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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 6, 2018

Dear Ones, your increased sensitivities are indicative of the fact that you are embodying more love. The more love you hold, the more difficult it is to be exposed to the absence of love, and the more compassionate you become. As you get used to the greater expression of love that you are, you will learn to lead with it, and allow it to be the blanket of comfort it is both for you and for others. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday October 5, 2018

Dear Ones, faith and trust are the antidotes to fear and doubt. The more you nurture your faith and trust, the more peace, comfort, and acceptance you can anchor into your experience, and from there hold the space and be of service.

As you go along your enlightenment journey you will have times when you step out of your faith and trust but you will always find your way back home to that centre, time and again.  You will discover those times become fewer and fewer until you no longer have to leave that base in order to come back and rediscover it. You will have integrated the energies to the point where they are your solid base, your foundation, and the place you operate from. Faith and trust will become a natural part of your beingness.

So be easy with yourselves and understand that like everything else, the anchoring of faith and trust is an energetic process. The more you leave it and come back, the more it will become your preference. This is all part of your evolution and mastery, and part of your embodiment process as you come Home to yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 4, 2018

Dear Ones, you simply can’t step into your mastery if you don’t trust yourself. Self love is the precursor to self trust. When you truly start to love and care for yourself, you know you can trust yourself to make choices that are for your highest good. While self love starts the process, self love and self trust, when employed together, are the dynamic duo when it comes to stepping forward as the empowered leader of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 3, 2018

The enlightenment process is about stepping into your authentic power. At the core of that is trust – learning to trust yourself, your own mastery, your divine capability, and your role as the empowered expert of you and your own incarnation. There is much focus on the importance of self love but self trust is equally important and rarely spoken of.

It is the essential element that will allow you to step into your sovereignty and embrace being the empowered co-creator you truly are. So trust, Dear Ones. Trust in your growth, your wisdom, your authentic power, your role, the process, and your abilities, for that is the next natural step of your evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 1, 2018

We understand that it is a large leap for human beings to accept the importance of being over efforting, yet that is exactly the phase of your transformation process you are in. The more you can embrace the simple and profound power of your beingness to effect great change, both for yourselves and for the collective, the more you will allow it to shine and lead the way. Further, it is from prioritizing being over forcing that you will start to truly harness the energies to assist you in your journey, and become far more supported and efficient in all that you do. It choosing grace, ease, and joyful service. It is the monumental shift from the busyness of the brain to the peacefulness of the heart, and from there all the greatest co-creations are possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 30, 2018

As you come out the other side of your summer of transformation, new inspirations may be dropping into your awareness. This is wonderful, and a result of the work you have done! What this may involve is suddenly going in a completely different direction than what felt aligned to you only a few months ago. Many of you will be shifting into new timelines that are available to you now, or that have always been available to you but you are now ready to choose, that match your newfound energetic state and the next phase of your incarnation.

Because things have felt heavy for so many of you for so long, it can make you feel as if something is too easy for you if it feels too light. Please know that working within the energies of surrender, faith, flow, and trust is how you navigate in the new energies, and it will feel much easier than the old ways of struggle and effort.  Trust in the new heart-centred navigation system. If you feel excited, energized, and supported by new ideas or locations that is your soul giving you a resounding yes. You can never, ever make a mistake as long as you are following your heart and making decisions based on what feels best to you one now moment at a time. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 29, 2018

Dear Ones, in times of great energetic change, people are in various stages of accepting or resisting movement. Those who are in resistance are frequently energetically overwhelmed and reactive. It is common for people who are in a state of overwhelm to lash out in their discomfort. What we wish for you to understand is that such reactions are energetic in nature, not personal. They speak much more of where the person is in their release/integration process than anything else. They are in the throes of an energetic overhaul.

So be kind and understand times of transformation can be challenging. Be kind with yourselves, as well, if you find yourself being reactive. If you are unusually short tempered it is an indicator you need to practice some good self care to get back into greater comfort and alignment. Forgive others as you would wish to be forgiven. Hold the space by being the love when you are feeling balanced and know that others will do the same for you. After all, you are all in this together, and part of the grandest shift your planet has ever seen. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday September 28, 2018

If you choose to stay in a space of openness and curiosity, your flow will be able to move at its optimal pace for you, unimpeded by any constraints or attempts at control your inner doubter may try to impose. A non-resistant human being is delightful to work with because they are so easily moved into the perfect right time/right place scenarios. We absolutely love orchestrating divine intersections. It is one of our favourite things to do, using our creativity and vantage point to set things up for you in ways that are sure to surprise and delight you, and then getting to watch your reactions. It is how we experience joyful service for it expands our hearts just as much as it expands yours. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 27, 2018

There can be a tendency in enlightening human beings to think that if they have not reached a certain level of mastery, they cannot be of service. Your growth always serves the whole. Your experiences add to the expansion of both your soul and the planet. You will always be a little further along on the path than others who are just getting started, and have wisdom and encouragement to offer them along the way, just as there will be others to assist you on your journey, as well.

While your learning may be a long and winding road based on what knowledge your soul wishes to remind itself of during this incarnation, ultimately all the seeking will lead to the same place, that of love, compassion, peace, acceptance, and gratitude. It is when you choose to anchor and embody those basics that you shimmer and shine the brightest and contribute the most. Never, ever, underestimate the effect of your beingness, or your simple, loving acts of service, for they are far more powerful and transformative than you could ever imagine. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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