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Daily Message ~ Friday January 10, 2020

What choices can you make today to be truer to you? There is tremendous power in taking small incremental steps consistently, Dear Ones, and there is no better time than right now to begin. The sooner you start that shift, the sooner you will get to reap the rewards of a life that is an energetic match to who you are and where your soul wishes to go. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 9, 2020

Dear Ones, your willingness to move is an essential aspect for comfort, creation, and balance.

You are always the energetic leader of your life expression. By being willing to move, you put action to your intentions. You join the flow of Source. You enter the realm of potential and possibility.

You cannot guide something that is not in some form of movement. Think of a riding a bicycle. If you try to stay in one place, you will tip over. But the second you start to move forward, balance is much easier to experience and progress can be made.

Your choices show your preferences and the direction you would like to move toward. Your first step shows your cooperation to grow and expand. The unfoldment will always reveal the next steps. You give your valuable feedback through your gratitude and focus.

Expansion honours your soul. Stagnation is unsustainable. This is why resistance is always met with discomfort. It serves as a redirectional tool back into the freedom, expansion, and discovery your soul is always seeking.

As you move forward in the new energies, any ways you may have been practicing resistance or attempting to stay in situations that do not honour your growth and well-being will come up very clearly into your awareness. This is a wonderful thing, for it allows you to choose again.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 8, 2020

Surrendering into your truest life expression is the only broad intention you need, for it will automatically hold all the love and support required for you to thrive in all ways. The flow is there to serve you, Dear Ones, as you serve through your beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 7, 2020

Every mindful decision you make from a space of wisdom, alignment, and presence is an act of love for your future self. It is those highest choices that are made one now moment at a time that quickly accumulate and pre-pave the way for far greater comfort and satisfaction in your future. It is exactly how your actions start to match your truest desires and support the unfoldment into your greatest life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday January 6, 2020

Surrender, faith, flow, and trust is the Divine Combination that allows you to move forward in the new energies like never before. It is the supported navigation system of the New Earth.

Many of you have attempted the individual elements and had limited success not realizing they must be employed together, like an alchemical formula, in order for the magic to occur. Surrender without flow simply cannot take you far because willing movement is essential for results. Surrender and flow without faith and trust won’t have an opportunity to get to your highest options because you will knock yourself out of the system before it has a chance to deliver to you.

Another common misbelief is that surrender somehow makes things worse. This belief occurs when people initially try the Divine Combination only to have it bring them right up against what they perceive to be their greatest obstacle. What we want you to understand should that occur, is that it is the system leading you right up to that challenge to take you up, over, around, or through it to the solutions that exist for you that you haven’t been able to discover thus far. If you don’t panic and stay in the system, things will begin to open up and unfold for you in the most incredible ways.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 5, 2020

Today’s daily message came back into my awareness thanks to Mary Josephine Hession. I feel like it did because it is important information that wanted to be shared again, so here it is. :)

Dear Ones, there are multiple timelines that hold a multitude of experiences that you can access at any given time.

If you have a deep longing or yearning for an experience, there is always a corresponding timeline that holds that experience. The fact that you have a desire lets you know that the potential exists.

You shift onto timelines through your focus, intention, surrender, and flow. This is why you cannot create what you want through negative focus or fear. Your energetic engagement with what was unwanted would keep you firmly planted on the timeline that holds that energy.

Your soul knows exactly how to move onto the timeline that will lead you into what you intend to experience. Your intention is like setting your internal GPS and your surrender and flow with faith and trust allows your energy to move into the energetic stream that takes you to your next greatest experience. It is that simple.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday January 4, 2020

Dear Ones, do you struggle to receive? Do you think it is noble to only give? This is such a common theme in enlightening human beings.

Being willing to receive allows others to experience the joy of giving. Being willing to receive allows all forms of assistance to show up for you. Being willing to receive brings the energies of balance and acceptance into your life. Being willing to receive moves you out of holding yourself separate into the full experience of the love and support that has always been there for you.

If you receive you can still honour your service contracts. In fact, it allows you to pour from a full pitcher because you will be balanced and fulfilled. Full filled.

As you move forward in the energies of 2020 and beyond, any way you are out of balance will come to the forefront for you to adjust into a more balanced and sustainable way of being. So love yourselves enough to receive knowing it is you being part of the divine flow that yearns to love and support everyone involved. It is not just okay, it is our greatest wish for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday January 3, 2020

There is a belief that comfort comes from everything staying the same. This is false, and we will explain why.

Your soul’s natural tendency is towards growth and expansion. When it is denied that freedom, it will begin to experience dissatisfaction and discomfort.

It is your mind that believes it finds comfort in everything staying predictable and the same. But this will always fail because by resisting expansion you are trying to thrive in energies that will expire, and in fast moving energies they will expire quite quickly.

By embracing flow, forward movement, and expansion, you not only move back into the heart, you harness the energies that continually support your evolution and always lead to your next best experience.

Let us put it this way. It is the difference between enjoying fresh food every day and trying to live off what is in your refrigerator indefinitely. It may sustain you for the short term, but eventually it will become unable to nourish you in ways that allow your highest good and ability to thrive.

Release the fear of change, Dear Ones, because it is through change you get to experience your highest level of preference and attainment on a continual basis and that is exactly what will bring you to your highest life expression and beyond. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 2, 2020

One of the major themes of 2020 and the new decade you have entered is expansion. Expansion is exactly how you allow your lives to get as big and beautiful as they want to be. It is safe for you to embrace expansion!

If you find it difficult to trust moving into the unknown, start small. Expand incrementally. Take a new route to work. Walk a nature trail you have never tried before. Take a vacation somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Learn a new skill. All of these ideas help you to observe and experience and discover what are new energetic matches to you. It is through these experimentations that you will discover that change can be a wonderful thing.

Embracing expansion lets your soul take the lead, which allows your freedom of expression and your beingness to be supported one step at a time, and from there all great things are possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 1, 2020

Dear Ones, so many of you approach a new year with trepidation, hoping it will be a good one. While it is true that different years will have certain energetic traits, you are always powerful creators. What essence do you wish to experience more of this year? Decide your mission statement and surrender into its creation and unfoldment.

But more than that, we urge you to be open, not afraid. Be curious. Explore. Try new things. Embrace expansion. Lead with your heart and remember to include yourself in the love and care you so freely give to others. Work with the flow which includes both giving and receiving. Be willing to be surprised.

And most of all, know that your beingness is more than enough to pioneer into your fullest potentials and your most wonderful life expression. You are always loved and celebrated for your energetic contribution to the whole exactly as you are. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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