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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 4, 2019

We realize that for many of you trust is an issue. We have spoken of how people are evolving and changing. The question so many of you have is, “How do you know it is safe to let someone back into your life if they have hurt you?”

Most people, if they are being held accountable for actions that have been hurtful to others, will be anxious to smooth things over. They will promise to be different. They are invested in getting back to the way things were as quickly as possible. We understand that if you have been hurt, you are wanting to go back to before that hurt, as well. This can often lead to going back into a situation before real change has had a chance to occur.

People DO change and evolve, especially during such times of transformation. There are also people who have no intention of changing just yet. How do you know the difference? There are very specific things you will see in a person that is committed to change.

A person who is ready to change will demonstrate the following. There will be introspection and the realization that they no longer wish to continue the way they were. They will stop minimizing their behaviour and/or blaming others.

They will be self responsible by owning both the problem and acknowledging the hurt they have caused you. They will have a true inner desire to change their behaviour and how they express themselves, followed by taking action steps toward that change.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 3, 2019

Just as you can find it difficult to gauge your own growth, it can also be difficult to recognize subtle growth in another. But rest assured, growth IS occurring for all souls on the planet. How do you know? If you are in the body, on the planet at this time, you are evolving.

The best way to experience your own, and another’s levels of attainment, is to be present. The now moment is really all you ever have. To be attached to the past is painting yourself or another with energy that could very well be expired, which would be a great disservice to everyone involved. To be in the future is to have an attachment to how you think things should look which can be very constraining and limiting to all parties involved.

The present is the space of potentiality that allows you to experience your truth and the truth of others in their most current form, and to assess your relationships from there. It is from that space with your expanded awareness, along with your faith and trust in your own wisdom and commitment to your own evolution and wellness, that you will always make your most empowered decisions and find your best energetic matches. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 1, 2019

We understand that times where there is no tangible movement can be challenging, so we wish to offer you an example that will make it much easier to understand.

Think of a woman in labour. There is a pattern that consists of both concentrated forward movement (the action or pushing phase), as well as breaks in between (the lull or rest phase). There has never been a woman who has complained about the lull between contractions! Instead it is gratefully embraced as a break from the intensity that gives her a chance to catch her breath and prepare for the next wave of movement.

Childbirth is one of the most accelerated examples of lull and flow you can observe on your planet. It allows you to see the purpose of both phases and how they work beautifully together to prepare you for physical manifestation. Embrace your lulls! They serve you well and are always an indicator that your next grand experience is getting ready to be birthed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 31, 2019

Everything goes in cycles, and each cycle contains elements that serve you well for whichever energetic phase you are in. There is great wisdom in opening up and embracing whatever phase you are in with appreciation, faith, and trust, for by doing so you will harness its benefits with the utmost grace and ease.

Change and expansion are the nature of the universe. Know that each phase only lasts exactly as long as it serves you, not one moment longer. If you can take a broader perspective, you will understand that each perfectly prepares you for the next, and combined they create a model for wonderful, supported, and balanced forward movement.

So trust, Dear Ones. Know that you are part of a process that is incredibly intelligent and designed to love you forward.  It is through your faith and trust, accepting and allowing, that you will find the greater peace you seek through it all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 29, 2019

As you move forward during these times of transformation, you may find yourself feeling called to change your service, or to step into service for the first time. A sign of this is finding that your old service or profession is no longer being as energetically supported as it once was. This is always an indicator that you are vacating an old position and preparing for a new one.

Do not worry if you do not know what direction to go in or what exactly the new will look like. This is a glorious unfoldment! Re-committing to being of your highest service is a powerful action you can take as you prepare to step into the next exciting phase of your journey.

This is a time of joyful expansion and discovery. Be open to however the next expanded version of your purpose wants to show up, secure in the fact that it will be absolutely perfect for you. Follow your heart and the flow, and before you know it you will be in the tangible phase of experiencing the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 28, 2019

If you can see expressing love as an exhale, and receiving love as an inhale, you will see that both the giving and receiving are essential to your balance and well-being. The in and out is part of the natural flow of the universe that is designed to support you in all ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday July 26, 2019

A very profound thing happens when you shift from your mind into your heart. Your comfort no longer comes from predictability but rather from freedom, and that is where your greatest discoveries can be made and your soul’s joyful purpose experienced. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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