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Daily Message ~ Monday January 11, 2021

Practicing forgiveness for yourself is so important in order for you to be able to move forward in the full embrace of who you truly are today. If you have behaved in a manner that you have trouble forgiving yourself for, we recommend the following:

First, look back and observe what was going on with you at that time. What needs did you have that were not being met? Were you reacting out of fear, woundedness, or reactivity? What drove your behaviour? Did you simply not know any better? With your eyes of wisdom you will be able to see what caused you to behave in such a way. Further, you will then be able to give yourself what you didn’t get but needed so desperately before, be it reassurance, acceptance, safety, love, or a different perspective.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday January 9, 2021

We have spoken of forgiveness as being a necessary element for the times you are in. The reason for this is forgiveness is an essential aspect for the experience of peace.

Forgiveness for others dissipates the energetic cord the ties you to old wounds. Forgiveness for yourself frees you to move out of resistance to yourself and back into alignment with your truth and your latest level of embodiment. Both of these shifts anchor the energy of peace within yourself, which then has the opportunity to spread outwardly, through your choices and the radiance of your own energetics.

This is yet another example of how your growth continues to drive the grand shift of consciousness on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday January 8, 2021

Forgiveness is of great importance moving forward into the new.

There are many people who are feeling very uncomfortable and are triggered. They are feeling powerless so they are in a space of fear, reactivity, and resistance. The old power structures are crumbling and they have yet to release their attachment to the old ways and connect with their own authentic power.

While we certainly never advocate allowing anyone to treat you in an abusive manner, for that is neither loving to yourself, or loving to the other to support them in behaving in such a lesser version of themselves, we do advocate the practice of compassion and forgiveness, for the dark night of the soul, while always transformative, is never an easy time.

So during these times of upheaval, we encourage you to have healthy boundaries but also to always forgive another if they have been unkind, for it shows they have lost the ability to see your true divine nature, and even sadder, their ability to see their own. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 7, 2021

The peace you seek starts within first, and ripples out from there. It is an anchor, a stabilizing force, and an act of service to align with your core of peace, which is the embodiment of your faith, trust, and divine essence, and lead from there. Rest assured there are more than enough of you who are prioritizing peace to create the changes you wish to see. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 6, 2021

Someone commented on yesterday’s daily message, “I wonder what healthy interdependency looks like?” We would like to address that today.

What a wonderful question! By asking the question you set in motion the opportunity to have that experience. You move into the expansion and discovery of that topic.

Healthy interdependency means working together for the whole with everyone contributing in their own unique way. This allows everyone the joy of their own self expression in a supported way which means no one person has to do all the heavy lifting. This creates the profound shift from martyred service into joyful service.

Healthy interdependency means supporting each other into your highest potentials and expressions of self in whichever way matches your true desires and your soul’s agenda. It means honouring the unique gifts each individual contributes to the whole, understanding your beingness is more than enough and your growth continues to drive the shift on your planet. It prioritizes empowerment of all. It seeks to heal beyond separation into connection because you recognize you are stronger together than apart.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 5, 2021

A major theme of 2021 is moving beyond codependency into healthier interdependency. As the vast majority of you are empaths and you feel so much, it can be difficult to tell what is yours, what is others, and where your responsibility lies. The fact that many of you are on the planet with service contracts, it can make it confusing to know when to step in and when to step back. It can also lead to being out of balance with over giving and not allowing yourself to receive.

Feeling energy provides you a lot of information. It allows you to have a deeper understanding of what is going on with yourself, others and your world. It can help you identify areas of need, and why people may be acting in certain ways. It can feel overwhelming if you aren’t able to discern what is your and what is not.

If you are a sensitive it is imperative that you find an energetic clarity technique that helps you be fully present in your own energies comfortably. This can be as simple as connecting into your heart centre and allowing the white, luminous energy of your soul’s essence to expand from your heart until it surrounds your body in a ball that extends arm’s length all around you. This is an excellent practice for it allows you to lead through your beingness without practicing any form of separation. It is claiming your own energetics in a completely safe and empowered way.

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Daily Message ~ Monday January 4, 2021

Dear Ones, as you step into brand new energies it is important to not infuse them with the energies of the old. It is also important to not have expectations of the new, as your expectations can often act as constraints on your flow and expansion.

Be present. More than that be curious! What is possible in the new? What fresh discoveries can be made? What new abilities are being supported? What energies do you wish to embody moving forward? What amazing things can be created from this unprecedented combination of your latest level of embodiment along with the energies of a new, higher vibrational era?

You are being offered a blank slate. We highly recommend you meet that blank slate with openness and a willingness to explore, for there is much that is possible for you now. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 3, 2021

Dear Ones, the energies of any given time will have certain areas of focus. One phase may be about review and release. Another might be about receiving and integration.

One period might be focused on going within, and another might be about expansion. A highlight of a certain time might be healing, while the next might be about discovering what is possible from your latest level of attainment.

As you have discovered by now, there may be certain overall themes but how you navigate within those themes is completely individual and up to you. You are all unique, and have your own strengths, your own soul agendas, your own desires, your own energetics, and your own astrological influences that will make your individual experiences different than anyone else’s while still focusing on that theme in your own way.

There is no one size fits all ascension path, nor is there any one prediction that can be made for the times you are stepping forward into, for you will all experience the themes in ways that are absolutely perfect for you. Further, you are creators, pioneering in brand new energies that are full of new potentials and possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Allow yourselves to have your own experiences, to move with what is supported, and to follow your hearts as empowered co-creators who are driving the shift as you go. If you commit to simply making your best choice in each now moment, you will always be working with your own flow in ways that match your energetics and your highest intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday January 2, 2021

The way to move with the energies of the new is through the essential model of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. This allows you to not only harness whatever theme the energies are supporting, it also allows you to be a non-resistant human being who is willing to be moved into your perfect right time/right place scenarios.

The surrender, faith, flow, trust model which what we call the Divine Combination is profound because when the elements are employed together they open the door to so much more. The elements work together creating balance, healing, greater comfort, and supported forward movement.

Faith and trust together open the door to acceptance and allowing. Acceptance and allowing create patience and peace. It is from that space that you embody your beingness and full presence, which is truly your hearts greatest desire because it is through your beingness and presence you are able to experience your highest life expression. It is all there for you, Dear Ones, and it starts with the core elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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