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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 10, 2017

Dear Ones, we understand that many of you are much more comfortable with giving rather than receiving. But asking for help when you need it is essential for moving forward in your life expressions with greater ease and comfort. The holiday season is one where imbalances in giving, receiving, and asking and being heard often come much more into focus.

You see, asking for help allows people to help you appropriately. If others know you will ask for help if you need it, it takes the guess work out of things. It allows them to put their focus elsewhere, rather than scrutinizing others to see if they are being honest about what their needs are.

Just like working with your own guides who must honour your free will, which means you must ask before they have the permission to help you, asking others for help is clear communication of what your needs are. It supports healthy boundaries and allows others the pleasure of being of service to you.

During the holiday season where so many of you find yourselves overworked and overwhelmed, we urge you to move into healthier balance. Ask for help if you need it. Give help if others ask for it and you are able. Clearly communicating your needs and allowing others to step up to assist is a wonderful way to avoid the resentment that can come from taking on too much in martyred service.


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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 9, 2017

Many of you are so committed to your enlightenment journey, you worry if you are doing enough. You wonder, am I good enough? Am I loving enough? Am I grateful enough?

Dear Ones, you are always enough! The very fact that you are an individuated aspect of Source energy automatically, through your birthright, ensures you are always delightfully and divinely more than enough. Even if you have made what you consider to be mistakes, you are learning and evolving and experiencing, which continues to drive the shift on your planet.

But to reassure you further, the fact that you worry about being good enough or loving enough or grateful enough, by its very nature, indicates that you are, for it is foremost in your thoughts and intentions.

You are kind and mindful and caring beings. Celebrate your innate goodness, your desire to show up as the divine and loving beings you are, and know you are doing a marvellous job. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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Daily Message ~ Friday December 8, 2017

If you are experiencing doubt or resistance, stop and ask yourself, “Is this fear?” Is the fear based on anything concrete or is it due to the unknown of the future?

If the fear is concrete, explore your feelings around it. Is this a cycle or pattern? Does this match who you are today vs who you were when it started? What is looking for release? What wants to be acknowledged and healed? Are you seeking your own love, reassurance, and guidance? Is your inner child?

If your fear is simply of the unknown, it is an opportunity for you to embrace your inner creator. What would you like to experience? Do you have clarity on where you’d like to go? Once you do, surrender into what you would like or your highest experience, which will activate your team of helpers and shift you into co-creation. The true fear is not of the unknown itself, it is of unconscious creation.

Your fear is always giving you an opportunity for greater self awareness and to show up for yourself in an empowered way. If you explore why it is there it will help you shift from being a mystery to yourself and an unconscious creator into being a conscious co-creator. When you know what you have ordered, there is no need to be afraid of what will arrive. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 7, 2017

Dear Ones, we know so many of you are moving into your own partnerships with spirit. This is something that is available to each and every one of you! We understand for many of you this is uncharted territory, so we wish to give you some guidance.

You can ask for any being to come and make their presence known to you. It is as easy as a simple, heartfelt request with your inner voice. Then pay attention to your body. How do you feel? Common signs are ringing in the ear, tingling on the head, a feeling of heart expansion, a wash of love, a cool breeze, or in the case of angelics, a cool mentholated sensation as you breathe. This is called the breath or the kiss of an angel. You may have other signs that are unique to you.

So how do you know the being you are connecting with is a positive one? Pay attention to where you feel energy activation in your body. Anything from the heart centre up is a wonderful indication of a higher being. If you get activation below your heart centre, there is no need to be afraid, simply try again for the being you wish to connect with until you get the energetic response you are looking for. Working with spirit is working with subtle energies. It is important to check in with yourself first so you know how you are feeling in your body before you begin so you can be aware of any changes that come with intending to connect.


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 6, 2017

Dear Ones, many of you wish to move beyond your fears. The secret to moving beyond fear is trust.

Who do you trust as a guide or helper to assist you? God? An angel? An ascended master? If you don’t know what you believe, do you feel like there is something more out there than you? If so, you can simply call on more. Do you believe you have a source of wisdom within yourself that always knows how to proceed? Do you trust your own divine capability? Do you trust your higher self?

