresh eyes, casting your net wider into greater potentials than you’ve been willing to consider thus far, or practicing presence and gratitude. What if you finally declared enough and fully surrendered into a completely different experience? What if you decided to be okay with not knowing all the steps and trusted the unfoldment?

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 13, 2019

You have heard us and many others talk about following your joy. Why is joy so important? For several reasons.

When you are in an experience of joy, you are fully present. You are grateful. You are in acceptance. You are in your heart. You are embracing the flow which will lead you to your greatest potentials. You are experiencing yourself in complete alignment with your now moment, which allows even more beingness as soul and Source. Further, you welcome the feeling which allows you to be fully in your body in a way that feels wonderful and is energetically transformative.

Joy has never been frivolous, Dear Ones. Find your joy. Follow your joy! It is waiting to be discovered both in small magic moments and in bigger experiences, as well. However you find it, know it will serve you in a myriad of ways as it anchors the energies of heaven on earth and assists the grand shift on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 12, 2019

The more present you are with a person, the more loved they feel. The more present you are with yourself, the more loved you feel. Isn’t that remarkable? All you have to do is be fully engaged in any now moment in order to experience and express the love that you are. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 11, 2019

Dear Ones, many of you will be looped back around to experiences you have had before. It is important to not paint the new with the brush of the old. You are being given opportunities to experience these themes in new ways based on your latest level of attainment combined with the current energies.

So, for example, you may find yourself preparing to sell a home and buy a new one. Even if that had been a difficult process for you before, it can be a wondrous time of new beginnings for you now, designed to move you into a home that will be far more energetically supportive to you for the next phase of your incarnation.

It is so important to approach each experience as if it is fresh and new because it is! You have never had the exact same experience because you have never been in the unprecedented energies of today. Further, you are stepping forward as an empowered co-creator like never before.

So embrace the unfoldment. Know that change is designed to reflect who you are now and where your soul is taking you to align with your next great adventure. Be open to the new potentials and possibilities that are trying to make their way to you, for you are being loved, supported, and guided through it all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 10, 2019

There is a common belief that it is scary to explore within yourself. But what if we told you it was a world of wonder? Don’t let the fear of your shadows deny you the joyful discovery of the glory of you, Dear Ones, for your love, acceptance, and acknowledgement is all they are seeking. Ultimately it is your presence with yourself that opens the door for greater presence with others. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 9, 2019

Each energetic shift you go through can leave you feeling more sensitive. That, on top of your own natural empathic tendencies, can make the busyness of the Christmas season and the crowds and social obligations that often come with it seem daunting, indeed. We wish to offer some suggestions to help you navigate these challenges with far greater ease.

While your increased sensitivities are certainly true, the idea that you have no control over how energy affects you is not. Dear Ones, you are always in charge of your own energetics! So the first thing we wish to offer you is that choosing to practice energetic clarity is key. Our recommended method is to simply imagine a seed of light, in your centre, which is the divine essence of you, and imagine that light grows and grows until it fills every nook and cranny of your body with golden sparkling light. Once you have your body filled with the light, pull it out until it extends roughly arm’s length in front of you, beside you, behind you, over your head, and under your feet.


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