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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 9, 2018

We wish to repost a message we originally shared October 24 today because it is an important one and we wish for as many people as possible to see it.

Moving forward during such transformational times exposes you to many pockets of energy. It is important to understand that there are times that may feel uncomfortable for you and to know what to do should such a time occur. As you become experts in working with energy, which all of you are doing, these skills will become well ingrained. What we wish for you to understand is that you can lovingly guide yourself forward from whatever energy you might find yourself in, and this message is the key to doing just that. It also is a blueprint for advice you can give others should they ask for your assistance.

The original message:

If you have found yourself in a painful place, it can become very easy to stay focused on what is not working for you. It can also be very difficult to remember what you know from such a dark place. If you are in such a situation, the key is to very gently and incrementally begin to disengage from the resistance you are in.

How do you do that? You cannot resist resistance, for it will only beget more of the same. And acceptance can be too great of a leap for many of you to make from such a painful place. So we urge you to simply understand that your discomfort exists as a redirectional tool, and start to lead yourself to things that you can be less resistant to.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 8, 2018

As you reach the end of 2018 you are poised to enter a new year in an energetic state of clarity like never before. You have purged and shifted much, and that will be reflected in the new timelines you will select as you enter into 2019. These new timelines will focus much on what your preferences are and what brings you joy as a means of self expression.

Dear Ones, we highly recommend, as you put the finishing touches on the life review you’ve been immersed in this year, that you identify and explore any area of your life you used to be drawn to and passionate about that others encouraged you to abandon. Perhaps you loved to sing or make art and your family convinced you to let those activities go because they didn’t deem them as realistic career paths. Or perhaps you loved to play baseball or other sports but gave them up because you started a family and pushed your activities to the background in order to focus on your responsibilities.

Dear Ones, please know the advice others give you is based on what would be right for them and their own life expression. They simply are not qualified to speak on what your soul wishes to experience during your incarnation. They are not privy to that information because they only have the ability to see from their own vantage point.

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 7, 2018

What does your spiritual self want your human self to know today? What do you need to thrive and flourish? What magic can you create by working together? Just asking these three simple questions on a daily basis creates a firm foundation for self love and empowered forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 5, 2018

If you are wishing to draw a straight line, the most important factor is to keep your eye on the target mark. By doing so, all your body’s systems will work together to cooperate in reaching that final destination. There is no real thought involved with the motion itself, rather, it is an act of faith and trust that all will come together and do their individual jobs to make it happen. You choose the goal and move into the action of unfoldment to reach it. You might make an adjustment or two on the way, but you will reach your target in a fairly direct fashion.

The same it is with your manifestations. Choose the essence of what it is you would like to experience and allow all systems to come together to lead you there. You do not need to know what each individual step is, the flow will activate and find the way.  Your job is to simply lead through your focus, which is your blessing of continuation, and not stall yourself with the whys and hows. That is the specialty of the universe, and it is our greatest service and joy to orchestrate it all for you.  ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 4, 2018

Today we would like to offer you an analogy that will help you better understand the energies of 2018 into 2019.

This year of transformation is much like deciding it is time to renovate your home because the style is no longer working for you or you would like to improve the energy to better match your needs and your current taste. The first phase is the realization it is time to let the old go because it is no longer supporting you like it used to.

The next step is to assess what you would like to change, what elements you would like to keep, and what needs to be done in order to prepare for the new. You may need to take down walls or rip up floors. You may need to take things down to the basics and redo electrical or plumbing systems or change materials in order to do it right so it will be healthy and sustain you for many years moving forward.

Even though progress is being made it can be frustrating because much of it is going on in areas that ultimately won’t even show.  It is messy and inconvenient. You might discover things that need to be addressed that you weren’t aware of before. There might be delays. But slowly but surely with consistent effort, the jobs start to be completed and a new structure starts to take form.

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 3, 2018

Today’s daily message is completely different than normal but I just had to share what I’ve been experiencing with Gabriel.

It takes me a while to get a real feel for the prevalent energies of a new year.  Usually I’ll start to receive bits and pieces of information about it as we get closer to it, but I often won’t get the full understanding of a new year’s energy until we have entered it.  But Gabriel has given me this little nugget a couple of times now in private sessions, and it makes me giggle.  He says, “2018 has been a year of complete and total transformation. 2019 is the bridge of increasing clarity about what that transformation means for you, which will lead you to the year 2020, the year of perfect vision.” And then he laughs heartily at his own joke. He cracks me up sometimes.

I know this year has been a tough one in so many ways. I thought you might appreciate a little glimpse of where we are going, and also share a chuckle at Gabriel’s sense of humour. Have a wonderful day!

PS. Unfortunately humour doesn’t always translate well into other languages, and I’ve had people message me to ask me why this is funny.  In North America when you get your eyes examined at the eye doctors, 20/20 vision is considered perfect eyesight. This is why Gabriel is calling 2020 the year of perfect vision. :)

PPS. Daily messages will be back to their regular channeled format tomorrow. xo

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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 2, 2018

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what brings you joy, particularly if it hasn’t been a priority in your life for a long time. If you feel like joy is too big of a vibrational leap for you right now, perhaps you could simply look for ways to incorporate more things that feel light to you, that feel flowy and enjoyable into your life. When you find some, take a moment to have gratitude for them from a place of presence. Just taking that approach would create more ease for you to make those discoveries, and give a clear YES to the universe of what you would like to experience more of as you find what matches you and the energy you hold today. It is, in fact, surrendering into the unfoldment of enjoyment which is how to step your way into finding the joy that is meant for you. Following the path of what is enjoyable is what activates you being in joy able. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 1, 2018

Dear Ones, we realize that the endless releasing and reviewing you’ve been doing has been arduous, and that, along with the turbulence of the collective energy, has made things feel heavy and dense at times.  But we are here to tell you that there has been influx after influx of light this year, and that is what you have been integrating. You are also entering into a season of light that will last right up to when you step into the new year.

It is a grand success to be able to process and anchor so much light, and to embody so much of your own divine essence. 2019 will be a year that will be all about discovering what that means to you, what new capabilities you have, and how you will use that creatively in your lives moving forward. To say these times are glorious would be an understatement. Allow yourselves to bask in the light that is available to you that is testimony of your diligence and your commitment to the shift and your own enlightenment process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday November 30, 2018

If something you wish to create seems stalled it can be helpful to stop and ask yourself what constraints you have put upon it. Can it only come from one source? Does it have to look a specific way?

So many of the times what is the highest match for your soul and your path is much bigger and more brilliant than you can imagine, and your control from your limited vantage point can be stalling your creation. In such cases the lack of manifestation is your soul and the universe protecting you because there is something so much better available to you.

So loosen up any restrictions and surrender into the flow that leads you to your next grand adventure. From there you will be able to rest assured that you are in a space of receiving and willingly co-creating with complete and faith and trust in the universe and that it will come together with divine timing for the highest good of all. Again we say, allow us to surprise and delight you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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