What we are trying to get at is it doesn’t matter who you feel most aligned with to trust. It just matters that you know there is always assistance available to you, to help guide and support you, as you continue to evolve.

Feel into who you is the best support for you. If you aren’t sure, experiment! Test drive many different beings and see which one feels best to you energetically. Then remember to ask for help whenever you feel you need to experience extra love, support, safety, or encouragement as you continue to grow and evolve. Allow yourself to be led to the solutions that exist for you. Use your helpers, that’s what they are there for!

You have everything you need, always, to move forward beyond your doubts, fears, and challenges into the land of new possibilities and potentials. Finding who you trust on your team to give you that extra guidance and encouragement is how you move into conscious co-creation. We urge you to take advantage of all the wise and loving supports that are in place for you, whose greatest joy is assisting you in moving into your next greatest experience of self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 5, 2017

Dear Ones, it is safe to feel. It is safe to heal. It is safe to love and be loved. All of these opportunities are coming up for you because you are ready – ready to embrace the full expression of you. You have no idea how delighted we are for you that you have reached this stage of your evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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Daily Message ~ Monday December 4, 2017

We recently spoke of the importance of practising energetic clarity for your comfort and well-being (refer to the daily message from November 29th). Did you know that you can use the same technique for clearing space as well?

Just as keeping your own energetics clear and shining brightly is an essential practice for you to thrive, it is just as important to create an equally supportive environment in your home and work spaces.

Simply imagine a spark in the centre of the room or building you would like to clear, that is Christed light. See that spark grow and grow until it becomes a huge ball of beautiful sparkling golden light that extends far beyond the space you wish to cleanse and support. See the circle of light surrounding the building and extending deep into the ground below.

This simple yet incredibly effective technique is ideal to use to keep the energetics of your living or working areas clear and energetically supportive to you and all who inhabit the space. It cleanses out any residual or unwanted energies quickly and efficiently. You can use it before you move into a new home, to cleanse an area after an argument, to calm a stressful environment, and to create supportive energies for everyone who enters the space.


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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 2, 2017

Dear Ones, as you continue along your enlightenment journey and understand that the process is about stepping into your authentic power and coming home to your own divine mastery, the way you help people will change.

Rather than repeatedly rescuing others, or telling them what to do, you will begin encouraging others to step into their own power and mastery by connecting with their own truth and wisdom. You will honour their decisions and choices as completely capable souls that are experts on their own path. You will know when to step forward to help if they ask for assistance and need an extra hand, but as soon as they can find their own balance you will release them to their own capable care. You will encourage them to make decisions based on what feels right and empowered for them.

This will profoundly shift the way you interact with others, as well as how you parent, teach, and inspire others. This will help create healthier connection because you will be a safe person to connect with due to your unconditional love, encouragement, and acceptance. This will support healthier boundaries and growth for all. Because you are no longer interfering or enabling, resentments will heal. What is accepted as love will shift into much healthier expressions of caring and support.


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Daily Message ~ Friday December 1, 2017

Dear Ones, do you give yourself permission to be honest with yourself about what your true preferences are? What is working in your life for you? What is not?

Allowing yourself to be aware of something you do not care for is not being ungrateful or spoiled. Did you parents insist you not be true to your own feelings for just this reason? Were you conditioned not to acknowledge your true likes and dislikes in order to not displease others?

You are the expert on you. You are on the planet to create and add to the mosaic of the whole through your own unique interests and preferences. In order to do so, you must get in touch with how you really feel!

If something is not your match you are not bad or ungrateful. It is just not for you. You can simply take forward what is working for you and leave the rest behind. It is simply about energetic sorting. Your focus and gratitude indicates what you would like to continue. The rest you can simply say, “It’s not for me” and move on without making it, or yourself, be bad or wrong.

Your experiences always have a starting point and you get to adjust them along the way. If you understand that what wasn’t working for you gave you the clarity on how to proceed, you can allow yourself to move forward without guilt into the creation of an even better match, knowing that to do so is both your divine right and your contribution to the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



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